Craftopia confirms the items that can be carried over when its seamless world update launches


If you’ve already got a highly efficient cow boiling operation in Craftopia, then we have some bad news: When the seamless world update goes live, that will pretty much go away. However, developer Pocket Pair has confirmed the things that will carry over, so all is not lost. Besides, you can just make a better cow boiling operation!

When the new update goes live, players will be able to carry over equipped items, things stored in inventory like buildings and materials, pets stored in inventories, and any attachments already affixed to items. The only things that will not transfer over are deployed buildings, while players should bear in mind that pets will have their skills reset, some items may be removed wholesale, and many items will be changed completely.

Even with all of this data transfer functionality, the devs would still prefer that players start fresh, since early game survival will be “too easy” and people may miss out on some of the optimizations made in the update. Still, the option is there for those who wish to exercise it, and Pocket Pair is even letting players enjoy the older version of Craftopia by using the Steam betas feature.

Craftopia’s big seamless world is still on track for its release sometime this month, though a hard date is still not confirmed. When that date does get locked, deeply invested fans will probably want to take stock of what to bring over. And plot out their refreshed cow boiling.

sources: Steam, Twitter
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