Final Fantasy XI previews the June version update and discontinues the ReFriender system

Mumor has looked better.

Last month saw the conclusion of Final Fantasy XI’s first story update after the developers said there would be no more story updates. That might have come late in the month, but the team is still working on monthly updates. In this case the update is fairly small, just consisting of a new set of Ambuscade trials. But hey, there’s new merch coming, so that’s something! And there’s an epilogue planned for the Voracious Resurgence in July, so just wait a little longer.

Meanwhile, the game’s ReFriender system (a tool to help you find your old friends from Vana’diel back in the day) is being discontinued now due to changes on Twitter. Since it’s no longer possible to use the social media platform to log in, the system is being retired. Which sucks for people who used it to look for old friends and also is yet another installment of Twitter just getting so much better since it got bought out for a ridiculous sum. Life is hilarious!

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