EverQuest II begins Tinkerfest as Classic EverQuest sends you back to Blackburrow and Crushbone


The EverQuest franchise is heading into midsummer events this week, both in EverQuest II and Classic EverQuest. In original flavor EverQuest, Daybreak has unleashed Hardcore Heritage 2023, a two-parter event that runs through US Independence Day. The studio boosts old-school dungeons like Unrest and Crushbone so they’re more suitable for high-end toons, with rewards commensurate with their new level.

“Phase 1: June 7 to June 20, characters at a suggested level of 80 and up can cross over to the dark side in Blackburrow, Cazic Thule, and characters at a suggested level of 85 and up can take on The Ruins of Old Guk, and the Estate of Unrest. Phase 2: June 21 to July 4, put on the new, fancy loot and head to Crushbone and Permafrost if you’re at a suggested level of 90 and above, and then head over to The Castle of Mistmoore and Nagafen’s Lair if you’re at a suggested level of 100 and above.

“We’re also turning things up to 11 in raids in those zones again. Engage the more challenging Emperor Crush, Lady Vox, Lord Nagafen, and Trakanon. […] June 7 to July 4, if you’re at a suggested level of 105 and above, Ruins of Sebilis beckons and wants to see if you have what it takes to survive. Once that’s done, the denizens of Trakanon will call out and taunt you to bring your best and do your worst!”

Over in EverQuest II, Tinkerfest is live, with new quests, a new summer jubilee dungeon called Triad of Elements, and a new collection. And players are on the hunt for Ratscallion Attamilgad, the Unscrupulous, and the ratonga’s mighty fine cloaks – or they will be once Daybreak begins giving clues about his whereabouts on social media. Yes, people are a bit grumpy about this.

Source: EQ, EQ2
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