Here’s what’s coming in Guild Wars 2’s June 27 class balance patch

Oh no, I'm stuck playing an Asura?!

Guild Wars 2 is once again going to turn the tuning knobs for the MMORPG’s various classes, and once again ArenaNet has put up some preview patch notes to help players brace for impact ahead of this next series of tweaks.

The notes reiterate the overall thrust of these balance changes, which are intended to improve moment-to-moment gameplay for boon support builds, add alternate playstyles for certain specs, tune up underutilized weapons, and move recharge reduction traits into baseline abilities where necessary.

The post then gets granular from class to class with highlights of some of the larger updates. Given examples include improving the quickness of the Catalyst spec, changing the penalty for Mechanists who are too far from their jade mech, buffing support Firebrands in PvP, addressing the “major pain point” of Mirage’s evasion in PvP, and replacing the alacrity granted by Ranger spirits with what reads like an overall nerfing while Druids get alacrity granting utility.

As one might anticipate, these balance changes touch every class in the game, so players will probably want to get themselves primed on what’s coming before these updates arrive in a few weeks.

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