Fae Farm’s hand-painted mural advertisement highlights gamer rancor toward Phoenix Labs


Phoenix Labs continues to go full speed in promoting its fantasy life sim RPG Fae Farm. A member of the Cozy Gamers subreddit shared an image of a hand-painted mural created by artists near their house, noting in the post that they wanted to show off the artistry despite the game being “a little controversial on [the] sub.”

But in spite of the high quality of the mural itself, most of the discussion went the way of other Reddit discussions, with many replies arguing against Fae Farm and its price tag, particularly in light of complaints with spelling errors, gameplay loops, and (weirdly) its color palette and visuals. Additional grumpy posts needled Phoneix Labs’ spend on advertising instead of making the game, while multiple accusations of the studio buying out influencer and streamer opinions and reviews began to fly around. The response was strong enough that the moderators of the subreddit locked the thread down to further replies.

Most of those accusations appear to have stemmed from a video by YouTuber Kanzalone, whose critical assessment of Fae Farm against its price tag is being heralded by many as a point of honest review against others who are believed to have been bought out.

Incidentally, we did post our own initial impressions of the first four chapters from a press build of the game, which left us with the idea of an RPG that doesn’t really rock the sub-genre boat but does hit expected gameplay beats reliably and competently. We also note that its arguably high $60 asking price might be worth it in the interim, but given only limited gameplay access, we can’t really tie that down. The game is set to launch this Friday.

source: Reddit
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