Sea of Thieves is adding a super limited private instanced version called Safer Seas


When Sea of Thieves long-delayed Season 10 launches October 19th, it’s bringing several new features that will hopefully justify the wait. First, it’s adding a pretty basic MMO concept in the form of guilds. Guilds are essentially just voluntary groups of players, though Sea of Thieves will cap them at 24 players, which seems small. The system will allow shared contribution for guild rep too.

There’s also the Skull of Siren Song system, a dynamic event that pits players against each other trying to hunt down both a key and a treasure chest and then dodge and likely chase and fight until one crew puts both together. Oh, and the skull is cursed!

The most interesting addition to the game, however, isn’t coming until December, when Rare adds what it’s calling Safer Seas – four-person private worlds where you can’t be griefed (but where progression and loot is reduced by 30%, levels are capped at level 40, and guilds can’t be joined). The studio characterizes it as a casual way to play the game both for new players getting adjusted to the game and for existing players who just want to tool around.


In other Sea of Thieves news, Season 10 will introduce color combinations of rowboats that can be found scattered around the world, including the rare Good Boy combination. Those who find a rowboat color they like can keep that rowboat by attaching it to their ship, which will be part of a ship’s loadout the next time players log in. Readers will remember that back in July, Rare blamed Season 10’s delay on the challenge of adding “foundational updates.” Ideally, colorful rowboats were not one of them.

Until Season 10 goes live, players can look forward to the sandbox’s next community weekend event, which will be running between September 30th and October 2nd. The event promises a place to take selfies at every outpost, lots of rewards to collect, and another chance to influence the community emissary grade in order to engage boosts to gold, reputation, renown, reputation, or allegiance earnings.

source: YouTube
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