Pixadom is an indie 2-D pixel art MMORPG that focuses on social gameplay


The MMORPG subreddit is once again gracing genre followers with another indie game introduction. This time it’s Pixadom, an in-development cutesy and colorful 2-D sprite affair from solo indie creator Spire who is focused on making a more social and co-operative kind of MMORPG experience.

“Does anyone remember the era of making friends online? Somewhere you’d log into and see regulars who would later become your buddies? Do you remember playing mini games, fighting monsters, going on quests together, or just chatting the night away? Well, with Pixadom, I hope to bring back the kind of interactions that make a game special and memorable.”

Activities promised in Pixadom include questing through a wide assortment of biomes, player housing, multiplayer minigames, and highly customizable characters, all of which are hoping to “foster cooperation and interaction between other players” with quests and boss fights needing people to team up or creating areas for people to just hang out. The MMO will be free-to-play, with development supported by microtransactions like cosmetics, unique housing items, or a membership that boosts stats that are promised to not be pay-to-win.

Access to the game isn’t openly available on a standalone launcher or on platforms such as Steam, but Spire is inviting players into Pixadom’s Discord server, where he promises to grant players invitations to the early access title.

source: Reddit
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