Ikea wants to pay people to sell furniture and serve meatballs inside of its digital Roblox store

LFM meatball raid, all ILs welcome, PST

the horror the horror

It looks as if shopping in a boxy Walmart was just the tip of the retail hell iceberg in Roblox: The furniture store Ikea has opened itself up to hiring employees to work in its Roblox storefront, and yes, those who are selected will be paid for their time.

Here’s the overall explanation of what selected players will be doing direct from Ikea’s website:

“Ten lucky candidates will be selected to work in different sections of the store like the Showroom and Bistro, helping people choose their furniture, serving meatballs, having the chance to win exclusive UGCs and much more.”

The job itself does have some caveats above and beyond the fact that it will only take on 10 people: The job offer is limited to those in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, will be available only to those who are 18 and up, and will be a “limited contract” job. The job hours aren’t detailed in the post, but it will be paying £13.15 / €14.80 hourly rates, or just over $16 an hour US.

Perhaps most surprising of all about this development is that this whole thing is Ikea’s idea, not Roblox’s. Regardless of who thought this up, it’s still yet another odd and possibly worrying development in this whole metaverse thing that companies are desperate to make happen.

source: IKEA website via The Gamer and Kotaku
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