Warcraft Rumble rolls into its first raid with Molten Core


The iconic World of Warcraft vanilla raid now gets its own pint-sized version in Warcraft Rumble, as the mobile title introduced Molten Core this week. This debut raid alternates every other week with the new Stormwind siege that recently arrived in the game.

“Molten Core is the greatest challenge Warcraft Rumble has to offer,” Blizzard said. “A co-op gauntlet where you and a friend put your skills, wits, and Minis to the test against Ragnaros and his minions, Molten Core comes with increasingly powerful rewards on the road to the ultimate prize – Ragnaros himself as a playable Leader.”

Molten Core and Stormwind are part of this spring’s Season 6, an ongoing update that also adds a Cenarion mini and shop updates. Season 7 arrives in July with more minis, two new leaders, three new troops, and the zone of Moonglade.

Source: Press release
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