LOTRO’s progression server stress test last week crashed in a useful way


Last week’s stress test for one of Lord of the Rings Online’s new legendary servers resulted in a resounding crash as over 200 players crowded into the same spot to run the Ringwraith world event. Instead of this being a terrible outcome, Standing Stone Games said that the test actually helped generate useful info. Players also reported solid performance and a notable reduction in lag.

“Thank you everyone for taking part in the stress test! We crashed a few instances and a good time was had by hopefully all. We were able to get some good information on performance and the wraiths and Ringwraith fights. We’ll have more information on future preview windows and eventually these servers’ release when we can,” the game’s community manager posted.

Meanwhile, LOTRO’s rare Curator vendor is back through July 11th. The Curator takes players’ figments of splendor tokens in exchange for special cosmetic armor pieces, housing decorations, mounts, and pets.

Source: LOTRO
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