Play dinos with us!

ARK: Survival Evolved is a dino survival sandbox currently in early access on Steam. Massively OP’s resident sandbox nuts couldn’t say no to punching trees and fleeing from dinos, so lead nut MJ Guthrie is hosting her own private ARK server, and the Massively OP community is invited to join in. Here’s how to connect in Steam’s server browser:

Click “view” in Steam’s topmost menu bar, then click “servers” about three quarters of the way down that list. Click the “favorites” tab, then click “add server” at the bottom right of the window. Enter in the IP address field, then click the “find games at this address” button to the right. Once it’s done doing its thing, click the “add this address to favorites” button and you should have the MOP server bookmarked for posterity, future reference, or both. The password is easy to remember: “MOP.”

The server is currently set to PvE; please don’t be a giant jerk. If you lose gear to bugs, patches, or server reboots, please let MJ know.

Updates/questions? Head to the Steam group and forum

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