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Bree is an unrepentant escapist with a predilection for MMOs. When not compulsively proofreading cereal boxes and newspapers, she can be found modding, PvPing on the auction hall, and touring the Next Big Thing with her guild on a quest for the elusive perfect game.

Working As Intended and Ask Mo are her pet op-ed columns, but she also pens Daily Grinds and compiles Massively Overthinking, the Week in Review, and Make My MMO. You can hear her ramble about MMOs every week on the Massively OP podcast. If you're nice, she'll even talk about something other than Star Wars Galaxies.

Personal blog: Skycandy
Twitter: @nbrianna
Favorite MMOs: Star Wars Galaxies, City of Heroes, Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, Trove, Glitch, Elder Scrolls Online, Ultima Online

CCP’s VR mobile shooter EVE: Gunjack is launching on the Rift and Vive too

Late last year, CCP launched its VR-oriented mobile arcade shooter EVE: Gunjack on the Samsung Gear as just one of several EVE universe-based...

EVE Online’s Project Discovery netted almost half a million classifications in its first day

First announced back in 2015, EVE Online's Project Discovery got underway this week. It's a science collaboration that rewards EVE players in-game...

The Daily Grind: How strictly do you hold MMO devs to their ‘promises’?

On this week's Massively OP Podcast, Justin and I tried to tackle a question from MOP reader Serrenity, who wanted us to talk...
Plus one.

Massively Overthinking: The state of WildStar

This week's Massively Overthinking focuses entirely on WildStar, out of whose devs we've been trying to get answers -- never mind reassurance about the...

World of Tanks launches 9.14 with improved graphics and Paris WW2 map

World of Tanks' 9.14 update is live today with a fresh trailer to boot. The focus of the update is a bit meta:...
Someone's getting hurt, and it ain't not me.

Happy fifth birthday, RIFT

RIFT's fifth anniversary celebration kicked off this week in honor of the MMORPG's fifth anniversary, and if you're a current player, you'll be...

Vendetta Online demos its VR capabilities at GDC

Vendetta Online was the very first MMORPG with support for the Oculus Rift way back in 2013, and you can see those...
The club itself is not elite.

Elite: Dangerous launches Oculus Rift VR support on March 28

Remember back in January when Eurogamer reported that Elite: Dangerous was dropping its long-planned support for the Oculus Rift in favor of...

H1Z1: Just Survive introduces fresh zombies, ruleset tweaks, new lockbox

H1Z1: Just Survive's latest patch arrived this morning, complete with the new zombies held over from the delayed minipatch last week. "When society...

SMITE’s Winter’s Bite patch brings Skadi, Norse goddess of winter

Hi-Rez has revealed SMITE's latest playable toon: Skadi, the Norse goddess of winter, and her puppy Kaldr. They're both part of the new...

Infestation: Survivor Stories (fka The War Z) is being republished as Infestation World

Thai publishers Electronics Extreme and OP Productions (no relation to Massively OP) have today announced they're bringing open-world survival sandbox Infestation World to......

Rumor: Hearthstone’s next expansion is Whispers of the Old Gods

A Redditor believes he's found an advertisement for Hearthstone's next expansion -- a giant painted wall mural in Brooklyn. The name appears to...

How Overwatch’s Tracer will play in Heroes of the Storm

Game Informer's latest digital issue has the scoop on Tracer, one of the many Blizzard franchise toons being ported to the

Gloria Victis’ rep system lets players become nobles and outlaws

Indie sandbox Gloria Victis' alpha is humming along, this week with a redesigned rep system, rebalanced combat dynamics, and the overhauled settlement of...

Skyforge’s March 16 Dark Omen patch offers new missions and guild merges

Skyforge announced today that its next big update, Dark Omen, lands on March 16th. Among other systems and tweaks, the patch promises...

EVE Online’s Project Discovery makes scientists out of capsuleers

Wouldn't it be great if instead of playing gems or trolling general chat during your MMORPG downtime, you could be contributing to real-world...

Giveaway: Trinium Wars Steam keys and cash-shop currency [Second wave gone now!]

Trinium Wars, confirmed by the devs as being a modernized and further developed version of L.A.W, debuted on Steam last week in
Mad skills.

Crowfall is tweaking healing, dizzy states, and multiple archetypes

Hopefully you weren't unduly attached to the number-crunched specifics of any of Crowfall's planned archetypes because the in-development MMO is contemplating some

ArcheAge is seriously cracking down on cheaters

Heads up, ArcheAge cheaters: Your days are numbered. "For the past months, our team has been hard at work at creating better methods to...

Exclusive: Shards Online’s skill system dev diary

Indie sandbox Shards Online is barreling toward its 2016 launch, promising a creator's paradise for those willing to steer their very own servers. Today,...