Bree Royce



Bree is an unrepentant escapist with a predilection for MMOs. When not compulsively proofreading cereal boxes and newspapers, she can be found modding, PvPing on the auction hall, and touring the Next Big Thing with her guild on a quest for the elusive perfect game.

Working As Intended and Ask Mo are her pet op-ed columns, but she also pens Daily Grinds and compiles Massively Overthinking, the Week in Review, and Make My MMO. You can hear her ramble about MMOs every week on the Massively OP podcast. If you're nice, she'll even talk about something other than Star Wars Galaxies.

Personal blog: Skycandy
Twitter: @nbrianna
Favorite MMOs: Star Wars Galaxies, City of Heroes, Lord of the Rings Online, Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, Ultima Online

Massively Overthinking: Counting the hits and misses of our 2015 predictions

Every year, we lodge our predictions for the next. Funny, strange, and deadly serious, these predictions are a glance back on the naïvetés of 2014 and...

516 characters died during Worlds Adrift’s first alpha test

Back in November, Worlds Adrift ran its first alpha playtest with just 153 participants, and today's it's released a video-infographic summarizing the more interesting...

Hardcore PvP MMO Sphere 3 arrives today

You know what this genre needs more of? Hardcore PvP MMOs! Just kidding. But how about a really pretty 3-D hardcore PvP MMO with "political...
Bear bomb!

Alleged copyright infringer accuses Blizzard of copyright infringement

Blizzard is amping up its assault on gold-selling-and-bot-distributing company Bossland GmbH. The World of Warcraft maker was defeated by the German court system back...
No one weekend should have all that power.

The Daily Grind: What makes a really great MMO community manager?

When Funcom hired new community managers a few weeks ago, some readers questioned why we'd cover it. Big whoop, community managers are glorified retweeters,...

Grab a Wild Terra early access key from MOP and Juvty Worlds [All gone now!]

If you missed out on our giveaway for survival sandbox Wild Terra back in September, then today marks a second chance. Juvty Worlds has granted...

MMO Week in Review: Guild Wars 2 is a study in contradictions (November 29, 2015)

Were you too busy gaming this week to pay attention to MMO news? Get caught up every Sunday evening with Massively Overpowered’s Week in Review! Attention,...

The Daily Grind: So what’s SWTOR’s big announcement?

Wednesday, BioWare hinted that something is brewing in Star Wars: The Old Republic. BioWare was asking for feedback about subscriber rewards just a few weeks...

The best MMO deals of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

You could give thanks on Thanksgiving, or gorge yourself on festive food alongside your bickering family members, but we say there's nothing like shopping from the comfort...

Cabal 2’s challenge mode is live today

Forget gratitude; Cabal 2 wants you to spend Thanksgiving fighting each other in its new Challenge Mode. You won't even have to mention politics...

Interview: Pantheon devs on funding, Unity, and the launch window

Brad McQuaid's Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is an MMO that's suffered more than its fair share of drama and setbacks, but even detractors will agree...

The Repopulation: ‘The risk of downtime is very real’

Throughout November, we've been covering The Repopulation's troubles with Idea Fabrik, the company that runs Hero Engine, on which The Repopulation was built. Idea...

The Daily Grind: What are the basic rules of conduct for an MMO community?

If there's one thing I've learned from 18 years of playing MMOs, it's that games train us to abide by some pretty weird codes...

MMO Week in Review: Blade & Soul’s westward journey (November 22, 2015)

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Camelot Unchained reveals gloomy Spirit Mages and glam faces

Friday evening, Camelot Unchained revealed its eighth class triplet, the dark and sinister Spirit Mages: The Slaughterwolf (Vikings): Summons and commands a pack of pissed-off...

Grab a Forsaken World ‘Aladdin Pack’ key from PWE and MOP

Wanna take a magic carpet ride in Forsaken World? PWE has granted MOP keys for 50 100 Forsaken World Aladdin Packs to make that magic carpet ride...

The Daily Grind: What’s your worst MMO guild drama horror story?

Guild Wars 2's raiding guild drama earlier this week naturally made me think of guild drama I've experienced myself. I mean, if you've been...

Pick up a Perfect World International gift code and head to the War Front (All gone now!)

Perfect World International might be one of PWE's less-hypey MMOs here in the west, but it's still getting healthy updates that make it worth another...

Grab a key for Devilian’s closed beta 4 event, War for Nala

OARPG import Devilian's fourth beta event, War for Nala, kicks off tomorrow and runs all weekend. Wanna give it a go before ponying up for...