Chris Neal

Wolfy is totally a pink wolf and not someone who just adores his avatar so much that he's lost touch with reality. He's been playing games since the days of Atari 2600 and when PCs had to be booted up in a specific sequence. He can be found in a variety of different MMOs and multiplayer games, including Final Fantasy XIV, Dauntless, Black Desert, and many others.

The Stream Team: Hunting santas in TERA

Usually beating up on santas is frowned upon. Take our word for it. In the case of TERA, however, it's not just acceptable but...

Choose My Adventure: Star Citizen’s missions and their bugs

Before I begin, a bit of a program note for this edition of CMA: I kind of had to break from the voting selections...

The Stream Team: Another fresh start and more codes for Valnir Rok

Last time we were here, MJ was valiantly hacking away at cows and exploring what's new with the Viking survival sandbox Valnir Rok....

Choose My Adventure: I am not good at drug running in Star Citizen

There's a rather popular quote in military circles that goes "no plan survives contact with the enemy." This quote springs to my mind...

The Stream Team: The Starlight season of Final Fantasy XIV

MassivelyOP's Chris absolutely adores the holiday season in MMOs, but one of his top in-game events is Final Fantasy XIV's Starlight Celebration, which has...

Choose My Adventure: Postcards from the Star Citizen universe

Your votes last week in my first Choose My Adventure gave me a great way to start looking around the environs of

The Stream Team: Hunting for Frostfall presents in Dauntless

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Snow is falling, decorations are hanging, and a being of almost pure aether is stalking the...

The Stream Team: More dungeon healing in Final Fantasy XIV

MassivelyOP's Chris had such a good time flinging helpful cards at random folks in Final Fantasy XIV last time that he's back to do...

The Stream Team: A brief Star Citizen road trip

Before the votes for Choose My Adventure are tallied, MassivelyOP's Chris & MJ are going to take a moment to hop into a...

Choose My Adventure: Taking the steering wheel of Star Citizen

Star Citizen's recent free fly event, and in particular the time I spent with MJ and friends riding an extremely swanky ship,...

The Stream Team: One last ride in WildStar

It's the final week for WildStar and Massively OP's Chris is ready to start saying his goodbyes to his bouncy pink Aurin character, along...

The Stream Team: Healing and leveling in Final Fantasy XIV

With the Final Fantasy Fan Festival's reveals fresh on his mind, Massively OP's Chris is ready to play a whole lot of catch-up...

The Stream Team: More getting lost in ARK: Extinction

When we last left Massively OP's Chris, he had inadvertently become ARK: Survival Extinction's greatest hide-and-seek master as he tried to come to grips...

The Stream Team: Turkey Time in MapleStory 2

With Thanksgiving in the US precisely a week away, now seems as good a time as any to join in on some humongous turkey...

The Stream Team: A Return to Wraeclast in Path of Exile

With the whole Diablo Immortal dumpster fire and the looming PS4 release fresh on his mind, Massively OP's Chris has gotten the online ARPG...

The Stream Team: Tripping the Rifts with the Dauntless Riftstalker

A new monster has made its way to Dauntless. Part bat, part cat, part teleportation device, and part Halloween on four legs -- it's...