Chris Neal

Wolfy is totally a pink wolf and not someone who just adores his avatar so much that he's lost touch with reality. He's been playing games since the days of Atari 2600 and when PCs had to be booted up in a specific sequence. He can be found in a variety of different MMOs and multiplayer games, including Final Fantasy XIV, Dauntless, Black Desert, and many others.

Netmarble reveals an English logo for Blade & Soul Revolution

If you were passing curious about Blade & Soul Revolution, one of the two mobile games spinning off of the original PC MMORPG,...

RuneScape delays Firemaking updates and previews its Freedom camera mode

Bit of bad news, good news out of the RuneScape camp: The bad news is that the improvements to the Firemaking skill are...

Warframe staggers Operation: Buried Debts content for consoles due to bugs

An explanation provided by the folks at Warframe described bugs in Operation: Buried Debts as "fun-breaking," which is probably the best reason to...

Population Zero fields questions about factions, breast sizes, and snoring

Whenever you open up a Q&A session for your developing game, you never really know what you're going to get. Case in point: The...

Choose My Adventure: Fear and loathing in Legends of Aria

As promised, this round of play in Legends of Aria featured greater focus on my combined magic and steel, though I definitely was...

The Stream Team: Stop! Hammer time in Dauntless

Put on your baggiest pants and make other references to early '90s musical trends: There's a new patch in Dauntless, and MassivelyOP's resident monster...

Camelot Unchained moves Characters 2.0 to its master build and works on lighting people on fire

Camelot Unchained has apparently gotten better at setting you on fire. That is to say, City State Entertainment worked out a particle system...

Paradox Interactive continues to drop hints of a possible Vampire: the Masquerade game

My first instinct upon seeing indications that publisher/developer Paradox Interactive is working on a game based on Vampire: the Masquerade was extreme intrigue. My...

APB Reloaded teases the incoming Riot content update

The city of San Paro is headed for a riot if hints coming out of APB Reloaded are any indication. The APB Riot...

Survived By tweaks the Druid and doubles rewards for full parties

Life in the world of Survived By is pretty rough as I found out first hand, so anything that improves the quality...

Latest Closers update adds J to the Task Force Veteranus

If you're a player of the character J in Closers, then you're about to get a little boost. The most recent update to...

War Thunder turns on radar systems in the Locked On update

In my extremely dumb headcanon, I imagine the operators of the various vehicles in War Thunder have all simultaneously found the "on" button...

The Stream Team: Taking a closer look at Exocraft

We've punched up a couple of posts here about the game Exocraft, which has very recently made its arrival to Steam. Now...

Path of Exile finally ties down a PS4 release date of March 26

It feels like something that's been a long time coming -- even a delayed thing -- but there finally is an actual calendar...

Astellia shows off its character creation options

The art of character creation in any MMORPG is often a game in and of itself, depending on how many options one is granted....

Choose My Adventure: New tools, same flailing in Legends of Aria

So, full disclosure here: This edition of Choose My Adventure is going to come from a perspective of limited play time. My "real"...

Path of Exile details a patch for Synthesis and opens ticket sales to ExileCon

While the Synthesis update for Path of Exile certainly appears to be going over a treat, there's still some improvements to be...

Blade & Soul joins the battle royale bandwagon with the Shackled Isles limited time event

So, how about that battle royale flu, eh? Seems to be going around. Now Blade & Soul has caught the bug with the...

Heroes of the Storm discusses ranked mode and hero changes in an AMA

Considering the rollback in operations for the MOBA Heroes of the Storm, fans were very likely eager to hear from the game's...

MapleStory 2 details the upcoming Meso Market currency exchange

With the first wave of the Project New Leaf update reportedly making positive waves in MapleStory 2, the devs are continuing to...