Chris Neal

Wolfy is totally a pink wolf and not someone who just adores his avatar so much that he's lost touch with reality. He's been playing games since the days of Atari 2600 and when PCs had to be booted up in a specific sequence. He can be found in a variety of different MMOs and multiplayer games, including Final Fantasy XIV, Dauntless, Black Desert, and many others.

Blade & Soul offers a preview of the Dual Blade class arriving on September 8

Blade & Soul continues to run down the feature list of its upcoming September 8th update, this time offering a closer look at the...

The Soapbox: #DayOffTwitch illustrates how good intentions break under bad planning

Those of you reading this probably know me as someone who wears one of three hats here at MOP: a news writer, the Choose...

Star Citizen backer reports CIG to the UK Advertising Standards Agency over ship concept sales

Are you among those fed up that Star Citizen can sell concept ships -- internet spaceships that haven't even materialized in the game yet...

Craftopia arrives to Windows and Xbox Game Preview, plans its summer update for September 30

It's been a while since we checked in on the developing survival sandbox of Craftopia, and boy is it good we're peeking back in...

SoulWorker introduces a new four-player Violent Sun raid in latest update

Players of the action MMO SoulWorker have a new challenge to step up to in the form of the Violent Sun raid, a four-player...

Life Beyond adds weapon upgrades in latest patch, plans new AI, Corruption mode, and public playtest ‘gyms’

The survival sandbox of Life Beyond is continuing to grow. After a teaser tweet this past Wednesday, the game's latest release went live two...

Shroud of the Avatar addresses ‘dozens of errors’ in latest patch

Release 93 of Shroud of the Avatar apparently didn't arrive without some bugs in it. That seems to be par for the course for...
Popcorn appropriately.

Overwatch League plans an April 2022 start and confirms the use of an ‘early build’ of Overwatch 2

Are you eager for the next round of Overwatch competition? Then perhaps you'll be happy to note that Jon Spector, the VP of the...

Fortnite’s Operation: Sky Fire plans to close out Season 2 Chapter 7 with an assault on an alien ship September 12

Fortnite players, mark the calendar date of Sunday, September 12th, as that will be the end of the game's current Season 2 Chapter 7,...

The Stream Team: Romping around the new build of multiplayer RPG Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff

It's time yet again for another run around in something a bit different. Specifically, the adorable multiplayer RPG Swords 'n Magic and Stuff, which...

Book of Travels’ latest video discusses the game’s early access map and planned chapter structure

When Book of Travels does eventually release into early access, there will be places to explore. That would be pretty obvious considering the TMORPG...

Guild Wars 2 teases its next elite spec as leaked filenames provide clues for new class weapons

ArenaNet is ready to keep on drumming up the hype for further Guild Wars 2 elite specs, starting with the newest teaser image featuring...

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen discusses production and communication in latest VIP roundtable podcast

Care to listen to a couple of devs from Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen talk about production and communication matters for the MMO? Then...

Embers Adrift announces plans for pre-orders in October, plots testing windows and final release timing

Remember how Embers Adrift, the game formerly known as Saga of Lucimia, said it had raised enough money to launch? Well the devs at...

League of Legends announces a virtual concert for the band Pentakill and previews its newest hero Vex

Care for a bit of heavy metal with your MOBA? Then you probably enjoy Pentakill, the virtual heavy metal band from the League of...

Warframe brings back the Plague Star event and introduces Nidus Prime on September 8

Much of this isn't exactly news if you watched the last devstream for Warframe, but just so players are aware, this coming Wednesday, September...

VR MMO Zenith hypes up its physics model for swords and new hires to the dev team

What's coming next to the in-development VR MMO Zenith? According to the game's latest press release, physics. While that might sound a bit like...

Inside Star Citizen offers a look at several new ships, new weapons, and new locations in development

When we reported on Star Citizen's August development report, we noted that the ship development team was extremely busy with a number of vehicles...

Book of Travels attributes its latest delay to an ‘unholy trio’ of bugs, promises a new early access launch date soon

When Book of Travels saw its early access release date pushed back a fourth time to date, there was perhaps some concern about just...

PlanetSide 2 kicks off the Summer Fun 2021 event for PlayStation 4 players

PlayStation 4 players of PlanetSide 2 who may have been looking on jealously at PC players of the multiplayer shooter as they had neon...