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Eliot Lefebvre has been writing on Massively Overpowered since it was created after a long and illustrious career of writing about video games for half a decade on some other site that you might have heard about. He currently pens Wisdom of Nym for Final Fantasy XIV, WoW Factor for World of Warcraft, and the rotating adventures of Choose My Adventure. He also shares writing duties on Perfect Ten and writes some nonsense for What Are You Playing. No photos of him standing next to Abraham Lincoln have surfaced, coincidentally.

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Blog: Eliot-Lefebvre.com
All over again.

WoW Factor: Shadowlands needs an excitement boost it’s not getting

Back in February, I wrote about how Blizzard could help restore some player confidence about Shadowlands. And we're a few months in, and... yeah,...

Colony sandbox MMO SEED takes a look at various biomes for settlers to explore

Right now, SEED offers players a fairly comfortable space to start in. It's lightly forested grasslands providing plenty of resources and space to do...
And then it explodes.

Final Fantasy XI kicks off its Beat the Heat campaign on June 11

All heat must be beaten in Final Fantasy XI starting on June 11th. No, that's not when the game is adding some sort of...

Vague Patch Notes: BlizzCon’s cancellation might just be for the best

After a lot of time spent expecting this particular announcement, yesterday it was finally confirmed that there will be no BlizzCon 2020. This is...
Yeah, it's never happening.

First Impressions: Phantasy Star Online 2’s technical clownshow mangled its PC launch

Phantasy Star Online 2 is, bar none, the absolute worst experience I have ever had with trying to get a game working on...
That's not a doll, guy.

The Daily Grind: What are the MMO starting zones that feel most welcoming to you?

To this day, there is no starting zone in any MMO that has felt as warm and welcoming to me as Ronfaure in Final...
Lies, damn lies, and statistics.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will allow blue-eyed Blood Elves and Void Elves

Remember when people got very excited about finding blue eyes for elves in the customization options in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands? And remember...

World of Warcraft celebrates the Glowcap Festival today

Today in Zangarmash in World of Warcraft neither badgers nor snakes are welcome, because the micro-holiday is all about mushrooms. Yes, it's time...
Darky dark dark dark.

Aion’s Shadows Over Balaurea is live today in North America

It's shadow time for Aion players on the NA servers, because Shadows Over Balaurea is live in the game today. This means...
This is what we were really missing.

League of Legends esports matches will now have ads on the battlefield

At long last, Riot Games is going to bring the most desired part of professional sports to the esports events of League of...
Meow mix.

Albion Online offers a mount skin for an off-season Crystal League tournament

There's a gap between Season 9 and Season 10 of PvP struggles in Albion Online... or at least, the struggle for territory. There...

Final Fantasy XI brings back the Sunshine Seeker event on May 29

It's hard to be a plant in Final Fantasy XI, especially a walking one. After all, people are no doubt looking at you...
cars go vroom vroom

Formula E driver gets caught cheating in an esports race after using a surrogate driver

It really seemed like a no-brainer, didn't it? If racing can't happen in real life, you can just go over to video games about...

Astellia Online’s newest patch adds the Tulie story with new zones, dungeons, and Astels

15It's time to explore a new story in Astellia Online with today's patch, which adds in the new Tulie Main Quests to...
Sure, why not, whatever.

No Man’s Sky is getting a new Windows 10 version and arrives on Game Pass for Xbox One in June

There's a lot more to recommend No Man's Sky at this point than there was when it first launched, by all estimations. The game...
For you it's all in a day.

Final Fantasy XIV brings back the Maiden’s Rhapsody collaboration

Well, here's a blast from the past for Final Fantasy XIV players. Also, Final Fantasy XI players, and especially players of both, because the...
All right, sure thing, dude.

Warframe’s Deadlock Protocol will not release until June

It's not really going to surprise anyone at this point that Warframe does not have a major patch coming out this week; after...
This is who we were.

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers has mined out its own nostalgia

There are a lot of themes that are running hot through the entirety of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. Some of them are very obvious...
There are about nine million more pressing questions about why you're this way, of course.

The Daily Grind: What MMO titles bother you more than they probably should?

There's no good reason to call Guild Wars 2... well, that. The title of the original Guild Wars already didn't make a whole lot of...
Yeah, no.

WRUP: Tips for being less boring edition

All right, this week's What Are You Playing is ready to go! Serious life advice about how to be less boring, let's do...