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Astroneer’s latest update has new resources and recipes in store for space explorers

Who doesn’t like new materials? The 0.9.2 update adds in new resources for Astroneer players to harvest, some of which are going to require you to do a fair bit of searching in order to find them. And of course it wouldn’t be helpful to have new resources without having new recipes to go along with those resources, so you get new stuff to make along with the new stuff you can harvest.

The patch also contains other improvements, like the removal of the largely redundant Medium Printer for streamlining crafting and the inclusion of craftable Thrusters. Check out the full patch notes for a clearer picture of everything that’s been changed and improved in the game as development hums along, and get ready to start searching the stars for resources. Which you can use to make other things to search more stars. It’s a vicious cycle, sort of.

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Crowfall’s latest community Q&A covers skinning coins and equipment mitigation

Why does skinning something in Crowfall currently result in getting coins? That makes absolutely no sense. Well, according to the latest Q&A video, the developers are well aware that it makes no sense. It’s not supposed to make sense; it’s supposed to be a stopgap at the moment to give you something for skinning while the infrastructure for doing so gets set up. Yes, in the final version of the game you’ll have to do more work to convert things into coins, but for now? Get that core gameplay loop in.

The video also discusses other issues in the game, like how all of the damage mitigation is on chestpieces and thus players are equipping plate chestpieces to reduce damage and leather everywhere else. The developers had originally played with penalties on some pieces, but the work is still being done to figure out just how to arrange bonuses on equipment to make sure that you don’t always want “plate chest and leather everything else.” A bug in armor disciplines is also making things a bit more difficult; check out the full video below for more on this and on other player questions.

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Black Desert’s newest patch introduces guaranteed enhancements

You don’t want to fuss around with enhancements that might happen, in games or real life; you want to have assurances that your enhancements will function correctly. Black Desert gets that, and that’s why the latest patch adds exactly that with the new guaranteed enhancement stones. When you use these stones they consume a chunk of durability but also offer an absolute 100% shot at enhancement, allowing you to enhance away without fear of failure. Field bosses and world bosses drop the stones in question, so be on the lookout for them.

Players will also be able to enjoy increased guild mission rewards as well as improved guild attendance rewards, so there are also better benefits for chilling with your whole guild. And of course there’s a nice long list of bug fixes and class improvements, so you should notice fewer bugs and issues in the game as a whole. That sounds like a worthy patch.


Sea of Thieves expands times and locations for Cursed Sails with its latest patch

The latest update for Sea of Thieves is all about giving players more time. If you have only a limited amount of time to play the game every week, for example? You get more chances to take part in different battle regions despite that. When treasure items show up in the middle of a battle? You have more time to pick them up. When a battle ends? You get more time to finish grabbing anything of importance to you.

The patch also fixes a number of undisclosed crashing bugs and several bug fixes, so players will no longer travel in unintended directions whilst being fired out of a cannon or get the wrong event banners whilst speaking with Gold Hoarder NPCs. So you’ll have more chances to do stuff, more time to do things, and more consistent game performance across the board. It’s the next best thing to more content.

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Pantheon fully reveals its last three classes

If you’re still figuring out what you’re going to play in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, you’ve gotten the last of your options revealed. The last three classes of the game have been officially revealed now: Summoner, Wizard, and Enchanter. Both Summoner and Wizard take the roles of providing utility and magical damage, while Enchanters provide far less damage but are quite good at controlling crowds.

Obviously each class has different flavor, but you probably guessed the Summoner’s basic deal from the name of the class. It involves summoning.

The last batch of classes is happily announced in the most recent newsletter from the developers, which also looks eagerly forward to starting in on the next important milestone by showing off the game’s gallery of enemies.It’s also worth noting that all of the classes planned for launch will be available starting with the next test phase, so players will have plenty of chances to try out their classes of choice… assuming they’re in the test, of course.

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The Expanse started life as a failed MMO pitch

It’s always funny when you see the routes that various franchises take. The Expanse started life as a series of books, which became a television series, and now it’s getting adapted into a tabletop game. But what would eventually become the books came from tabletop roleplaying in a homebrew system. That seems to make things a nice circle… until you consider that the tabletop game was being adapted from a failed MMO pitch some 15 years ago.

According to creator Ty Franck the setting was originally developed as a pitch for a Chinese company looking to put together an MMO. The pitch failed chiefly because the company didn’t realize that MMOs were easily $100 million projects, but Franck kept working on the setting. Of course, at this point the series seems to have done quite well for itself… but if it ever does adapt into an MMO, then we’ll have gone full circle.

Source: Polygon


Grand Theft Auto Online players are already nervous about a datamined vehicle

It might seem a bit odd that Grand Theft Auto Online’s playerbase is up in arms about the Oppressor Mk. II because the jet bike is not actually in the game at the moment. It’s been datamined, but you cannot actually jump onto the bike right now. But that doesn’t change people being nervous, and for somewhat good cause; the description alone reads like an insanely overpowered toy, after all. It’s a flying jet bike with high agility and missiles, and it can also jam incoming missiles so that it’s hard to shoot down.

This would be unbalanced enough if you were playing on your own, but people are chiefly worried about the impact it might have in multiplayer lobbies, where it’d be almost impossible to stop and definitely not fun to play against. There’s no word on when or if it’s actually going to be released, of course, but some of the player anxiety is partly a matter of getting out ahead and hopefully causing the developers to tone down the vehicle ahead of a wider release.

Source: Kotaku


MU Legend launches on Steam with big game-wide events

It’s time for MU Legend to really go all out on launching. It’s launching officially today, so that’s a milestone. It’s also arriving on Steam, so you can pick it up there. It’s also delivering its Noria update, which has a trailer just below and includes fun things like an endless tower climb, new wing upgrades, and the eponymous Noria. And it’s launching all of this with a big set of events you can take part in.

That’s a lot of launch.

Players can get prizes for making progress on Steam or accomplishing various tasks within the Noria update itself; there are also a variety of goodies available for new or returning players who opt to pick the game up on Steam. If you’re dazzled by free stuff and enjoy hacking and/or slashing, you might want to check the game out; it is free-to-play, after all.

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Dauntless throws its grenades to players

Grenades are a time-honored way of reaching out and touching everyone within a given area of effect, because… well, that’s how they work. They blow up and they hurt everyone in a compact area. Dauntless has grenades just like that, and in fact has five different varieties of grenades so that players can try out a variety of ranged explosives based on the situation. Including vampire grenades!

No, you don’t throw the grenade and then vampires come out, as cool as that would be. The Transfusion Grenade bursts and drains health which then transfers to you in the form of healing orbs. That’s the weirdest of the bunch; other grenades like the Barrage Grenade and the Concussive Grenade work more or less the way you would expect these tools to function. So get ready to have some fun lobbing grenades around when the game patches them in on August 8th.


Amazon Game Studios hires Christoph Hartmann as Vice President

The first big release from Amazon Game Studios, Breakaway, was pretty unceremoniously killed earlier this year. That means that the future of the studio’s other games, like the anticipated New World, feels somewhat in doubt. So it’s good news that the announcement of Cristoph Hartmann joining the team as vice president of Amazon Game Studios includes an explicit namedrop of New World as one of the titles he’ll be handling in development.

Hartmann joins the studios after his long run as president of 2K Games, so he’s got 20 years of experience in the industry. Of course, that’s not quite as calming as actual news about the game… but it’s not nothing. There are also promises of new titles to be announced, so it’s quite possible that Breakaway will turn out to be more of a hiccup than an indication of the future.


World of Warcraft opens up the Siege of Lordaeron

So, to the surprise of absolutely no one, burning down an Alliance capital city did not actually demoralize anyone other than players and now the Horde is getting one of its cities attacked in World of Warcraft. Equally unsurprising to anyone who followed reveals about this, that means the Alliance is marching on Lordaeron, and players can take part in this push right now in the game.

Players who have tested the beta for Battle for Azeroth will be familiar with the scenario, as it’s the same one kicking off the expansion in the testing cycle. If you want to get a start in on the pre-expansion hullabaloo and conclude the storyline before the full launch next week, hop on in and make your way to Stormwind for the Alliance or Orgrimmar for the Horde.

Also strap yourself in for the people trying to explain how capturing and holding a city in response to an unprovoked attack is the same thing as razing a city on a whim with no existing state of war.

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Final Fantasy XIV brings monster hunting with its newest patch

The latest patch for Final Fantasy XIV has arrived today, and it brings all of the monster hunting you could possibly want within the game. Yes, it’s the crossover with Monster Hunter World, complete with new cosmetic gear, new minions, and new Orchestrion tunes for everyone. If you’re not interested in that, though, you can take part in the new Eureka – Pagos expedition, which brings characters to a snow-covered area to take on greater enemies.

Players also get a variety of quality of life bumps with the update, including the option to purchase weapon upgrade materials for Gougan currency, new crafting recipes, an experience buff in the original Eureka areas, and the removal of restrictions on Sigmascape Crystalloids. Check out the full patch notes to get an idea of what you’ll be able to do with the patch. You could, of course, also choose to totally ignore the patch if you’re over on the Faerie server as players put together an epic scavenger hunt for plenty of gil.

Source: Official Site, Reddit; thanks to Alex for the tip!


Worlds Adrift promises that the developers are working on fixing lag

Lag is no longer just your excuse for trading players melons in Worlds Adrift. It’s a very real problem that the development team knows is hitting players square in the playtime, and it’s also taking a while to fix it up. The most recent development update explains that while the team is well aware it’s happening, there’s still work to be done to actually fix the issue; the attempt to track down the cause and repair it last week didn’t actually work out, so it’s still being investigated.

The game’s test server has also been delayed due to some issues with Alliance chat, with the remainder of the team hard at work to fix that issue and let people start testing new patches sooner rather than later. On the bright side, the next announcement from the team is promised to include some actual updates instead of just work on bug fixes because players want more content too. Dude.


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