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Eliot Lefebvre has been writing on Massively Overpowered since it was created after a long and illustrious career of writing about video games for half a decade on some other site that you might have heard about. He currently pens Wisdom of Nym for Final Fantasy XIV, WoW Factor for World of Warcraft, and the industry and culture speculation of Vague Patch Notes. He also shares writing duties on Perfect Ten and writes some nonsense for What Are You Playing. No photos of him standing next to seventeen lizards in a trench coat have surfaced, coincidentally.

Twitter: @eliot_lefebvre
Streaming: Snippy Harold
That elephant won't bedazzle itself.

Final Fantasy XIV adds a new Deep Dungeon, new tribal quests, and new weapon enhancements with patch 6.35

Saddle up, Warrior of Light, it's time for moon antics in Final Fantasy XIV. Moon antics, as we all know, are antics you get...
fscking bnuuy

Square-Enix is relocating its Japanese offices to Shibuya in late 2024

In Neo: The World Ends With You, released in 2021, the plot centered around a neverending metaphysical competition in Tokyo's Shibuya district in the...
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Star Trek Online sends console players into the Bird Cage on March 14th

It's the maximum-security prison of the Terran Empire. It houses a prisoner that you, as a player, need to get out of there pronto....
No mom.

Wisdom of Nym: How is Final Fantasy XIV going to end?

A long while ago, I wrote an article about how your favorite MMO is going to die. This is because your favorite MMO is...
Un secret.

The Daily Grind: What’s the most shameful MMO relaunch you can think of?

We love a good relaunch story around here. We all like to tell stories like Final Fantasy XIV where a game comes out, isn't...
by cat stevens

WRUP: Here are the assignments you have turned in this semester that explain why I am going to fail you edition

The assignment: A seven-page essay using modern literary frameworks to analyze Beowulf that demonstrates an understanding of the failures of modern frameworks to account...
So snipe.

Betawatch: Blue Protocol projects tests and releases its benchmark

Blue Protocol has released its benchmark and character creator! This is not a drill, people. If you are unsure of what to do, well,...

Vague Patch Notes: Why I’m anticipating Blue Protocol

My anticipation for Blue Protocol is something that I cannot adequately explain because at the end of the day it's more based around a...

World of Warcraft previews the new adventures on the Forbidden Reach in patch 10.0.7

Raszageth is gone in World of Warcraft. She's not here any more. But her legacy lives on... specifically, her legacy of being the reason...
Do you really want to hurt me?

WoW Factor: World of Warcraft is just coasting down the mountain

In November 1994, Marvel Comics launched a new comic book spin-off from the main X-Men series. Generation X, written by Scott Lobdell, was in...
This is not a doll.

The Daily Grind: How patient are you waiting for MMOs to be brought to your region?

A reader once asked me what motivated me to learn Japanese because she figured that since I cover so many Japanese MMORPGs and follow...

World of Warcraft previews the multiple variants of Orc and Human heritage armor coming with 10.0.7

While World of Warcraft is not a game lacking in playable races by any stretch of the imagination, Orcs and Humans are the two...

Blue Protocol’s benchmark tool and character creator have been released

Do you want to know if your computer can handle Blue Protocol? Do you want to try out creating a character within the game's...
Do you hear what I hear?

Final Fantasy XI celebrates the approach of spring with various player boosts

The upcoming Spring Cometh campaign in Final Fantasy XI will not make your character run faster, jump higher, and hit harder. It will, however,...
Finite interest.

Check out these behind-the-scenes documents about the design of Infinite Crisis

As you no doubt know, Infinite Crisis is long gone. It's so gone that we recently ran a piece walking through the game's development,...
Here we go once more.

Final Fantasy XIV is hosting a Q&A session at PAX East

It's been a couple of years, but Final Fantasy XIV is bringing Naoki Yoshida back to PAX East once again. And he's even hosting...

New World answers community questions with its latest developer video

Do you want to hear the New World developers admit they screwed up? Because that's the answer to the first question in the newest...

Wisdom of Nym: Where is Final Fantasy XIV’s story going post-6.3?

As we all know, at this point Final Fantasy XIV is the story of Zero and how we all absolutely want her to live...
El barfo.

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite MMO minipet?

Once upon a time, a very smart woman was looking at an MMO's design document. "We have pet classes for people who are scared...
Still miss the combo here.

WRUP: A partial list of elves I have slain recently edition

Lord Algernon Everfell Boughslice of the Ninth Host: This dude was just the absolute worst so I challenged him to an elf duel. He...