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Eliot Lefebvre has been writing on Massively Overpowered since it was created after a long and illustrious career of writing about video games for half a decade on some other site that you might have heard about. He currently pens Wisdom of Nym for Final Fantasy XIV, WoW Factor for World of Warcraft, and the industry and culture speculation of Vague Patch Notes. He also shares writing duties on Perfect Ten and writes some nonsense for What Are You Playing. No photos of him standing next to seventeen lizards in a trench coat have surfaced, coincidentally.

Twitter: @eliot_lefebvre
Streaming: Snippy Harold

Albion Online previews the changes coming to its next guild season when it starts on Saturday

It's time for the 17th season of Albion Online's guild battles to kick off on Saturday, but one thing that you have to acknowledge...
Sort of?

Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning turns on double XP for a birthday weekend bash

This Sunday will mark 14 years following the initial release of Warhammer Online. Now, those of you with some awareness of history will remember...

WoW Factor: How much does World of Warcraft matter to Blizzard?

My initial plan this week was to write about whether or not World of Warcraft was successfully creating an echo chamber in which everyone...
Chop chop.

Final Fantasy XIV explains its Savage fight difficulty balancing in the wake of patch 6.21

When patch 6.21 arrived this week for Final Fantasy XIV, it included a pretty significant change in that it dropped the health of the...
Shoot, but robot.

Gundam Evolution plans for a September 21 launch date on PC

You have a lot of team-based shooters available to you right now if you enjoy being in a team and shooting people from a...

Tower of Fantasy launches update 1.5, Artificial Island, complete with your own house to build

If you've played Tower of Fantasy and thought to yourself, "Hey, this game feels like anime gacha WildStar, but it lacks housing," the latest...

Discord adds new forum channels feature to community channels

So you probably don't like having to subscribe to a game's Discord channel and go trawling through pinned posts and asking people just to...
Not so much.

Vague Patch Notes: Queues do not tell the story of an MMO’s success

It's time to talk about queues to log in to a game, and you know what game we have to talk about in this...
Mumor has looked better.

The Daily Grind: Have you ever kept playing an MMO that didn’t want you around?

Every MMO wants everyone to keep playing as long as possible, on some level. The developers want you to keep paying money and playing...
But why though.

Old School RuneScape opens up several beta tests for players

Do you want to do the work of testing content in Old School RuneScape? If so, the developers have good news for you, because...
Effing OOPS

Perfect Ten: An MMO sunset tour for 2022 to date

MMO sunsets can be weird. I am never happy when a game that people love goes away. It always represents a lot of lost...
Tales of loss, and fire, and faith.

Final Fantasy XIV fixes bugs and buffs Paladin and Warrior with patch 6.21

It's a bit ironic that this Final Fantasy XIV expansion is the one where Paladin is the iconic job and yet Paladin is not...
Man... or dragon man?

World of Warcraft adds the option to place more Fated modifiers onto raids if you want

Some people just like making things harder on themselves. They see games like Dark Souls 3 and say, "Yeah, this is pretty hard... but...
once again

Destiny 2 continues its nonstop march of bizarre cross-promotional items with branded boots – again

Yo yo yo, it's me, ya boy Titan4lyfe with another piece of noise on the latest and greatest cross-promotional merchandise opportunity from Destiny 2!...
To the surprise of no one...

Babylon’s Fall is shutting down on February 27

It turns out that building a looter-shooter that is more of a looter-slasher is harder than it looks. Square-Enix and Platinum Games' Babylon's Fall...
I'm thinking it over.

Final Fantasy XI launches its newest patch with more Voracious Resurgence content

Being allowed to access a new area called "The Silver Knife" sounds faintly ominous. It's not quite a name to run away from, but...
Big time.

Wisdom of Nym: Making money in Final Fantasy XIV isn’t what you think

So let me start with a statement: Gil is pretty much irrelevant to me in Final Fantasy XIV because I already have enough. We...

Final Fantasy XI prepares for the Buffalo Blitz while the anniversary site looks back at console hardware

These days, the idea of an MMO on a video game console is not particularly surprising, considering that your consoles are all connected to...

The Daily Grind: Are there any ‘forgettable’ MMOs you still remember?

A while back, I proposed the term "temport" to describe a certain flavor of free-to-play MMO that gets imported from elsewhere (usually South Korea...

WRUP: Reasons you think you’re better than me edition

You think you're better than me? You're not better than me. Just because you've never been tasered by cops, spent a night in prison,...