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Linkin Park to perform at BlizzCon

BlizzCon 2015 has its big closing act: Linkin Park.

The rock group has signed on to perform a concert for Blizzard’s community on Saturday night, November 7th. As with most of the convention’s coverage, fans who can’t attend in person will be able to watch the show via the $40 virtual ticket.

Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington said that he can’t wait to perform: “Playing BlizzCon will be one hell of a first for us. We’re looking forward to giving all the gamers out there a killer rock show.”

Source: BlizzCon


All NPCs are lootable now in Gloria Victis

NPCs, your day of reckoning has come. You thought that your meager possessions were safe from the rampaging player army in Gloria Victis, but no longer. A recent small pre-alpha patch has changed the rules so that all NPCs can be looted by players.

Also included in the patch is the town of Fangsborough, PvP headshot detection, experience for PvP kills, faster movement speed when blocking, and objects to throw down from the gate tower on attackers. Players will also be cautioned that PvE experience is now earned only by the person who strikes the killing blow on a mob.

Source: Patch notes


Here are 10 compelling reasons to get excited about Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

There are always some of us who aren’t quite on board with the latest and shiniest games and expansions and instead wait to be convinced by friends and lured by strong word-of-mouth into the new content.

If you’ve been taking a wait-and-see approach with Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, then YouTuber Bog Otter might just convince you that Tyria is the place to be on Friday. In a new video, which you can watch after the break, Bog Otter outlines 10 reasons why you should jump into Heart of Thorns.

Ready for them? Here we go!

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Project Gorgon tests power and monster changes

Indie MMO Project Gorgon is currently trying out a couple of prototype ideas on the test server to see if they might be useful in the game proper.

The biggest change is a sweeping overhaul of the power system. In the test build, power no longer regenerates in combat while basic attacks are free to use and restore a small amount of power every 10 seconds when triggered.

In addition to experimenting with the power system, the team has buffed up monsters on the test server as well. Mobs now have more health and armor in order to extend combat length, which the devs have previously noted was too short.

Source: Patch notes


Path of Exile buffs its poison mechanic

Poison is poised to be deadlier than ever in Path of Exile, as Grinding Gear Games is shoring up the system with its next big patch.

“We’ve decided to modify the poison mechanic in a few ways, and introduce tools to let dexterity-aligned attack characters use and specialize in poison without having to use daggers or a limited set of unique items,” the studio said.

Among the changes to poison include the ability to stack, a restriction to just chaos and physical attacks, the addition of a poison support gem, and the inclusion of more passive skills to support the mechanic.


Get your first look at Wizard101’s Polaris

Polaris has been officially confirmed to be the next world that Wizard101 players will visit, and eager fans were able to get a sneak peek into the new area during last week’s developer livestream.

The world looks to be a weird mix of winter, Russia, World War II-era motifs, and penguins. Er, sorry, “Pingouins.” While there is no set date yet for Polaris’ opening, you can check it out for yourself in a video after the jump!

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Guild Wars 2 runs down last-minute expansion launch details

ArenaNet Game Director Colin Johanson had a few words to share today to prepare the Guild Wars 2 community for this week’s Heart of Thorns launch.

In the post, Johanson covered four quick topics. The first was to inform the community that the expansion would launch with a mix of guild mission types, after which guilds could pick what type of missions they wanted to do the following week. Next was the news that the Engineer icon will be revised for battlefield clarity and that fractal dungeon leaderboards have more work to be done and will not make it for the expansion launch.

Finally, Johanson said that Guild Wars 2 is about to tone its battle visuals down a notch: “One change you’ll notice when the expansion goes live — a number of FX for skills have changed. We’ve tried to cut back some of the visual noise of some of the ‘noisiest’ skills to make it easier to see what’s going on in combat with multiple players/mobs on screen.”

Source: Official forum via Dulfy


Classic Darkfall project continues license negotiations, plans alpha test

A volunteer-led effort to restore the original version of Darkfall is moving forward as unspecified negotiations with Aventurine continue.

The Darkfall: Rise of Agon team announced that it will be self-funding the licensing costs while looking to the community for donations for the game’s development and operation. The alpha test will take place over four to eight weeks and be completely free to players, while the subsequent beta will be limited to backers only.

Big Picture Games said that the team is poised to get rolling once an agreement is secured: “Our game servers are taking shape in New York and our development team and engineers are eagerly awaiting for us to have the signed license in hand so that they can get to work on development.”


Here’s how to increase your chances of getting into Black Desert’s alpha

With Black Desert coming to both North America and Europe next year, getting into the test just became one of the hottest — and most exclusive — tickets in town. While it will remain difficult to score yourself a key for the time being, one of Black Desert’s CMs posted a helpful list of links for those camping for an alpha spot.

“I wanted to give you a few hints at how to try your luck at getting an invitation for the alpha,” CM Oli said. “The amount of invitations will be very limited for this specific phase, but there will be a few possibilities.”

And in case you’re wondering, no, there are no specific details yet concerning the first test.

Source: Reddit. Thanks to Dystopiq for the tip!


Camelot Unchained reveals its heavy fighters

Next up on Camelot Unchained’s class reveal docket is the upcoming MMO’s heavy fighters, a brutal group of muscled pain that will be sure to ruin an enemy’s day.

As with the other reveals to date, each of the three factions have their own take on the archetype. Vikings boast Mjölnir, a hammer-and-lightning-wielding class that absolutely, positively has nothing to do with Marvel’s Thor. On the Tuatha Dé Danann side is the Fianna, who trades armor density for faster movement and a war-cry.

Finally, there is the Arthurian Black Knight, who takes a cue from Monty Python, of all places: “Each wound sustained to a body part beyond the first has its power substantially increased.”

Source: Camelot Unchained. Thanks to Spykedruid for the tip!


Wakfu rolls back EU server to June

Call it the mother of all rollbacks.

A series of technical issues has resulted in massive amounts of lost data on Wakfu’s EU Elbor server, requiring a shutdown of the server and a rollback to June 21st. According to Ankama, the process of creating database backups broke on June 21st and went unnoticed until recently when the server was brought down for a hotfix.

Ankama said that it’s still investigating the issue and offered a little hope that some of the data, including game purchases, can be restored on the server. Players who had logged in since October 14th might be in the best position to see a mostly complete recovery, while those who haven’t been on since September 13th are probably looking at a full loss.

The studio apologized for the error and said that a compensation package will be forthcoming. “We understand that a rollback of this magnitude is the last thing any player wants to hear; honestly, we share the same feeling,” Ankama posted.

Source: EU forums. Thanks to Infurn for the tip!


The MOP Up: Heart of Thorns countdown (October 18, 2015)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. See any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This week we’ll listen to a new Final Fantasy XIV soundtrack, count down to Guild Wars 2’s expansion launch, go back to Crystal Lake with Jason Vorhees, get presents for Pirate101’s third birthday, and more!

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Elder Scrolls Online patches in fixes, introduces Forge-Mother Alga

Elder Scrolls Online has been busy patching all three versions of its game this past week. A small PC and Mac patch fixed a few issues with the Imperial City and Coldharbour, while a much larger PlayStation 4 and Xbox One patch shored the game up on those consoles (including revealing “invisible guild store prices”).

Players looking ahead to the Orsinium DLC can meet one of the update’s major figures in a dev diary: Forge-Mother Alga. Alga is King Kurog’s mother and a generally wise and respected figure in the court.

Orisinium is coming on November 2nd to PC and Mac, Xbox One on November 17th, and PlayStation 4 on November 18th.


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