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Matt is an incurable, lifelong nerd who has almost certainly spent more time in front of various screens and monitors than is strictly healthy. On the rare occasions that he manages to pull himself away from said screens and monitors, he's probably absorbed in a good book or scribbling down the latest half-formed story that's popped into his head.

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Gloria Victis expands warfare with new siege engines as combat sync improvements continue

It's been a while since we last checked in with medieval-fantasy sandbox Gloria Victis, and it seems like the folks at Black Eye Games...

TERA introduces Popori Brawlers and deals with a nasty crustacean infestation as Skywatch Call to Arms goes live

TERA's pudgy Popori are packing a powerful punch thanks to today's Skywatch: Call to Arms update, which grants the rotund bear-folk the ability to...

The Repopulation previews upcoming crafting-system overhaul in latest dev blo

Although a burst water main wreaked saturating terror on the offices of The Repopulation dev Idea Fabrik last month, that hasn't stopped the team from...

RuneScape adds blacksmithing QoL improvements, previews weapon diversity beta and Land Out of Time

The latest RuneScape patch is live today, and with it comes a bundle of boons for blacksmiths in the form of a variety of...

E3 2019: Apex Legend’s Season 2 brings a new Legend, a new weapon, and more next month

The folks at Respawn Entertainment announced at EA Play this weekend that Season 2 of Apex Legends will be kicking off next month on...

E3 2019: Fallout 76 details Wasterlanders, Nuclear winter, and combat revamp as the canvas-bag saga finally ends

As we previewed last night, the Fallout 76 team (re-)announced the free Wastelanders content update at the Bethsoft presentation last night. It's expected to...

Check out RuneScape’s upcoming banking revamp in the latest preview video

Last month, the folks at Jagex released a dev blog previewing many of the changes and improvements planned for RuneScape's massive upcoming Bank Rework,...

Blade & Soul reveals its next major update, Empyrean Shadows

It was only a few weeks ago that Blade & Soul's Scarlet Tears update went live, but the folks at NCSoft have already announced...

Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence kicks off tomorrow with the opening of the Crown of Sorrows and the Menagerie

Magnificent riches await Guardians in the new season of Destiny 2, the Season of Opulence, which kicks off tomorrow, June 4th, with the opening...

Microsoft is bringing more Xbox Game Studios titles to Steam and other platforms

Microsoft seems to be branching out with its game distribution policies, as it announced this week that it will be working to make more...
I feel a lot better about exploding here.

Elite Dangerous’s first Interstellar Initiative concludes with a victory for Zende Partners

After a month of community collaboration and conflict, Elite Dangerous's first-ever Interstellar Initiative, Bridging the Gap, has come to its conclusion. As you may...

Mobile MMOs Talion and Mu Origin 2 have launched on iOS and Android

On-the-go MMOers have a couple of new options on the ever-expanding buffet of mobile titles, as both Gamevil's Talion and Webzen's Mu Origin 2...
The core here is so hard.

World Health Organization’s gaming disorder classification causes discord within South Korean government

The World Health Organization's recent decision to recognize gaming disorder as a mental health issue in the most recent revision of its International Classification...

Fight to survive in DC Universe Online’s new Survival Mode

DC Universe Online's game update 95 has gone live as of last night, and it gives players the opportunity to put their superheroic skills...

MapleStory 2 adds Striker class, more dungeons, and new zone in today’s Awakening Expansion update

The folks at Nexon are kicking the summer off in style with the release of MapleStory 2's massive Awakening Expansion update, which is live...

Trove’s Going Green gardening-overhaul update is live today

Think you've got a green thumb? Well you can put it to good use in Trove, as its new Growing Green update, which brings...

Ultima Online details treasure hunting updates as Dark Age of Camelot plans new progression server

Treasure hunters, rejoice: The folks at Broadsword have been hard at work retooling and updating Ultima Online's treasure hunting content, and they've recently posted...

Flemish Games Association speaks out against Belgium’s loot box ban

You may recall that last year, the Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC) released a report in which it concluded that "the purchase of loot boxes...
We never claimed to be saints.

Anthem releases update 1.2.0 – without loot changes – and plans PTS for Cataclysm

The latest update for BioWare's MMO-shooter Anthem has gone live, bringing with it some minor quality-of-life improvements, a handful of gear adjustments, and a...

Camelot Unchained chucks cows and batters rams in its latest Top Tenish update

This week, Camelot Unchained's Top Tenish list puts a particular emphasis on the "ish," as it's actually a solid top 20 list of items...