MJ Guthrie


Community Manager

When not immersed in her favorite virtual worlds, MJ can be found hanging out with her family, reading, coaching/playing sports, writing fiction, singing, and dabbling in graphic design (in random order, depending on mood and season). Her favorite part of MMOs? Observing the dynamics of virtual communities. That psychology degree has to come in handy somewhere, doesn't it?

MJ's Massively Overpowered adventures can be found many places: She investigates Secret World Legends/The Secret World's conspiracies in Chaos Theory, chronicles the EverQuest franchise in EverQuesting, practices survival in many sandboxes with The Survivalist, and livestreams for the Stream Team.

Personal blog: Looking for Shinies
Twitter: @MJ_Guthrie

Landmark’s storytelling system really is incoming

Amid the week's sad news and uncertainty, one question is getting a happy answer: Yes, Virginia, there is a Landmark storytelling...

Paragon’s newly available founders packs include a hard copy

If you've been waiting to grab yourself a founders pack for the upcoming MOBA Paragon, they are now on sale. Those who...

The Stream Team: Happy birthday Xsyon!

It has been a long, long time since MassivelyOP's MJ has poked around in the survival game Xsyon, and now the title has grown...

Landmark plans two more character and claim wipes

Despite assurances to the contrary almost exactly one year ago, Landmark will experience two more character wipes on top of expected claim...

The Stream Team: A Pi Day quest for Black Desert pie

How would you celebrate Pi Day? And not just any regular Pi Day, but a once-in-a-century Rounded Pi Day? MassivelyOP's MJ is going to...
Someone must have had fun with this at some point, right?

Froggen sets new League of Legends creep score world record

How many minions can you kill during one League of Legends match? If you want to beat the world record, you'll have to...

The Stream Team: Playing Paladins and giving away beta codes

During  MassivelyOP's MJ last Paladins run, she was denied the chance to see the newest map. Maybe the odds will be in her...

The Stream Team: Angling for ARK’s anglerfish

MassivelyOP's MJ has been coveting ARK's anglerfish for a long time; it's pretty cool-looking and a decent aquatic mount to boot. Who wouldn't want...

The Stream Team: The makings of a Black Desert merchant

One of the aspects of Black Desert that MassivelyOP's MJ has been looking forward to the most is  trade; she's always preferred waging economic warfare...

The Stream Team: Letting the Landmark (and EverQuest Next) rage out

Just when MassivelyOP's MJ decided to postpone her Landmark stream to find a bunch of fun things to tour, Daybreak goes and does...

The Secret World’s Issue 14 will be in Egypt, releases in March

Today's Streaming Ones dev livestream announced that The Secret World's Issue #14 will take place in the familiar sands of Egypt -- and...

The Stream Team: Friday frolicking in HEX

When you find you have a few spare moments in your Friday, what do you do? MassivelyOP's MJ hops into HEX! She's got a...

EverQuesting: Landmark’s big claim news

Holy moly, it happened! As you might surmise by the not-so-subtle surprise in my voice, we've finally got a chunk of Landmark news....

The Stream Team: EverQuest II’s Brewday is back!

If you've keep an eye on the EverQuest II event calendar, you know that the cheery beer-y fermented festival of Brewday has started!...
I can see you.

Black Desert Korea’s new bosses pack a powerful punch

In answer to player requests for more challenging content, devs added a new boss system to Black Desert in Korea. The bosses actually...

The Stream Team: A hare-raising good time (and giveaway) in HEX

The winning streak continues! MassivelyOP's MJ is feeling a might more confident about her bunny brood in HEX; what those rascally rabbits lack in...

The Stream Team: A first look into Trinium Wars’ Early Access

Another game has joined the ranks of Steam's Early Access: Trinium Wars. If you wanted to get a peek inside this post-apocolyptic game but...

EverQuest II’s PvP progression server is merging with PvE

So much for PvP progression play: If you are on EverQuest II's Deathtoll server, be prepared for a change of address. The PvP...

Mobile MU: Origins starts second closed beta

For the next three days, the upcoming mobile version of MU Online -- called MU: Origins -- will be running another closed beta....

The Stream Team: Airlifting ARK’s dinos

Now that MassivelyOP's MJ and the tribe have a quetzal at their disposal, it's time to show off what this behemoth can do. Because...