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Choose My Adventure: The winding and confounding road to make Chonkhonk stronger in Chimeraland

I am pretty much resolved to making my round bird mount the strongest it possibly can be. It's my long-tail goal in Chimeraland -...

Rumor: NCsoft may publish Throne and Liberty globally through Amazon Games

Remember when NCsoft's first quarter financial report noted that Throne and Liberty would be arriving to the west this year? "According to sources quoted...

BitCraft addresses skills, building access, the world map, and pettable dogs

Can you pet the dog in BitCraft? This is among the important questions players on the game's Discord have asked of the developers, and...

Footage of Diablo IV’s friends and family alpha test was leaked online

Those who may be disappointed to learn that Diablo IV won't be heading to beta any time soon might be interested in bathing themselves...

Last Oasis applies ‘the first of many’ balance patches to address schematics and stamina complaints

Now that Last Oasis' Season 5 update is out in the wild, players are naturally providing reactions and feedback to the self-described "LOverhaul" and...

Dual Universe’s Q&A video series discusses schematics, megafactories, industry, and ore

From reading that headline, you'd be forgiven for thinking industrial gameplay is high on the minds of Dual Universe players, as a number of...
And the crowd goes mild.

Overwatch 2 will not have a third round of beta testing ahead of its launch in October

The saga of Overwatch 2 from launch until present is an interesting one in terms of scope and content throughout the years since its...

Star Citizen shows off how it makes visual effects during its latest developer livestream

A spaceship sandbox like Star Citizen has got to have all sorts of flashy visual effects. After all, why bother having sexy spaceships and...

Nexon’s co-op shooter The First Descendant releases a teaser trailer and plans for beta this fall

At the top of July we reported on The First Descendant, a co-op looter shooter from Nexon that we first heard about during a...

The Stream Team: The quest to strengthen a very round bird in Chimeraland

MOP's Chris has fallen in love with a mount. It's not the best mount. It's not the fastest. It's also probably not the best...

Embers Adrift hires a streamer and YouTuber as its narrative designer

That headline might read like it's a weird jump for Embers Adrift to make, hiring a streamer and YouTuber as a part of its...

Blizzard concludes Diablo III season 27 testing, gives season 26 end date

Diablo III picked up quite a bit of momentum this year with the release of Diablo Immortal's totally un-bodacious monetization: Its gameplay aged better...

Monsters & Memories works hard to get Ogre armpits just right

Indie MMO project Monsters & Memories is powering through the hot summer months to build up some of the essential backbone of this fantasy...
Holy holy.

Betawatch: Overwatch 2 wonders if you’d pay big money for skins

It's been a quiet week on Lake Betawatch, even with as Overwatch 2 seeing how players feel about dropping large sums on character skins...

Multiplayer shooter ARPG Space Punks adds a new planet and tweaks respawning in latest update

Remember Space Punks? It's the multiplayer ARPG looter shooter being developed by Flying Wild Hog and published by Jagex; the game entered paid-for early...

Book of Travels elaborates on its prologue and other proposed roadmap changes

While Book of Travels may not want to hold players' hands and explain things directly to them in-game, its recent roadmap update was perhaps...

Dual Universe shares proposed changes to the mass, HP, and resistance of its voxels

Change is coming to a core feature of the building-centered space sandbox of Dual Universe. Honeycomb, the engine that powers the game's voxel technology,...

Embers Adrift recounts July’s work on dialogue, dungeons, crafting, and ability adjustments

As the month of August slides along (and leaves a trail of heat behind it like a slug made out of pure lava and...
Yep. All right. Super.

Past Fate shows off its first moments of gameplay in a new video

So what's it like when you first step into the world in Past Fate? You don't have to speculate about that any more because...

PSA: Last Oasis is making itself free-to-play this weekend on Steam

If you've been curious about all of the noise Last Oasis has been making about its just-released Season 5 but aren't willing to shell...