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Crowfall moves into the next phase of pre-alpha testing

It’s heady times for Crowfall developers and supporters, as ArtCraft announced yesterday that the project is taking a significant step into the next phase of its pre-alpha testing.

ArtCraft said that the 1.1 playtest is significantly improved from what was seen before, with a fleshed-out environment, the new Champion archetype, the ability to form custom teams, and zombies and hellcats to fight. The 1.1 pre-alpha forum is also up for participants to use and everyone else to read.

“As a reminder, testing invites will be sent in waves to all backers with the pre-alpha, alpha 1 and alpha 2 reward tiers, in that order — and, within each group, in waves based on the date that you first backed the project,” ArtCraft posted. The studio also teased the reveal of a new game system in December.

Source: Crowfall


Blade & Soul makes Western debut on January 19th

If you’ve been waiting for the localized launch of Blade & Soul for what feels like an eternity, your wait is nearly over. The game is officially launching on January 19th in North America and Europe alike, with more beta tests taking place between now and then. Founder’s Pack purchasers will be able to access the game on January 15th, while name reservations will be available starting on January 11th.

Want a little more time to try the game out before buying in? The next beta weekend runs from November 24th through November 30th, giving you a new and exciting excuse for avoiding your family during the holidays. At launch, the game will have a level cap of 45 for all seven playable classes, and 30 dungeons along with the 1v1 arena once you’re done with questing and exploring.

Source: NCsoft press release


Supernova sci-fi MOBA is now in closed beta

Looking for another MOBA in your life? Supernova wants to be the one. The title is currently in its second closed beta phase, which is scheduled to last through November 30th. Supernova’s website says that players may “strategically deploy and outfit lane units that advance on enemy territory,” as well as manage upgrades, technologies, and build order for your commander.

One such commander is Itarri, a sniper who features high burst damage and mobility. The devs have released a teaser trailer and a gameplay preview trailer for her that you can view after the break.

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Eco puts final pieces into place for its alpha release

The global survival game Eco is just a few short days away from opening the doors to crowdfunding backers for its alpha test, and Strange Loop is putting the final touches on the build in preparation for its release.

The studio said that it has built a special test settlement for the alpha, which looks quite the cozy frontier town. The team also added in more art, adjusted the in-game laws, worked with the ecosystem, and finished up the crafting tech tree. If you’re curious about what the dev team is working on for the game, Strange Loop has posted a task board on Trello for the public to view.

If you’re looking to get access to Eco’s alpha, right now it will cost you at least $35 (which gets you a beta key and a copy of the game as well).


Overwatch is running a weekend beta stress test from November 20th

The good news for you here is that if you aren’t already in the Overwatch beta but want to be, you have better odds of getting in for a weekend of testing. The bad news is, well, it’s just a weekend of testing, and it’s all by invitation only. Starting on November 20th and running through November 23rd, the game will be opening to far more people in an effort to test the game’s servers under pressure.

Players who get invited to the test will be able to install and load the game starting on November 19th. All 21 heroes will be available to play, but map selection will be limited. There is also no NDA to worry about during the weekend beta, so you can jump in and say whatever you want about the experience – if, of course, you’re lucky enough to be invited.


Check out some Civ Online factions and gameplay videos

The next best thing to actually being in a beta is to watch someone play it, which both sates your curiosity and creates an unstoppable jealousy monster deep within your chest that threatens to burst out and go on a forum rampage.

We’re guessing that most of you haven’t been able to get hands-on time with Civilization Online, so to help out we’re going to point you to a series of excellent videos by Steparu that highlight different aspects of this genre mash-up.

After the jump you can watch PvE and PvP gameplay videos as well as a look at Civ Online’s various factions and outfits (and don’t forget to check out the recent G-Star trailer!). Those Egyptians! So risqué!

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Grab a key for Devilian’s closed beta 4 event, War for Nala

OARPG import Devilian’s fourth beta event, War for Nala, kicks off tomorrow and runs all weekend. Wanna give it a go before ponying up for an early access pack?

Trion Worlds has given us 500 keys to distribute to worthy adventurers, and that’s precisely what we’re doing right here in this post. Well, adventurers. Well, you went on an adventure once. Well, you don’t like venture capitalists.

Clicky the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to grab a key of your own.

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Life is Feudal: Your Own launches out of Early Access with a 40% discount

How do you feel about medieval building sandboxes with titles based around wordplay? If you are intensely excited by them, you’ll be happy to know that Life is Feudal: Your Own is now available and has shed its Early Access designation. The developers are celebrating by offering a 40% discount on the game until November 20th.

A new launch trailer is available just below if you need to see a bit of the game in action before you commit. It’s important to remember that this is the non-MMO version of the game, serving as a testbed for the MMO systems and gameplay model. Still, if you just want to build your own hideaway and punch bears in the face for a bit, your time has arrived.

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Devilian beefs up its PvP game for its beta 4 event

Trion Worlds is eager to show that it’s trying to be more flexible and adaptive with its upcoming Devilian import, saying in this month’s producer’s letter that it’s been working with the game’s developer to institute player-requested PvP systems.

“There has been one suggestion, one request, and one piece of feedback that has been asked for more than anything else: PVP in non-devilian form,” Trion said. The studio went on to announce that upcoming builds will feature three new non-devilian form PvP arenas, more PvP rewards, and an open-world PvP challenge called the Devilian War. Players will test both systems in this weekend’s upcoming beta test.

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Albion Online highlights its reworked combat

Sandbox Interactive has released a new four-minute video highlighting the combat changes in Albion Online since last summer. Lead game designer Robin Henkys says that the dev team feels that the rest of the systems are in place, so it’s now time to polish things that they “haven’t been quite happy with yet,” including combat.

New items and armor have been introduced and weapons have been tweaked, which allows for more combat role specialization inside Albion’s classless system, as opposed to the previous combat iteration which found all characters “roughly able to perform the same things.” Light armor, for example, makes a character vulnerable but it also boosts damage output or healing output. You can learn more about the combat revamp in the video after the break.

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Ever, Jane is now in closed beta

Ever, Jane, the Jane Austen online RPG with the prominent comma in its title, is now in closed beta. So says a tweet on the game’s official Twitter feed. It also mentions that a new website and forums are coming soon.

Ever, Jane is set in Regency England and based on Austen’s works. “Unlike many RPGs, it’s not about kill or be killed but invite or be invited,” the game’s website explains. “Gossip is our weapon of choice. Instead of raids, we will have grand balls. Instead of dungeons, we will have dinner parties.”

Source: Twitter


ELOA hits open beta, launches in a week

We will assume that this morning you sprang out of bed, threw open the curtains, and shouted to the birds, “Hello world, it’s ELOA Open Beta Day!” If not, we shall forgive you and you can proceed head back to your bed for a second chance at a dramatic beginning.

Indeed, Elite Lord of Alliance’s beta is now available for anyone to check out, with a level cap of 30, PvP battlefields, and the new Mud Swamp Floor dungeon. Players who take advantage of the OBT will also experience in-game events such as a screenshot challenge and will be handing out daily rewards.

The open beta will continue right up until launch, which Webzen has set for November 24th. You can check ELOA’s OBT trailer after the break.

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Is Star Citizen’s big 2.0 update coming this week?

Star Citizen is hosting an anniversary livestream on Thursday, November 19th, and it may even coincide with the long awaited release of the 2.0 update. In last night’s 10 for the Chairman video Q&A, Chris Roberts said that 2.0 will be coming out “very close” to the stream event.

Cloud Imperium also confirmed that a “user unmelt tool” is in the works, which will allow players who are having second thoughts about trading in their digital pledge ships to reverse their decision. Prior to the unmelt tool, all such were requests were handled by customer service, and reducing that workload is part of the plan.

Source: 10FTC, Unmelting 1, 2; thanks Viking!


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