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Trove is hosting a player-run soccer tourney

What do you get when you unleash unfettered player creativity upon a game? Well, in the case of Trove, you apparently get player-run soccer tournaments. Does the game have a soccer system set up? We’re going to go ahead and say that it probably does not, but you can still play it because unfettered player creativity means exactly that.

The tournament rules are fairly simple: Players will be divided into teams of four, with each match played to a best-of-five score (so the first team to score three goals wins). Referees will also be on-site to judge matches and ensure adherence to the rules. The official thread is also hosting players looking for teams, so if you want to get in but don’t have a team ready, you can still get in on the action.


ArcheAge kicks off double XP weekend today

Got big plans for this weekend? No you don’t any longer. You’re going to cancel them, stock up on snacks and drinks, and then play ArcheAge like a rabid gaming monkey.

Why should you do that instead of attending your brother’s wedding, you ask? Because it’s a double XP weekend, and if you don’t take advantage of this bonus, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life!

The double XP weekend in ArcheAge is currently running and will end on Monday, July 20th, at 4:00 p.m. EDT.

Source: ArcheAge


TERA launches not one but two summer events

What’s summer without a party or two? That’s TERA’s thinking, as the action MMO announced that it’s dealing a one-two punch of celebratory fun this month.

TERA has reactivated two of its summer events, starting with the Festival of the Sun. Here players can eradicate vermin in a temple, clean up graffiti, and snack on a few icy desserts. Then there’s a beach party at Dragonturtle Beach, which features several mini-games including a splash cannon, watermelon smashing, and sandcastle building.

Of course, there are rewards to be obtained for undertaking the various related quests and minigames. Both events will be around until near the end of August.

Source: TERA


GTA Online is doubling XP and cash payouts for select activities

Starting tomorrow and continuing through Sunday, July 19th, Rockstar is offering double XP and cash mission rewards for selected activities in Grand Theft Auto Online. The Prison Break Heist is one such activity, which is nice since it occurs early in the heist progression tree and is easy enough to complete with a competent crew.

You can also get XP bonuses for daily objectives, gang attacks, flight school missions, bounty collections, impromptu races, and more through Sunday. Rockstar is also offering a 25 percent discount off the regular in-game price for some of GTA’s high-end apartments. A full list of activities and discounts is available via the link below.

Source: Rockstar


DC Universe Online’s Bombshells, Black Lanterns, and bases

While at E3 2015, we got to sit down with Jens Andersen, creative director for DC Universe Online, to chat more about the changes coming through the game’s pipeline, changes we can finally talk about today. Back in May, he spoke about how the switch from DLCs to episodes would help the game be more timely with the comics; one of those specifics was that the Bombshells would be making an appearance in DCUO This time, Andersen expounded on the addition of these period-inspired heroines. On top of that, he discussed two other things future game content is focusing on, one being The Black Lanterns and the other being something he’d only hint at related to upcoming base decorations.

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Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR’s group content overhaul

I am a raider. I’m not one of those raiders who spends every waking moment learning how to optimize gear and spending four to six hours a day figuring out the best and latest strats, but I do spend a significant amount of my week reading about or participating in raids. If I were to give myself a label, I’d call myself a casual progression raider. I’m not looking to get a server first, but large group content is an important reason for me to play an MMORPG.

This past week, Star Wars: The Old Republic announced its plans for raiding when the next expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire releases this October. Matching my personal sentiment on the subject, it received mixed reviews from SWTOR players. The developers answered some questions at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend as well. Although the questions and answers were strangely on point, they also received mixed reviews from the fanbase.

So in today’s Hyperspace Beacon, that’s what we’re talking about. We’ll focus on the group PvE side of the game, but BioWare also took a bit of time to outline its plans for PvP, too, so expect a bit of that as well.

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World of Tanks announces Weekday Warfare 27

Wargaming has announced Weekday Warfare 27, a four-on-four tier VII World of Tanks tournament that begins on July 20th. It will progress through five group stages, with the final battle taking place on July 24th. Registration is currently open, but it closes on July 19th, so be quick about it.

Prizes include in-game currency and keys that unlock various booster rewards as part of Wargaming’s ongoing Freedom to Play event. Wargaming says that its Weekday Warfare series is intended for South American or early-bird commanders who are looking to skirmish at a more feasible time.


Runic will show a new game at PAX Prime

Torchlight developer Runic will be revealing its new project at this year’s PAX Prime, according to a post on the company’s forums. The firm told VG247 that the title is not a Torchlight mobile port and, based on prior statements, a console port is also unlikely.

Could it be the MMO that Runic was talking about way back in 2012? We’ll find out in late August when we head to Seattle for PAX.

Runic is currently owned by Perfect World. Founders Erich Schaefer and Travis Baldree left the firm in 2014 to form an indie outfit known as Double Damage Games.

Source: Forums; Via: VG247


World of Warcraft timewalks to the Halls of Lightning and reveals SDCC goodies

If nothing else, the timewalking dungeons in World of Warcraft have proven a great opportunity to look back at dungeons that you may have forgotten about altogether. When was the last time you really thought about the Halls of Lightning? It exists, it can be timewalked through during the Wrath of the Lich King timewalking event, and it features plenty of shocking challenges for even veteran players. Or not very shocking if you read up on the mini-guide from the official side, which details all of the dungeons mechanics. (They involve electricity.)

The official site has also unveiled both the goodies from the current San Diego Comic-Con and some of the revelations from the show floor, including the first installment of the Warcraft Chronicle looking back over the franchise lore and history. Check out the start just below if you aren’t on the show floor yourself, which seems rather likely if you’re reading this.

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Neverwinter’s Summer Festival returns

In the mood for some summer fun that doesn’t actually involve leaving the house to go participate in any summer fun? Why not just fire up Neverwinter and enjoy the festivities for the game’s Summer Festival? There’s a variety of contests to take part in and two daily quests offered as well, giving you plenty of ways to take part in the event in the hopes of earning new rewards.

And of course there are new rewards too: Players can earn a water-formed horse as a new mount or buy up a new set of chef-themed attire. Last year’s rewards are also available for those who missed them the first time around or just prefer the older style. The event ends on July 30th, so jump in tomorrow and start enjoying the summer without, you know, actually getting out into the summer.


SMITE reorganizing e-sports payouts after handful of teams score 90% of prize pools

SMITE’s e-sports scene had a great year in 2014, although Hi-Rez identified one significant problem with how it’s been handling the game’s crowdfunded prize pool. The issue was that only a small number of winning teams were walking away with over 90% of the entire pool in Season 1, in some cases making more than actual Superbowl victors.

As the MOBA goes forward with its new season, Hi-Rez vowed that it will be spreading out the prize pool to more players and teams. For starters, SMITE’s World Championship will be capped at a $1M pool, and the studio said that it will hold additional tournaments to give more pro league teams a shot at winning prize money.

“Overall, we expect the e-sports prizing for the next year to surpass that from the past year,” Hi-Rez posted. “We simply want to spread that prizing out more evenly across more events and more teams.”

Source: Reddit. Thanks to Sorenthaz for the tip!


You could win a lot of money by playing Marvel Heroes this week

Do you need a reason to log into Marvel Heroes? Beginning on Wednesday, July 8th, you can participate in Gazillion’s $25,000 giveaway simply by playing. You’ll need to find one of five “incredibly rare Vibranium ticket drops,” according to a Gazillion press release. Each one is worth $5,000 USD and the winners will be congratulated publicly this Friday at the MH San Diego Comic-Con panel.

Official contest lawyerspeak can be viewed here.

Source: Gazillion press release


Chaos Theory: Guide to The Secret World’s third anniversary celebration

Are you ready to party? Because it’s birthday time! The Secret World is celebrating its third year, and you’re invited to a two-week bash that brings back the Guardians of Gaia event introduced the first year as well as the added Tokyo festivities from the second. That means now is the time to catch up on collecting all the lore, pets, and costumes from the earlier anniversaries that you’ve missed! It’s also the perfect time to stock up on gobs of AP from the world bosses, and it’s the only time you can score the newest loot and dance (well, at least until next year!).

The soiree lasts until July 15th, but to help players have an extra good time, Funcom has added some major buffs and bonuses for the first week; until July 8th, players can take advantage of double AP, extra black bullion, and 50% more of all the following: Aureus (the currency you earn in scenarios), Marks of Venice from PvP, and AEGIS research XP from Tokyo.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a guide to help you get the most out of the celebration, from lore locations to tips and tricks to complete your collections.

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