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Angel joins Marvel Heroes as a team-up

One of the core members of the X-Men will be swooping into Marvel Heroes at last -- but only as a team-up character (for...

The Stream Team: Double trouble in SWTOR’s Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event

You know those times you ask for something that you may regret getting? Well now just might one such time as MassivelyOP's MJ and...
You won't be going here for a while first.

Final Fantasy XIV outlines E3 plans and starts an art countdown

Final Fantasy XIV's first expansion launches into early access in just 10 days as of this writing, right after the wrapup of this year's...

EU team disqualified from Guild Wars 2 world tournament

One aspiring Guild Wars 2 PvP team will be sitting on the sidelines when the world tournament comes to a conclusion later this year. ArenaNetĀ has...

Tweet your way to victory in Final Fantasy XIV’s Twitter chocobo race

Square is hostingĀ a Final Fantasy XIV chocobo race... on Twitter. You can compete with thousands of FFXIV fans around the globe in an event...

Allods Online gets Steam Greenlight go-ahead

If you figure that getting onto Steam is vital for the future of your favorite MMO, then Allods Online players have to be giving...

Infinite Crisis fan organizes last hurrah

When faced with the end of a game that you love, how do you use those final days? While some might grieve over Infinite...
Have a gay old time.

Star Trek Online’s Lohlunat Festival kicks off

Summer fun starts now in Star Trek Online, as the annual Lohlunat Festival kicks off for another year of flying around, riding powerboards, and...

RuneScape players fend off a planet eater

Bummer: A giant creature named Tuska is heading toward RuneScape's world with the full intent of gobbling it up. Wait, did we say bummer?...

Das Tal invites everyone to the alpha test for one day only

Das Tal's Kickstarter campaign is staring down its final week, and with only a little over 27 grand raised of its $55,794 goal, it's...

Marvel Heroes celebrates its second anniversary with Doctor Doom

Dust off your capes and adjust your ruby-quartz visors, for tomorrow is Marvel Heroes' second anniversary and all are invited to join in the...

Star Trek Online highlights summer events, addresses klesbiangate

Summer comes yet again, and while the distinction is kind of arbitrary in deep space, for those of us pretending to be in deep...

World of Warplanes’ new dogfight contest pits the P51D against the Bf109G

Wargaming has unveiled a new contest in World of Warplanes that runs through July 1st. It pits two legendary World War II fighter planes...

Heroes of the Storm gears up for launch with double XP, launch streaming, and Blizzard brawling

Are you ready for Heroes of the Storm to launch? It is launching, tomorrow, and there's a lot of stuff going along with that...
Still haven't been in, still not terribly concerned about that.

E3 is actually letting the public in this year… sort of

No doubt you have heard stories of the dark rituals that go on at E3, the secret chanting circles that keep the video game...

Test fly Star Citizen’s military ships for free this week

When I backed Star Citizen in 2012, I opted for a couple of the $60 pledge tiers. One of these I gave away, and...

WildStar hands out gobs of gifts for its birthday

Don't let WildStar's upcoming free-to-play transition distract you from a more immediate reason to celebrate on Nexus: The sci-fi MMO is marking its one-year...

Want a biker jacket emblazoned with your guild name in The Secret World?

How would you like a biker jacket with your guild's cabal's name on it for your avatar in The Secret World? All you have...

Xsyon to host first capture the flag event this weekend

Got the urge to prove your PvP skills and get rewarded for it? Xsyon is holding its first ever Capture the Flag event this...

ArcheAge preps a barrel racing daily event

ArcheAge is gearing up for its annual Rum Runner Rapids event, which looks to involve drinking, whitewater rapids, and barrels out of bond. More specifically,...