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TennoCon 2018: Warframe enhances sights and sounds with new skins, ‘Frames, pet skins, music, and more

What does a great game look like to you? More and more it looks like Warframe to me. Looks and sounds like I should say. Have you seen those reveals from this year’s TennoCon? I found them pretty amazing. And part of that amazingness comes from the look and the sound of it all; the gameplay content wouldn’t have half the impact without the integral contributions of the art and sound departments.

At TennoCon Live 2018 I got to learn a bit more about these aspects of Warframe. Of course, no panel would be complete without a reveal or two, and we were treated to a few fun ones, from the two new ‘Frames and skins to the introduction of pet skins to the discovery of Creative Director Steve Sinclair’s hidden voice role in game.

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One Shots: My name is Captain Vanity

As I’m off on vacation this week, I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to cull through the previous One Shots comment section for great pics like I usually do. So I’m going to have to beg your forgiveness for a little indulgence here, because in this edition, I’ll be sharing nothing but my own screenshots. Feels like a cheat, because I do that all the time in normal news articles and columns, but why not?

First up is my tribute to the late, great Marvel Heroes. However sad it went out, I had some great times in that MMO and loved the crazy superhero encounters. Such as, in this instance, Captain Marvel giving Carnage a little something to think about before he swings that hand-axe around.

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TennoCon 2018: Warframe expands into open-world Venus plus space

Eidolon expanded the scope of Warframe immensely, but that doesn’t hold a candle to the content coming. The playable universe is growing by open-world leaps and bounds… and rocket thrusts!

Digital Extremes announced the next two major updates coming to the game at this year’s TennoCon 2108. First up this fall is Fortuna, a massive open-world environment on the surface of Venus. How big is it? Game Director Steve Sinclair said that the entirety of Eidolon would fit just on the first base in The Orb Vallis. That was the one folks had surmised parts of thanks to datamining. However, no one expected the second announcement: to play in space!

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ArenaNet is working on inventory tweaks and bug fixes for Classic Guild Wars – yes, a real patch!

ArenaNet isn’t giving up on Classic Guild Wars, it seems, and it’s not stopping at the basics.

“In the spirit of cupcakes, here’s a sneak peek at some upcoming changes,” ArenaNet programmer Bill Freist teased Reddit yesterday. “And no, the construction dude isn’t new items, just temp dev art for test items.” The tease includes a screenshot of what looks to be a much larger player inventory, complete with item rarity coloring.

Freist, you’ll recall, is one of the pair of ArenaNet devs basically keeping the lights on for the maintenance-moded original Guild Wars (the other being Stephen Clarke-Willson). This past spring, the duo made waves with a tech update that essentially buffed the heck out of the game’s graphics capabilities. They even went on a brief interview tour.

A third dev, Laevateinn, suggests there’s even more on the way. “I don’t have any good teasing images like Bill, but there’s a years-late bugfix or two making their way through the dev servers that I hope you’ll like.”

Hey ANet – howsabout a whole new campaign? We’re here for it.

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Fractured devs discuss planetary travel, stargates, survival, and more in Kickstarter Q&A video

MMORPG sandbox Fractured continues its Kickstarter this week, with just 20 days to go on Kickstarter; as I type this, it’s pulled in just under half what it needs to fund its $116,000 goal.

And that means the team is getting busy trying to sell would-be players on the game. On the holiday yesterday, Dynamight Studios ran a 90-minute Q&A livestream answering questions on the game’s survival elements and travel system specifically. Most of the topics, note, have been previously addressed exhaustively on the game’s website. For example, CEO Jacopo Gallelli covers the game’s diurnal cycle (yes, it has one, and no, it’s not just cosmetic), the way players will travel between the planets using stargates, and how the MMO will utilize survival mechanics like hunger and fatigue bars.

But hey, if you’re considering whether to back the game, it’s hard to beat 90 minutes of design transparency in swaying your decision. Give it a listen below.

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Sandbox sci-fi MMO Rebel Horizons resurfaces with new videos

It’s been a little while since we heard anything from Rebel Horizons, the self-billed “interplanetary sandbox MMORPG” from Entrada Interactive, but it would appear that the devs have been hard at work. The game resurfaced over the past couple of months to release some new images and videos via its official Twitter.

The new screenshots show off some of the game’s presumably extraterrestrial environments, while the videos give players a peek at the outer walls of a settlement apparently called Red Sands and, more excitingly, provide a short demonstration of the game’s “functional life matrix” and quantum gates, whatever exactly those are. One tweet also notes that the game has recently begun internal PvP and AI testing, which hopefully means it’s one step closer to being ready for release. If you want to see the game in action, you can check out the new videos after the cut.

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Rend highlights its bipedal danger birds, the Rocs

There is something faintly familiar about Rend’s Rocs. Sure, they are hardly the first example of big bipedal birds, but… something about the way their bodies are shaped? Or their legs? Maybe it’s those yellow feathers a bunch of them have? Eh, it’s probably nothing. And even knowing what they resembled wouldn’t help you deal with them, since Rocs are not particularly friendly birds and tend to serve as pack hunters in wide open spaces.

Players will need to content with the savage beaks of these birds from multiple angles, as they tend to hunt in threes and can be led by powerful matriarchs who put the fear of birds into any unwary travelers. Of course, dispatching them can produce meat and eggs for cooking, and black Roc feathers are quite useful for crafting. Check out the full rundown to see how you’re going to handle these birds in the game.

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Ship of Heroes shows off its female soldier armor

It would be unfair to say that superhero MMOs are based entirely on the strength of their costume creation, but that costume creation is pretty darn important just the same. So it’s good to see Ship of Heroes demonstrate what the opposite-gender costumes will look like by showing off the female soldier armor, based off of the armor for one of the game’s signature superheroes. More than just that, though; the developers are showing it off in multiple poses and with a variety of different color tints just below.

The costume consists of nine separate pieces and can be mixed and matched with other pieces, as well as having two color channels on each piece. It should be familiar stuff for people who have played a similarly freeform costume-building game, so if you’re looking forward to making your very own hero you would do well to take a look at the gallery and start thinking about how to use those pieces.

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One Shots: Better virtual homes and gardens

Lately I’ve been overdosing on some serious Sims 4 time (blame the Seasons expansion announcement for this!) and indulging in my long-standing passion for player housing. I don’t always get that fix in every MMO I play — looking sideways at you, Blizzard — but I do enjoy expressing myself and seeing what other players have come up in their own living spaces.

Let’s take a tour of some excellent virtual abodes today! We’ll start with Rees Racer: “I’ve been a Elder Scrolls Online plus player for… a long time. I don’t buy much, so I had some crowns to spend. I eventually purchased the Alinor Crest Townhouse in Summerset. I’m a Bosmer, and it’s technically Altmer architecture, but I really like the colours and the courtyard fountain, and I’m fairly certain I saved the rule of Queen Ayrenn a few years ago. It’s more extravagant (like all High Elf accoutrements) than I need (or like), but I earned it.”

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Shroud of the Avatar’s 55th release includes brewing and starter houses for everyone

Portalarium is shaking off its layoffs and plunging onward with the release of Shroud of the Avatar’s 55th update. Release 55 should be live just as this post goes out, and it’s set to include an elaborate brewing system, the UI overhaul, new minizones, and new enemies. But the best news of the update is the fact that SOTA now has a reasonable in-game way for every single player to pick up a starter house.

“All Avatars who complete the entire story will receive a Player-Owned Town Row Lot Deed (Taxed) from the Oracle! This means completing the Paths of Truth, Love, Courage, and the Path of the Oracle. This will be retroactive, so anyone who has already completed the story will merely need to revisit the Oracle to receive their lot deed.”

This is a huge deal given that one of the biggest pre-launch complaints about the game revolved around the difficulty and grind associated with house ownership. The studio says it’s being implemented “at the suggestion of the community.” Do note that it’s not a tradeable deed; it’s “meant to celebrate a significant achievement, and as such is a retroactive reward, given to all players who have successfully completed the three Avatar paths.”

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Elite Dangerous’ Beyond: Chapter 2 arrives today; here’s the launch trailer!

The second chapter in Elite Dangerous’ Beyond content is due to land early this afternoon, with the Alliance Challenger as well as a “selection of new wing missions, installation interactions, new settlements to explore and, to combat the ever-growing and ever-encroaching Thargoid threat, a cache of new Guardian weapons and technology from the Tech Brokers.” The update is a free one and rolls out to PC and console together. Full patch notes just went up on the official forums a few minutes ago!

“Beyond, the third Elite Dangerous season will be free for all players, and will focus on community-requested enhancements to the overall player experience. Alongside those core foundational changes, new in-game content will progress the ever-expanding player-driven storyline and give pilots across the galaxy new tools to shape the ongoing narrative. Chapter Two is a smaller update, but still filled with content. Players will find two new ships – the Krait Mk II and the Alliance Challenger – as well as a selection of new Wing Missions, installation interactions, new settlements to explore and a cache of new Guardian weapons and technology from the Tech Brokers to combat the ever-growing and ever-encroaching Thargoid threat.”

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Saga of Lucimia’s latest pre-alpha build includes a ‘completely updated combat system’

Saga of Lucimia has pushed out a big pre-alpha build this week, thanks to the addition of new contract staff. What’s in it? Performance upgrades, a new character creation scene, revamped character creation, new animations, new VFX, the relic system, and “a completely updated combat system that includes (for the first time ever!) the earliest iterations of actual in-game Masteries and associated abilities, as opposed to throwaway Masteries that we were using in previous builds for testing.”

“There have been performance upgrades (the first of many to come), so things should be a bit smoother than the last time we tested publicly,” says the team. “Although, please note that we’re still a pre-alpha product, which means optimization is the lowest agenda on our list of things to do. Even so, we’re doing what we can along the way.”

Expect monthly updates going forward, as well as monthly tester weekends for those who’ve pitched in for the preorder of the game. The next such event begins bright and early Thursday morning. Enjoy the dev walkthrough in the meantime!

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Trove has just launched its exploration-centric Geode expansion and new battle royale minigame

The first leg of Trove’s Geode expansion has launched today, with brand-new mechanics for the blocky-cute sandbox.

“Players will find themselves on a brand new planet with a seemingly endless network of caves to explore,” Trion says. “Built with a wholly distinct feel, Trove Geode is the next chapter in the Trove universe, with combat taking a backseat to exploration, as players discover new collectibles and companions, embarking on story-driven quests through Geode’s maze of tunnels and cave systems. Players will climb to epic heights of Mastery, reaping the rewards and amassing a collection of styles to customize their look through a massive selection of weapons, costumes, hats, mounts, wings, and more!”

The second phase, which will task players with saving the planet itself, is set to “begin in earnest later this year.” Bomber Royale is live today too – in fact, I completely forgot about it when writing this morning’s Daily Grind about MMO battle royale integration.

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