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World of Tanks rumbles its way to the PlayStation 4

If you are one of the 150 million people who’ve ever played World of Tanks but you just weren’t content with the many devices that can already host it, take heart: It’s coming to one more. Wargaming announced today that we can soon blow up each other’s tanks on the PS4.

Complete DUALSHOCK 4 functionality means players will feel, hear and touch the battle like never before by incorporating light bar and controller speaker capabilities, as well as touchpad support. World of Tanks on PlayStation 4 will also support other key platform features, including Share Play and PlayStation Vita Remote Play, as well as revamped controls designed to optimize the handheld experience. Exclusive to the PlayStation 4, for a limited time only, are two new maps.

The PS4 version is free-to-play, though a PS Plus sub grants “a free premium tank with exclusive camouflage, three days of premium account time, and special discounts on other purchases.”

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Albion Online’s missions are like quests, but not exactly

Top-down PvP sandbox Albion Online has released a new video highlighting the game’s missions and factions. Lead designer Robin Henkys and technical director David Salz are your guides to Albion’s missions, which work a bit like quests in other games, according to Salz. Factional representatives may approach players and grant tasks including transportation of goods and combat/elimination missions.

On the other hand, Salz continues, missions aren’t exactly like standard MMO quests because the open world factions have limited amounts of money that they can spend on missions. This means that players are competing with one another for those missions, and it’s possible for a given faction to run out of money if everyone chooses to work for them.

Click past the cut to learn more via the full video.

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BioWare bangs the SWTOR story drum in new teaser vid

BioWare has published a brief Star Wars: The Old Republic video featuring lead writer Charles Boyd. He says that the Knights of Fallen Empire expansion gave the game’s writers a chance to approach the player’s story involvement in “a whole new way,” though he doesn’t give any specifics. He does say that the expansion launch will feature lots of new story content, followed by new chapters coming out “much more quickly than we ever have before and for a much longer time than we ever have before.”

You can view the video after the break.

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Massively OP Podcast Episode 30: Slumbering MMOs

This week Justin and Bree talk about the painful subject of when MMOs go dark for extended downtime and technical issues. Of course, there’s plenty of good news, too, such as Elite’s great sales, Otherland’s early access, and RIFT’s brand-new calling.

It’s the Massively OP Podcast, an action-packed hour of news, tales, opinions, and gamer emails! And remember, if you’d like to send in your own letter to the show, use the “Tips” button in the top-right corner of the site to do so.

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GTA Online gets teen wolf, freemode events, and bug fixes

Grand Theft Auto Online now features Teen Wolf. That’s really all you need to know, but you might also want to know that freemode events went live in today’s update. These lobby- and load-free activities happen all over GTA’s sprawling open world cityscape, and they include everything from stunt challenges to time trials to various new twists on the ol’ ultraviolence.

Furthermore, the game’s latest patch offers consoleers a chance to try their hand at the Rockstar Editor, and it also fixes various bugs including frame rate issues, missing items, and vehicle spawn problems.

Source: Rockstar; Via: VG247


Blade & Soul’s website talks skills and skill trees

NCsoft has updated Blade & Soul’s western website with a bit about the game’s skill trees. You’ll earn a skill point with each character level, and most skills may be customized through a skill tree in the martial tome that you receive at the beginning of the game.

You can tweak your skills at any time outside of combat, and there’s a spot in the skill book for saving builds and swapping between them. NCsoft also hints at ultimate skill masteries in today’s update. “These are the kinds of legends and stories whispered about in hushed tones in local taverns, the kind of fables that all martial artists believe they can aspire to, but that only a few may ever attain,” the update says. “Discovering secret techniques is the utmost challenge for anyone hoping to master their skills, and the ultimate in martial prowess.”


Echo of Soul sunsets in Korea next month [Updated]

Hangame announced yesterday that it will sunset MMORPG Echo of Soul in its native Korea.

Hangame thanked players for their loyalty since the game’s launch almost exactly two years ago and said that it struggled to provide “satisfactory content” for the game. MMO Culture notes that earlier this year, Hangame announced a focus on mobile publishing over MMO publishing.

The game’s final event will take place October 22nd.

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Final Fantasy XIV demos ‘VR Titan Suppression Battle’ at Tokyo Game Show

If you happen to be in Tokyo for the Tokyo Game Show this week, make sure to drop by the Sony booth to gawk, as Square-Enix has told Japanese fans that it will be showing Final Fantasy XIV on Sony’s Project Morpheus VR platform.

Well, actually, it’s just called PlayStation VR now. Farewell, Project Morpheus.

Google’s (mangled) translation of the blog post titles the exhibited content as “Final Fantasy XIV: VR Titan Punitive War. A Redditor has translated the post and content as “Final Fantasy XIV: VR Titan Suppression Battle.”

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Not So Massively: Destiny loses court case; MOBAs try new toxic chat punishments

Destiny‘s ex-composer Martin O’Donnell won a major court case against his former employer, giving him back shares in the company that are now worth a considerable sum. Diablo III players discovered an exploit that allows players to equip multiple passive effects from the Hellfire Amulet and answered dozens of player questions in a Q&A. Dota 2 launched its Reborn update along with a new Dota Level system but accidentally added a balance-breaking bug in the process. Path of Exile brought back the Build of the Week series and launched a hideout design competition. SMITE released on Steam and quickly became one of the top 25 peak played games on the platform.

Heroes of the Storm detailed its new reporting options in a new devblog, including details of a silencing system that increases the punishment exponentially against repeat offenders. League of Legends came up with its own new punishment mechanic for toxic chat, and has given all previously chat-restricted players a clean slate for season five. Star Citizen tackled similar harassment problems within its community by restricting most forums to paying players. And Serellan, the studio behind failed tactical shooter Takedown: Red Sabre, announced its new squad-based first person shooter Epsilon.

Read on for detailed breakdowns of the stories above and other news from the wider world of online gaming in this week’s Not So Massively, and don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed for weekly updates!

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Skyforge’s Battle History, account security explained

Skyforge’s Aelion’s Call update launches on September 16th. One of the new features that it brings to the table is the Battle History, which is an interface that becomes available when you’re in a pantheon with academy level two unlocked.

The History is exactly what it sounds like: a record of your combat experiences, both PvE and PvP, including the length of each battle, the total damage broken down by group members, and so forth.

In other Skyforge news, has published a blog post devoted to securing your account. It’s filled with pretty basic stuff like don’t share your account info and don’t use duplicate names/passwords. Still, it might be worth a read-through to see if your best practices mirror those of Skyforge’s publisher.

Source: Battle history, account security


$12.5 million settlement approved in 38 Studios lawsuit

Three years after 38 Studios blew up and saddled Rhode Island taxpayers with more than $112 million in debt, a $12.5 million lawsuit settlement was approved by Superior Court judge Michael Silverstein. A previous settlement of $4.37 million brings the total amount of recouped money to $16.87 million.

Economic Development Corporation attorney Max Wistow told that the latest settlement was “a step in the right direction. It’s a great deal of money.”

Silverstein overruled the objections of defendants Curt Schilling, First Southwest, and Wells Fargo, and said that he would release confidential case documents. However, Turnto10 reports that attorneys can now file motions to keep certain pages from becoming public. The site also says that former 38 Studios boss Schilling has asked for all case documents to be made public.

Source: Turnto10


Black Desert’s getting a Ninja and class weapon swapping

Black Desert is getting a Ninja class on its South Korean server before the month is out. MMO Culture reports that the new archetype is basically an MMO assassin, with emphasis on its stealth skills and burst attacking from the shadows.

The fantasy title will also feature a new mechanic that’s tentatively called Character Weapon Awakening. In a nutshell, avatars will be able to wield different weapons once unspecified requirements are met. For example, the Warrior — which is initially a sword-and-board class — will gain the ability to use a greatsword.

Finally, Black Desert Korea is getting two new maps to expand its massive open world.

Source: MMO Culture


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