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Lord of the Rings Online’s server woes continue

Days after Lord of the Rings Online moved to its new datacenter, the game is still being plagued by server issues that is causing...

Blade & Soul plans star-studded launch event

If you haven't already, mark your calendar for next Tuesday, January 19th. That will be the day that the world comes to a halt...

Elite: Dangerous has sold 1.4 million copies

After a solid year's worth of updates and the first pass of planetary landing mechanics, Elite: Dangerous has hit a grand total of 1.4...

2015 was TERA’s biggest year to date, but players aren’t appeased

TERA Senior Producer Matthew "Denommenator" Denomme has the honor of penning TERA's 2016 community address this week. In the post, he tells players that...
And it burns, burns, burns.

World of Warcraft’s design philosophy for tanks and healers in Legion

Good news, World of Warcraft tanks - you'll be taking more damage in Legion! And that really could be the good news, depending upon...
Exploding AoE mine-person.

The Daily Grind: What MMO character type would you be happy to never see again?

It occurred to me the other day that Star Wars: The Old Republic doesn't actually have a pet class. Every class can sort of...

The Stream Team: Testing out MechWarrior Online’s Hunchback

MassivelyOP's MJ bought a new 'mech during MechWarrior Online's last sale and she's eager to test it out! Her spurge: the Hunchback HBK-4J. A...

Forsaken World’s Awakening expansion launches next week

PWE's Forsaken World is due for another big update this month. Awakening, dubbed the game's 16th expansion by PWE, launches on January 20th and carries...

Worlds Adrift is hosting a creative writing contest

Worlds Adrift is hosting a creative writing contest whose winner will find his or her work included inside the game itself. To celebrate the launch...
This. They're this.

Ultima Online is looking for fresh staff to run live events

Ever wanted to try your hand at writing content for a production MMO on the fly? Appreciate old games that still maintain staff to create...

Dungeon Striker shutting down for the second time

It might not have the persistence of Hellgate: London, but Dungeon Striker has released and been shut down once before. Alas, its second lease...

Marvel Heroes starts selling Advance Pack 3 and 1602-era costumes

What, did you think that Marvel Heroes was going to take it easy and not churn out another small army of superheroes this year?...

Gloria Victis alpha patch adds NPC battles and resource depletion

The player characters in Gloria Victis are not the only moving pieces in the game world. Even without players there, NPCs are still undertaking...
It's real fire! It burns! It's very hot!

ELOA launches part two of ‘The Smash’ expansion with two new dungeons

The second part of ELOA's first big expansion is dubbed "The Smash," but it will be an exercise for readers how smashy the two...

Choose My Adventure: In which my Shroud of the Avatar plans are foiled

Hello friends, and welcome to the next installment of the Shroud of the Avatar edition of Choose My Adventure. Last week, as I'm sure...
Hey guys, what's going on?

Skyforge previews the new hostile territory of Ontes Valley

Being a god in Skyforge doesn't simply mean getting lots of power; it also means you need to face challenges and deal with greater...
big air

Guild Wars 2 shares the simple details of gliding in central Tyria

Here's what will be necessary to start gliding in central Tyria once it's unlocked in Guild Wars 2: unlocking the start of the Mastery...
At least the baddies are... present?

NCsoft addresses Blade & Soul gamemaster name reservation controversy

The Blade & Soul subreddit has been in an uproar the last few days over accusations that NCsoft EU GMs pre-claimed popular character names,...
Just whenever you get around to us, it's cool.

World of Warcraft: Legion’s alpha will be back online today

Good news to those of you testing World of Warcraft's next expansion - the alpha for Legion will be coming back online today! No...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Examining Guild Wars 2’s winter 2016 update plans

Guild Wars 2 Game Director Colin Johanson dropped a massive amount of information about the direction development will take in the first quarter of 2016...