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The Stream Team: Experiencing more Elder Scrolls Online

Despite the fact she has owned Elder Scrolls Online since it launched nearly three years ago, there is so much that Massively OP's MJ...

EverQuesting: The Domino effect on Daybreak and EverQuest II

Yup, it's true. It was a sad day when Emily Taylor confirmed that she was indeed leaving Daybreak. When John Smedley's tweet...

Skyforge’s new LFG tool is live with Stand United today

Heads-up, demigods: The Stand United Patch is live in Skyforge today. It's a relatively small patch for such a grand name, but it...
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Choose My Adventure: Poisoning the well in WildStar

It's amazing how some things stick in your mind while others don't. I honestly had forgotten about the whole questline in WildStar that involves...
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PAX East 2017: Chronicles of Elyria teases its PAX demo

Chronicles of Elyria's devs recently streamed a "speed-run" version of their planned PAX East demo for players. But we think that to...

The Elder Scrolls Online: Content for PvPers, content for decorators

The Elder Scrolls Online has a new dev blog out this week all about the game's planned Morrowind PvP additions. Thanks to...
From a certain point of view.

Crowfall makes plans for its 24-7 test server

ArtCraft is about to take a little piece of tape and put it down over Crowfall's "on" button. "We plan to transition the...
I'm not sure if Wildstar had any casual content, by extension.

WildStar player analyzes the Primal Matrix and finds it wanting

The most recent WildStar patch hit just yesterday. You would think it would take a little bit longer for people to get really...
Yeah, we're boned.

Nexon is heavily affected by China’s new game import laws

Getting non-Chinese games into the Chinese market is a lengthy and challenging ordeal as it is, but the latest set of Chinese restrictions for...
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The Daily Grind: Does World of Warcraft need another new class?

During this week's podcast, Justin expressed some frustration over his efforts to enjoy an alt in World of Warcraft. All of his...

The Repopulation will be playable Sunday, back on Steam later in March

The Repopulation is indeed on track to resume early access later this month as planned. "Servers will be opening up to all current players...

The Stream Team: Softly launching into Revelation Online

Bye bye closed beta! Now that Revelation Online has soft launched, Massively OP's MJ can say sayonara to future wipes and hello to a...

Riders of Icarus’ Corruption of Life update bumps the level cap to 55

Riders of Icarus has a brand-new content update on the way later this month. It's called Corruption of Life, and it's due out...

Guild Wars 2’s new WeLoveFine team-up licenses player swag designs

How many quaggan can you fit on a t-shirt? That's a question I hope we soon find the answer to, as ArenaNet announced this...

PAX East 2017: Shards Online changes its name to Legends of Aria and goes full MMORPG

Shards Online is no more: The game is now officially called Legends of Aria. Better still? It's now being marketed by Citadel...
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Pantheon’s lorekeeper on the Perception system and elves

It's lore day over at Visionary Realms, where this month's newsletter for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is all about the...

Leaderboard: Will WildStar’s free max character influence you to play?

Eyebrows flew up earlier this week when Carbine announced it would be granting free max-level WildStar characters to players who log...

Path of Exile is buffing the heck out of leaguestones

Path of Exile's 2.6 patch last week was a whopper, but it wasn't without issues, some of which are rectified in today's...

Black Desert rolls out two new anniversary events today

Black Desert's anniversary month patches continue to roll out this week. This morning, Kakao updated with the NPC's Gratitude Event, which...

Revelation Online’s guilds can give you a boost up

Let's just put this right out there: You definitely are going to want to join a guild in Revelation Online unless you genuinely...