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Aw yus.

WoW Factor: Assessing the zones of WoW Legion’s Broken Isles

I've now made my way through all of the zones in World of Warcraft: Legion twice. There's something to be written about...

Elite Dangerous’ 2.2 The Guardians hits PC beta next week

Frontier announced in this morning's newsletter that the beta for Elite: Dangerous' 2.2 patch, dubbed The Guardians, will kick off next week. "We’re...
The notes are there, but not the music.

DragonCon 2016: Garriott expounds on Shroud of the Avatar’s farming, food, and fancy footwork

Many people look at a game for its combat, however, there are many who also want a game with a variety of non-combat features....

Ascent: The Space Game’s got a new trailer, ‘and it’s not hideous!’

"Throw away your old screenshots! We've got a new video!" Ascent: The Space Game's James Hicks declared in note to press this...
Shh, you'll scare the food.

PSA: Black Desert is $10 for 10 days

It's always a great day when a buy-to-play game goes on sale because then you can pick it up and just sit on it...

Star Citizen: Around the Verse teases Citizen Con, Roberts endorses Dual Universe

On this week's Around the Verse, Star Citizen's Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner are back and teasing Citizen Con, which kicks...

RIFT outlines Starfall Prophecy’s new legendary skills

When it comes to RIFT's new legendary skills, the magic numbers to remember are five and three. Players will get five legendary skills as...

H1Z1 delays King of the Kill launch, opts to stay in early access for a while longer

Last we heard, H1Z1 was getting ready to officially launch its PvP title, King of the Kill, on September 20th. Well,...
This game really provides no shortage of illustrations we need for this.

The Daily Grind: Do MOBAs and shooters compare with modern MMORPGs when it comes to social play?

Last month in an Overthinking topic, Massively OP's Andrew Ross issued what I thought was a provocative opinion: "I'd argue Heroes of the Storm,...
Let's go into a room with danger.

Marvel Heroes is getting a massive simplification overhaul

Marvel Heroes is due for a massive overhaul, one Gazillion is calling "the biggest systems update in the history of" the...

The Stream Team: Doing The Secret World’s dungeon randomizer for Doomboard

The Doomboard will be mine! MassivelyOP's MJ has been chanting that in her head for three weeks, and she's working hard to get her...

Massively Overthinking: Prestige systems in MMORPGs

Last week, an interesting question dropped into our team inbox. It was from a game developer -- I don't know for which game --...

Eternal Crusade plans pre-launch patch with guild-vs.-guild, new world map, and the return of PvE

Behaviour Interactive is counting down the days until the launch of Eternal Crusade. Yes, the game is officially launching on September...

TERA gives clearance for dragon flight next week

Unlike some MMOs that keep trying to ground their population, TERA has given the clearance for unbridled flight. And not just your...

Dragon’s Dogma might be coming overseas

Fans of Dragon's Dogma outside of Japen have a new ray of hope that they may one day see the game arrive in...
And nobody knows you're getting it right.

Final Fantasy XIV previews apartments and its side stories for 3.4

The housing system in Final Fantasy XIV is appreciably robust... if you can actually get a house. Otherwise, it's somewhat lacking. Luckily,

Ever, Jane opens the doors of its new circulating library

A refined and sophisticated setting such as the one in Ever, Jane deserves all of the luxuries that it can garner, don't you...

Chaos Theory: Tips for returning to The Secret World for Halloween

It's almost that time of year -- the best time of year! It's the most wonderful time of the year in fact, especially in...

Why Hero’s Song is leaning on Twitch to generate enthusiasm

Twitch is a vital part of marketing an up and coming video game, according to Pixelmage Games CEO John Smedley. In...

Guild Wars 2’s Ember Bay is over-the-top metal

When Rising Flames launches on Tuesday, Guild Wars 2 players will be transported to the Ring of Fire island chain first introduced...