Games in our Multiplayer category are multiplayer online games that share some but not all mechanics in common with traditional MMORPGs. Generally, their “massive” nature is contested. They frequently include OARPGs, online shooters, online strategy games, mobile MMOs, and other pseudo-MMOs that optionally provide single-player, offline, or custom-server support. We formerly categorized Multiplayer titles as “Not So Massively” games. You may also be interested in our MOBA category for PvP-centric arena battlers. [Follow the Multiplayer Online Games category’s RSS feed]

Just imagine all of this leather squeaking.

Threats against Blizzard Entertainment lead to a Sacramento man’s arrest

Maybe you're upset with the class changes in World of Warcraft. Maybe you're disappointed with character balance in Overwatch. Maybe you have...

Pokemon Go: Fatwas, maps, lawsuits, and Kirby’s call-out

Happy Friday! Please don't die in 100 degree heat this weekend playing Pokemon Go, OK? We'd miss you. It's all over, guys:

ArcheAge Begins mobile game arrives in August

We've been keeping an ear to the ground on XLGAMES' second attempt at an ArcheAge mobile game. Last year, the Korean studio...

ARK: SotF delayed on PS4 in favor of releasing Survival Evolved first

PlayStation 4 players who have been waiting for this month's release of ARK: Survival of the Fittest will have to keep on waiting....

Cease & desist letters issued to multiple Steam gambling sites

Last week, Valve announced that it was going to start taking action against the various Steam-based gambling sites, but no details were...
Bah, it was just a bird.

Pokemon Go: $35M revenue, movie deals, and the US government

Welcome back to our near-daily roundup of Pokemon Go news from around the alternate reality that we all live in now. The US...
Sir Veev.

Durango kicks off its pre-alpha testing July 27th

Normally, surviving while playing a game on your smartphone is pretty easy, unless you do something like compulsively wander on to train tracks.

Hearthstone to reveal ‘unforgettable adventure’ next week

How is this for a tease? Hearthstone announced that it will be making an announcement about an "unforgettable adventure" next week. The invitation that...

Get your wild west fix with Sunset Rangers

Feeling the itch to strap on a six-iron and saddle up for adventure? Sunset Rangers, an upcoming western survival sandbox, might just give...

Summer of SMITE continues with Patch 3.13

The so-called Summer of SMITE is being particularly kind to the Norse goddess of beauty and fertility. Today's 3.13 patch delivered a...
Someone is still playing right? Maybe.

Diablo III shows off the rewards and progress for Season 7

It's almost time for that next big addition to Blizzard's game. Sure, it's not here yet, but there's just enough to keep you...

Atlas Reactor keeps the beta party rolling

Sometimes when the party is raging so hard, you don't want it to end. Sometimes, it doesn't have to. Trion Worlds announced yesterday

Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan discusses future plans and competitive mode

A new Kotaku interview with Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan has shed new light on the state of Overwatch -- you know,...

Sea of Thieves shies away from friendly fire and permanent loss

Rare is still feeling out the "emergent world" of Sea of Thieves as the game nears its closed beta testing phase.
Um, hi?

Sword Coast Legends is available today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Players who have been eagerly anticipating the console launch of Sword Coast Legends will no longer be able to anticipate that launch. It's...

LawBreakers highlights Enforcer characters in new video

In is latest character video for LawBreakers, Nexon is featuring the Enforcer role. "Whether you are a LAW or BREAKER, get your...

Survival sandbox Fragmented adds vehicle weapons, ruleset GUI for custom servers

Patch 16.7.1 is live on the Fragmented servers today. The Repopulation-themed survival sandbox is getting two big improvements as part of the...

Eternal Crusade welcomes Tyranids to the fight

Hope you don't have any reservations about fighting giant bugs that can snap off your head faster than you can flick a flyswatter: The...
Pokemon gone?

Pokemon Go Game of Thrones and other Pokemon news

As Pokemon Go continues its rollout across the world, you might be wondering why it's not in Japan yet. It's because Japan is...

The Stream Team: Building an ARK egg farm

The time has come. All the eggs are belong to us all! MassivelyOP's MJ and the MoPark community are coming together in ARK in...