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Infestation: Survivor Stories (fka The War Z) is being republished as Infestation World

Thai publishers Electronics Extreme and OP Productions (no relation to Massively OP) have today announced they’re bringing open-world survival sandbox Infestation World to… well, the world. Or a big chunk of it. And if “infestation” sounds familiar, that’s because the game was once known as The War Z, which became Infestation: Survivor Stories, which then-Massively writer Mike Foster called “worse than actually being killed by zombies.” The original is now called Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic on SteamRomero’s Aftermath was another spin-off of the original last year.

Electronics Extreme says Infestation World is the free-to-play “global service” for “North America, South America, Europe, CIS, CN, Middle East, Africa and Oceania/Australia.” Thai servers will be separate, according to the FAQ, and currency purchased in ISS: Classic since last October 29th will transfer to the new version.

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Magic: The Gathering is working on a new digital card game

Hands up: Are any of you out there Magic players? Have you ever dabbled in Magic Online? Well if you’ve been hoping for a game that isn’t as advanced as Magic Online yet isn’t as simplified as Magic Duels, then you might be interested to hear that Hasbro is working on a new title under the umbrella of Magic Digital Next.

Magic Digital Next is meant to bridge the accessibility gap between Duels and Online and is still years away from release. It’s aiming for the casual player and competitive player market, perhaps in the hopes to siphon off some of that Hearthstone crowd that has to be a burr in Magic’s side.

“The greatest opportunity for Magic is to create a new digital experience leveraging contemporary technology to create a seamless digital experience that meets all the players needs from new players to pro players,” Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner said at an investor event. “This is what we are investing in and we have a team in place to deliver the first new Magic Digital Next product in the next few years.”


Interview: How sci-fi CCG Star Crusade is more than just Hearthstone in space

Ever wish you could play Hearthstone but with a sci-fi feel instead? Apparently the people at ZiMAD Games felt that way, as they’re behind the recent early access online CCG Star Crusade. I admit that during the first few games, the game could easily be mistaken for an HS clone in space. However, little differences start to add up to create something that at least proved to me the game immediately has a different meta-game than what I’d find in Hearthstone. Oh, and the idea of a 2v2 co-op mode is something we’ll probably not see in HS for awhile, so I figured I’d talk to producer Alex Rechevskiy about where the game is right now and where it’s going.

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The Division’s launch night is plagued with server (and doorway) issues

Did you expect The Division to have issues on launch night with its servers? No? Well then why not? Also, you would be wrong, as last night’s launch was accompanied with exactly the same server issues that come from every single MMO’s launch. Letting all of the players onto servers at the same time produced errors (Errors Romeo and Sierra, in this case), but UbiSoft allegedly had the servers back up and running by early morning. It remains to be seen how it will handle the launch rush this evening.

The server issues are news but not surprising news, but the door issue that the game is having is a bit less excusable. In short, the game’s doors are wide enough for one person to pass through, and players are already taking advantage of that with the game’s collision detection to set themselves up as impromptu gatekeepers. Fortunately, you can bypass these players by just continuing to push through them, but you’d think slightly widening a few doorways would have come up.


Long-running Korean shooter Gunz is getting a second lease on life

After launching way back in 2003, South Korea’s Gunz: The Duel had an impressive 10-year run as an online PvP shooter (it launched in North America in 2006). Eventually the game wound down and the decision was made to pull the plug in May 2013, especially in light of its sequel coming out just a year later.

However, a new publisher is trying to give Gunz another go. Masangsoft picked up the title and recently ran it through a closed beta test with the hopes of re-releasing it in the region. A big question mark is hovering over the prospect of bringing it back to North America and Europe.

Masangsoft is also handling Gunz 2: The Second Duel on Steam.

Source: MMO Culture


The Division is datamined out with a bit more Brooklyn than expected

The Division is almost here full-time, all the way live, and so forth. Don’t want to wait until tomorrow, though? You can just jump in and see everything in the game right now. Perhaps not everything, really, but avid dataminers have already mined out a huge portion of the game including audio, ability descriptions, weapons, and so forth. There are, of course, a metric ton of spoilers contained therein, so keep that in mind before you dive in and feel cheated by audio revelations you weren’t meant to see yet.

If you don’t want to see everything but still want to see something, there’s a new character creation video stashed just past the break. There’s also the revelation that Brooklyn is included in the core game, albeit just a very small portion of it for the game’s tutorial. Whether or not that means that more of Brooklyn is coming sooner rather than later remains to be seen, but fans can take heart at the fact that there’s still more in the game than had previously been known.

And if you’re confused about when exactly the game unlocks for you, you’re not alone; it’ll be a staggered launch across timezones and platforms. Fortunately, there’s a handy tool telling you when exactly you need to set your alarm.

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World of Fishing aims for Steam’s casuals, hardcores, and MMO lovers

Why take up fishing in a traditional MMO when you can take up fishing in a fishing MMO? World of Fishing aims to be just that, and today it’s announced that it’ll land on Steam next month after having been in open beta since November.

World of Fishing is a full-fledged MMO featuring character development, exciting quests and the addicting hunt for rare fish. Starting out with a small boat and basic equipment, players will be able to work their way up to the point where they will catch huge fish like tunas and even exotic sharks. Dynamic real-time battles with more than 450 fish species controlled by a realistic AI, provide an entertaining and challenging gameplay that feels as close to the “real thing” as possible. Competitive players can face each other in the Team Match mode, while casual players will be able to enjoy the relaxing aspect of fishing in Freestyle mode, visiting beautiful, exotic fishing spots from Vancouver to Cape Town.”

InselGames CEO Patrick Streppel says his studio is aiming for “hobby fisherman and casual gamers” as well as “hardcore gamers and MMO lovers.”

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No Man’s Sky launches June 21, $59.99 base, $149.99 limited-edition CE

Hello Games has announced that procedurally generated sci-fi sandbox No Man’s Sky is officially launching on June 21st on PS4 and on PC through Steam and GOG

This announcement arrives after a mistakenly published and hastily retracted PlayStation blog post this week suggested the date “3/3” and a $59.99 price point, which led gamers to suspect preorders might open today. Instead, it appears the announcement was planned for 3/3, but the price is right on: Steam’s price is $59.99, but if you want to shell out more, you can pick up the $149.99 explorer’s pack.

No Man’s Sky will launch as a complete game in June,” writes Managing Director Sean Murray, “but there’s a lot we’d like to add post-launch, if we can.” A “full-blown Blu-ray retail version” is also planned.


Black Desert’s western launch arrives with new trailer

Welcome to Black Desert’s official North American and European launch day!

The servers are down right now for maintenance before the big rush, but we’ve got the launch trailer and our launch-day roundup of all the big news surrounding the game from the last year right here. [Servers are up now!]

Don’t forget to read up on our beta hands-on (the combat part and the economy part), tell us which server you’re on, argue about the cash shop, and check out our brand-new Black Desert column, Desert Nomad, which just yesterday released its guide to the game. Happy launch day, everyone!

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No Man’s Sky pricing leak rumour sends fans into a tizzy

There’s been a huge degree of fascination with indie game No Man’s Sky since it stole the show at E3 2014. The game promises seamless exploration of a massive procedurally generated galaxy filled with unique planets, weird and wonderful plants and animals, and space-faring civilisations. Players will explore the universe, harvest resources, upgrade their space ships, and head toward the center of the galaxy where a mystery reportedly awaits discovery. The game is officially launching in June in PS4 and PC.

Fans have hotly debated what price point the game should be released at, and a mistake on the PlayStation blog has now thrown gasoline on that fireNo Man’s Sky appeared in the pre-order list for a short time with a price of $59.99 and the annotation “Out 3/3,” prompting speculation that pre-orders may open tomorrow and $59.99 may be the actual release price. This rumour has put many fans on edge, as they expected a game from a small independent studio to have indie pricing. Others are arguing that No Man’s Sky is a huge game that is worth a AAA price tag, while some are now asking for some more convincing before they’ll agree that it’s worth $60.


Desert Nomad: The Nomad’s guide to Black Desert

Hello friends, and welcome to a new installment of Choose My Adv– HA HA, PSYCH! This puppet’s strings have been cut, suckers! No longer will I take your orders, blindly charging headlong into whatever folly you command, allowed respite only once your twisted fancies have been sated and my will brok– Wait, what? I still have to do that, too? Ahem. Heh, just kidding, everyone! Forget everything you just read. Done? OK, great! Let’s try this again. Hello, friends, and welcome to the premiere issue of my shiny new column, Desert Nomad. Isn’t it fancy?

Each week (or every other week depending on the demands of Choose My Adventure, which it turns out I am both contractually obligated and bound by a blood oath to continue until the end of days), I’ll be delving into the world of Black Desert. I’m super excited to finally have the opportunity to take a break from jumping between games each month and actually commit myself to exploring the many facets of this shiny new sandbox. Since Black Desert will technically still be one day away from its official launch when this is published, I figured that it would be fitting to devote this inaugural column to laying down some tips for all the new players who will be flooding the servers when the folks at Daum swing wide the gates tomorrow. So come along, fellow Nomads, and let’s wander for a while. As always, I promise that I will do my best to make it informative, and if not that, then at least entertaining.

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Black Desert details headstart compensation plan with ‘shitstorm matrix’

Black Desert has elaborated on the compensation and support it will offer players in the wake of its headstart issues:

“We all know that every game launch is bound to have problems, but this does not negate the trouble and confusion that they cause for everyone. The success of Black Desert and the Community supporting it has been and will continue to be our primary focus because we know without you there would be no Black Desert Online. As such, we would like to extend a token of our appreciation and apology for any and all inconveniences you may have experienced. Below you will find our break down what you can expect.”

Guys. There’s a chart. They labeled it “Shitstorm Matrix.” You cannot make this stuff up.

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The Division releases US launch trailer

Fancy some eyecandy to go with your apocalypse? Ubisoft has posted the US launch trailer for online shooter The Division, and it’s got a bit of both.

The game officially launches a week from today. Still on the fence about buying? Check out Massively OP’s Matt Daniel’s hands-on with the game’s beta, or better yet, stay tuned for this afternoon’s podcast, where we spend a segment discussing the game!

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