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ARPG Grim Dawn is about to emerge from early access

If you’ve been watching multiplayer action RPG Grim Dawn since it joined the Steam early access program back at the end of 2013 as we have, then February is a big month for you: The game is preparing to say farewell to early access forever.

Crate Entertainment, whose developers are probably best known for multiplayer ARPG Titan Quest, have announced that today’s patch will be the last before the game leaves early access and becomes a fully launched game.

Build 31 is now in the final stretch of testing, its release impending. This is it, the last big build before we prepare Grim Dawn to leave Early Access behind and graduate to Full-Release status.

You may be wondering, what does impending really mean? Well, we’re not even going to make you scroll down to the bottom of this post. Wonder no more as Build 31 is…coming…later…today! With our biggest changelog ever, this one is one update you will not want to miss.

The game was officially deemed feature complete at the end of 2015.

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Flamefrost Legacy attempts to capture the tabletop RPG spirit

Some of our readers are always keeping an eye open for new, out-of-the-way titles to check out. In the spirit of shining the light into all corners of the MMO space, today we want to mention one interesting little browser title: Flamefrost Legacy.

Flamefrost Legacy is an isometric free-to-play MMO that divides gameplay between icons moving across an abstract map and tile-based exploration of areas. It says that it was inspired by d20 gaming and features “no-grind leveling” and randomized quests.

The title tried to get funding via Kickstarter but failed to meet its goal. Even so, the devs were able to complete Flamefrost Legacy and launch it at the end of January. You can check out an overview video after the jump.

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The Stream Team: Accessing the Atlas Reactor alpha

What are MassivelyOP’s Larry and MJ’s reactions to Atlas Reactor? You can find out: The duo are jumping into the game’s special alpha access weekend to poke around (and probably be poked right back!). Even better, you can have the chance to check it out for yourself; they’ve got a few alpha keys to give away to viewers. Tune in live at 4:30 p.m. for your chance to join in…

What: Atlas Reactor
Who: Larry Everett & MJ Guthrie
When: 4:30 p.m. EST on Friday, February 19th, 2016

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Epic shows off Paragon gameplay, promises no pay-to-win

Epic Games‘ upcoming third person MOBA Paragon has been getting some attention lately with its fluid gameplay and undeniably high-quality graphics. The studio has been releasing informational videos and sneak peeks on the game for the past few months, and this week’s trailer looks at some of the abilities the game’s heroes can use. We can see new hero Gideon using portals to summon damage-dealing rocks and teleport around a 3D battlefield, and Dekker’s Containment Fence force field locking enemies in place. The video was reportedly created using the game’s match replay feature and was recorded during actual gameplay.

Ever since Paragon‘s card system was revealed, some fans have been concerned that these gameplay-affecting items may end up in some kind of microtransaction store and that this would disrupt competitive gameplay. There was also some worry that the game’s planned cross-platform play between PS4 and PC would create a competitive disparity as PC users will be using more precise controls. Epic reassured players in a statement to Eurogamer today that it “will never sell card packs for Paragon” and that the studio is “very aware that pay-to-win is a bad thing for competitive play,” but so far there has been no comment on the potential cross-platform gameplay issues.

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The Stream Team: Back in another Black Desert closed beta

Last time in Black Desert’s CB1, MassivelyOP’s MJ tried to race through the extensive character creation (a feat in itself!) in order to have time to check out gamplay. This time, she’ll have a character already prepared and ready to race through those beginning tasks. The game definitely gets deeper the more you play, so the goal is to get as far as possible during this second round of closed beta to see more of this sandbox. Tune in live at 4:00 p.m. as MJ delves back into…

What: Black Desert
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 4:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, February 18th, 2016

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H1Z1 pushes out patch and trailers for both of its new halves

Welcome to the glorious era of trying to keep track of dual H1Z1 games at any given time. Yesterday, Daybreak put out new one-minute trailers for Just Survive (the PvE survival sandbox) and King of the Kill (the PvP battle royale) that takes players on a brief but disturbing tour of this broken world.

The team also released a chunky game update that included better player jumping, a nerf to AK-47s, a buff to motorcycle helmets, better vehicle destruction effects, a customizable reticle, and a greater variety of zombie animations and outfits. It looks as though this patch applies to both versions of the game.

H1Z1 split into two titles yesterday. You can watch the new trailers after the break.

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Black Desert’s second closed beta is live now

The second closed beta for Black Desert has kicked off. You could be playing the game right now. It’s not quite the same game you recall from the last closed beta, though; the patch notes for the second closed beta are quite extensive, with a raised level cap, new PvP features, improved localization, and all of the elements you would expect to be in place for the game with its launch on March 3rd.

Have you forgotten about that launch day? That’s all right; the community team has also put together a helpful set of notes on important dates for players to remember over the next few weeks, including the start of the early access period. Your progress during this beta weekend will be eliminated, but if you can’t get enough of the game even with that knowledge? Jump into the game and enjoy yourself until February 22nd. There’s plenty to do, after all. If you can’t or don’t want to take part in the beta yourself, though, we’ll have MJ streaming the title tonight at 4:00 p.m. EST and an updated hands-on look at the game soon.


The Daily Grind: What MMOs have unexpectedly hooked you?

My roommate expected to like Star Trek Online because, well, she likes Star Trek. That was a given. What she didn’t expect was to really enjoy the game on its own merits or to find that while the game has broken parts those bits feel oddly right for their broken nature. To her, the bugs and the rough edges feel more like a proper Star Trek game because it’s broken in the same ways the shows frequently are.

My wife had more or less written off Final Fantasy XIV before its relaunch, but when she sat down to play the relaunch, she was almost immediately enraptured by it. The game became our main title and our de facto constant almost by accident. Heck, I myself didn’t expect to be so thoroughly hooked into World of Warcraft that it would become a consistent facet of my life.

We all have played certain titles that just immediately rewrote the book on what we expected from online games. So today, I ask you – what games have unexpectedly hooked you? What title did you expect to just play for a little bit before bouncing off only to find that the game had you deeply entrenched in its systems?

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Trinium Wars pushes Steam launch to March, demos 1000-player PvP

InselGames and HanmaruSoft have today posted a trailer for Trinium Wars’ large-scale PvP gameplay, called Resource War. The Resource War mode plays out on a 24-7 persistent map with up to 1000 players fighting both each other and NPC mobs for control over trinium mines. The mode will be available at some point after launch as it’s intended for level 30 characters.

Trinium Wars was meant to head to Steam early access today, but InselGames has pushed that launch to March 2nd.

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The Black Death survival sandbox seeks testers, posts fresh trailer

Introduced back in January, The Black Death is a survival sandbox in which players are medieval commoners struggling to make it during a nasty plague that has created “infected” (read: zombies). If you just can’t get enough of these kinds of games, then listen up because developer Green Man Loaded is hunting for testers:

There’s a fresh teaser trailer too; view it below!

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Previewing Chronicle: RuneScape Legends ahead of its March 23 beta

If you haven’t heard of RuneScape’s upcoming card game, you’re not alone. Even when it skittered across my desk last fall, it largely escaped my notice and I missed a chance to check out the closed beta (something I quite thoroughly regret now!). The devs have kept Chronicle: RuneScape Legends pretty far under the radar. However, word is getting out now. This new free-to-play CCG opens its beta doors on March 23rd, and soon everyone will have a chance to see what its all about.

And what exactly is it all about? Why should people take notice of yet another CCG/TCG that is coming along amid the horde of others? Besides the obvious tie to RuneScape that fans are sure to appreciate, there’s a unique twist to this game that sets it apart. Think card game meets board game sprinkled with RPG. Even though closed beta has officially ended, I had the chance to play it for a while as well as chat with Senior Producer Mark Killey and Lead Designer James Sweatman at a press event in the UK last week. And I am looking forward to playing Chronicle again when open beta starts!

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Jagex announces RuneScape: Idle Adventures

You know those moments when you are dying to get your RuneScape fix but you aren’t anywhere near your computer? When you just need to breathe in the world of Gielinor for a bit but you simply can’t log in for very long? Jagex understands, and there’s a solution on its way: RuneScape will soon join the world of idle gaming. The studio has partnered with Hyper Hippo, the creator of AdVenture Capitalist, to create a clicker game based on the world and lore of RuneScape. This new game is set to launch for the PC on Steam first this spring but will follow on mobile soon after.

What exactly is idle gaming, and how will it all tie back into RuneScape? I sat down and spoke with members of the Jagex and Hyper Hippo development teams to answer those questions.

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Get Age of Conan pack for backing new Conan Kickstarter RPG

Funcom’s Vice President of PR and Marketing took to Twitter today to point players in the direction of a new pen-and-paper Conan RPG that’s on Kickstarter. While this is a good example of espirit de corps between shared IPs, Funcom had a specific reason for mentioning it: By backing the Kickstarter, players could earn rewards for Age of Conan.

By pledging at least at the 15 level, players can secure an “Adventures in an Age Undreamed of Pack” for their characters in Age of Conan. It looks like these packs are good for starting characters, as each contains five XP potions and four starter armor sets (Swashbuckler, Buccaneer, Marauder, and Pirate).

It should be mentioned that the Conan RPG book has already passed double its original goal and is pushing hard toward several stretch goals.


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