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Devilian begins selling early access packs

Even in a free-to-play game, money talks, which is probably why Trion has begun selling Devilian selling early access packs to the community.

The packs, which cost $20, include a two-day head start to launch, guaranteed beta access, a corgi pet (because this is Trion Worlds), 15 days of patron status, and two additional inventory rows. Of course, if a beta key is your primary concern, might we remind you that you can get it for a pittance from Humble Bundle right now?

Trion has also beefed up its Devilian founder’s packs with additional in-game bonuses and talismans. The founder’s packs run from $50 to $150.

Source: Devilian


WildStar to reunite F2P servers next week

You might recall that in the whole crush of WildStar’s free-to-play transition, Carbine decided to turn on additional servers with the promise that they would be merged with the originals after some time. Well that time has come, and the studio said that it is going to merge the EU PvP servers on Monday, November 9th, followed by the NA PvP servers on Tuesday, November 10th.

“We’ve reached a point with that work where we’re confident we can bring everyone back together onto one PvE and one PvP server per-region, and still maintain a high quality game experience,” Carbine said.

As Carbine forced players to choose unique names on each servers, there is not expected to be any conflicts when the pairs of servers are brought back together. The studio posted a brief FAQ on the forums to answer pertinent questions about the merges.

Updated to clarify that the merges will initially be for the PvP servers only.


New H1Z1 game mode sends community into an uproar

The announcement of a new type of Battle Royale mode for H1Z1 called Green Dawn has the title’s early access community in a tizzy this week.

The crux of the outrage from fans is twofold: that H1Z1 is far too focused on Battle Royale instead of its survival mode and that existing game modes need more attention and work before tossing in additional modes.

There has even been a call for an H1Z1 boycott, which at the time of this writing has received 443 upvotes on Reddit. “A [Battle Royale]-centric focus has left a lot of your players looking to other games, which I won’t mention at this time, while still wishing for some progress in the mode they wanted to love, but for lack of reciprocation, was a love one-sided,” the boycott post states.

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BlizzCon 2015: Overwatch shows off three new heroes and Origin Edition bonuses

It’s been about a year since we first heard of Overwatch at last year’s BlizzCon. Since then, the beta has kicked off, and as of Tuesday, 82,000 matches had been played with an average length of about 7 minutes. But you don’t have to be limited to playing on your PC, as today’s panel and opening ceremonies confirmed that the game is coming to consoles. Developers have stated that Xbox, PlayStation, and PC players will be on separate servers rather than being stuck in the same pool.

Players can now purchase the game’s Origin Edition, which includes five special skins for existing heroes from earlier in their histories and an assortment of bonuses for other titles. Diablo III players will gain a pair of Mercy-style wings, StarCraft II players gain portraits, Hearthstone gets a new cardback, and World of Warcraft players get a baby Winston pet. Meanwhile, Heroes of the Storm players can look forward to Tracer joining the game’s lineup, although she’s very early in development.

Three new heroes were also on display. Mei is a climatologist wielding an ice gun and armored in a heavy parka, serving as a defensive character. Genji is Hanzo’s brother, an offense-oriented character with high mobility and lethal sword strikes in melee range. D. Va is a former pro gamer, piloting a mech and able to jump out of her mech when necessary. You can check out videos and screenshots below.

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Betawatch: Asta hops to the west (November 6, 2015)

It’s interesting to watch the progress of Asta as a title. The game shut down rather quickly in its native country, but it has entered its first closed beta in the US and is hoping to do better this time around. That’s a bit of an odd pedigree, yes.

Hey, we’re deep in the throes of a convention this weekend, but there hasn’t been a whole lot of hard dates for betas. But there’s still new beta stuff going on this past week.

Oh, yes, and there is that whole long list just past the break for those who want even more stuff to watch for. Let us know if something skipped phases, launched, or… well, in one case, unexpectedly changed its name without us noticing. Seriously, who does that?

Check them out, and let us know if something has changed without us noticing. It happens from time to time.

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Hearthstone’s League of Explorers adventure looks adorable

During the BlizzCon opening ceremonies earlier today, Blizzard revealed a brand-new Hearthstone adventure, and its spunky trailer just about stole the whole show (and spawned a million “golden monkey” jokes). League of Explorers introduces Brann Bronzebeard of World of Warcraft fame and his trusty band of companions, who will buckle their swash through a vintage archaeology-themed DLC set in WoW-inspired locations like Stranglethorn and Uldaman.

The follow-up panel revealed that the adventure will include 45 new cards, four new wings, and a story focused on finding all of the pieces of a staff artifact.

The adventure is due out this coming Thursday (seriously). Check out the new trailer and images below, and head over to Facebook for ALL THE CARDS.

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BlizzCon 2015: Heroes of the Storm gaining Arena mode, Towers of Doom, and a two-player hero

How would you like to team up with another player to play a hero in Heroes of the Storm? That’s the central idea behind Cho’Gall, one of the new heroes being added to the game. Cho’Gall requires one player to take control of the physical “Cho” head to move the character around and punch things, while the other player takes control of “Gall” to cast spells and serve as a ranged assassin. He’s playable even if both players aren’t well coordinated, but he definitely becomes much stronger when both players are working together.

He’s also impossible to buy – Cho’Gall is being offered to a select group of players (including BlizzCon attendees) and can subsequently be unlocked by playing him in matches with players who do not yet have him (or purchased later, says Blizzard’s official site — thanks to Dengar for that tip!). Play two matches with Cho’Gall with someone who lacks Cho’Gall and Cho’Gall is unlocked.

The development team also showed off Genn Greymane and Lunara the Dryad, two new heroes playing around with ranged characters who move in and out of range. There’s also the new Arena gameplay mode, offering a choice of three random heroes to play in a 5v5 format, and the new Towers of Doom map with a different approach to area control. Check out preview screenshots and video just below.

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The Secret World and ARK get behind Extra Life

Gaming communities across the globe are throwing their support behind Extra Life, the 24-hour gaming marathon designed to raise money for Children’s Network Miracle Hospitals. We’ve already reported on how Trion Worlds is contributing to the event, and now you can add both The Secret World and ARK: Survival Evolved to the movement’s supporters.

Funcom posted a list of The Secret World community teams that have signed up to participate in the marathon. It also said that it will be giving a prize pack to the top two donors to each of the teams. Meanwhile, ARK is hosting a “survival of the fittest” PvP battle in which the winning teams will get a cash prize and an additional donation will be made to Extra Life on their behalf.

Extra Life’s all-day marathon takes place tomorrow, November 7th.

Source: The Secret World forums, ARK official press release


BlizzCon didn’t forget about Diablo III: Patch 2.4 is on the way ‘very, very, very soon’

Diablo III barely got a nod during BlizzCon’s 2015 opening ceremonies, but its panel this evening proved Blizzard has plenty in store for the game.

Game Director Josh Mosqueira headlined the Blood and Treasure panel, emphasizing the Diablo franchise’s patches over its expansions: Yes, patch 2.4 is on the way for Diablo III “very, very, very soon.” Here are the highlights!

  • Patch 2.4 includes two new areas — the snowy Eternal Woods and the expanded Royal Quarters in Leoric’s Manor — as well as one new zone, Greyhollow Island. There will also be seven new events, 16 new monsters, and 175 new bounties split between acts 3, 4, and 5, including a new type called Bounty Grounds.
  • Buff indicators and damage numbers are due for some optimization and streamlining so they don’t suck up so much UI space.
  • Blizzard is aiming to shrink the experience gap between soloing and grouping in several ways: reducing monster health based on group size; reducing the XP bonus from items; increasing monster XP by 50%; and porting killstreaks from the console edition.

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Yep, Borderlands Online is a goner

Take-Two has confirmed rumors of Borderlands Online’s demise, as well as the closure of its 2K China studio and the firing of approximately 150 staff.

“We determined that the additional time required to finish current projects at the studio, particularly Borderlands Online, would not yield a favorable return on investment,” the publisher told The firm also stated that the closures and layoffs did not extend to its office in Singapore as rumored on various Chinese websites earlier this week.



WildStar CM Tony Rey leaves Carbine

Parting is such sweet sorrow, the Bard once said. And that is especially true when it comes to the departure of beloved community managers.

Today we found out that WildStar Community and Creative Content Manager Tony Rey has left both Carbine and NCsoft for reasons and destination unknown.

“I am no longer apart of NCsoft,” Rey posted on Twitter yesterday. “I’ll miss the great communities, but excited for the next chapter in my life. Thank you for the support.”

Massively OP wishes Rey the best in this next step of his career.

Source: Twitter. Thanks to GlasMond for the tip!


WoW Legion beta begins ‘within weeks,’ launches summer 2016

If you missed the BlizzCon 2015 opening ceremony and the World of Warcraft: Legion overview panel that immediately followed it, you missed some big stuff!

For a start, Blizzard more or less confirmed the rumors that World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion will be out by next September — “summer 2016” is the official word. As for beta, you can expect that to begin in the coming weeks, far sooner than anticipated. Prepurchasing the expansion (the cheapest edition is $49.99) will allow players to boost a character to 100 right now as well as access the Demon Hunter class early.

The panel discussed the 40-man Broken Shore scenario, which asks Horde and Alliance to work together, discussed the mechanics of Demon Hunter skill acquisition, and ran down some of the major zones and story.

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Sean Bean doesn’t die in the new Life is Feudal trailer

Life is Feudal is fast approaching its official November 17th release date. As such, the dev team has published a new animated trailer designed to get you excited about the fantasy sandbox’s possibilities. There’s no gameplay on offer, but rather a series of moving images underscored by the unmistakable voice of narrator Sean Bean.

Life is Feudal styles itself as a hardcore sandbox MMO with complex crafting, a “no-target” combat system, full loot PvP, and asset destruction during sieges and raids. You can view the new narrative trailer after the break.

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