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The Stream Team: An anniversary romp in Wizard101 with devs (plus free gifts!)

What better way to spend Wizard101's birthday than with devs giving away free stuff? There is none! MassivelyOP's MJ will be wishing the game...

The Stream Team: Secure some SWTOR swag while touring a Tatooine stronghold

What's that? You couldn't make it to PAX Prime and grab some con swag? Never fear! MassivelyOP's Larry and MJ are bringing some SWTOR...

The Stream Team: Landmark life is like a box of templates

There's an old phrase from a movie about chocolates, but MassivelyOP's MJ thinks that life in Landmark is more like a box of templates....

Grab a Warframe credit booster just in time for the Infested Nightmare bonus reward weekend [All gone now!]

Warframe is preparing a multi-day Infested Nightmare bonus reward event this weekend complete with Double Affinity, special deals, and High Level Alerts, and if you're planning to...

The Stream Team: Mindless mayhem in Marvel Heroes

Sometimes you've just got to let loose. Random mindless mayhem and destruction with multiple explosions is just what the doctor ordered for Massively OP's...

The Stream Team: Lollygagging at local Landmark resorts

After the very stressful weekend MassivelyOP's MJ has had with an evil computer, she needs some serious rest and relaxation. So instead of building...

The Stream team: Land yourself a Landmark permanent beta key

There is no denying that MassivelOP's MJ is amazed by all the talent and creativity by builders in Landmark. From the simple to the...

The Stream Team: A look at Marvel Heroes’ Ant-Man (and a giveaway)

Have you wanted to try out Marvel Heroes' Ant-Man? MassivelyOP's MJ has, and now that she finally has a couple of heroes at level 60,...

Win two weeks of Skyforge premium time and more in Massively OP’s gift bundle giveaway

If you haven't tried Skyforge yet, today is the day. The steamfantasy hybrid-F2P MMORPG soft-launched earlier this month and already has its first megapatch planned,...

Win a Warframe Echoes of the Sentient promo key from Massively OP (All gone now!)

Warframe's massive Echoes of the Sentient patch is about to go live, so let's have a celebration with free stuff! We've got 1000 promo keys to...

The Stream Team: See SWTOR’s new Yavin Stronghold and win a Togruta race unlock

Do you want to try SWTOR's new Togruta race? Are you curious as to what the new Yavin Stronghold is like? Then this is...

The Stream Team: Win Skyforge collector’s packs during our launch week stream

Massively OP's MJ has streamed Skyforge's betas; now she gets to stream the launched version! Of course, that means going through the starting area...

RIFT offers free patron time to everyone

Do you like RIFT but lack the money or incentive to buy patron time in the game? Or do you just enjoy getting stuff...
The more you spend, the more you... actually, continue spending.

Shroud of the Avatar offers a 10% pledge bonus for the summer

Shroud of the Avatar has been offering its pledged testers regular updates for a while now, and that's pretty darn cool. If you were...

The Stream Team: Giving away SWTOR goodies

Come to the dark side, we have goodies! OK, maybe that isn't an official slogan for SWTOR, but it is for MassivelyOP's Larry and...

Win an Armored Warfare early access key from Massively OP (All gone now!)

Armored Warfare, Obsidian Entertainment and's tank MMO shooter, has entered its third round of early access beta this week, and that means a fresh key giveaway: We've got 1000...

Win a pair of Gunnar Heroes of the Storm glasses from Massively OP

Massively OP is pleased to present a prize giveaway this week to celebrate the formal launch of Heroes of the Storm earlier this month: Gunnar Optiks has sent us a...

The Stream Team: Come to the SWTOR dark side…story

Did you get enough SWTOR news this week? Either way, why not join Massively OP's Larry and MJ to talk about it all as...