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Something secret is coming to Lord of the Rings Online tomorrow

Lord of the Rings Online has had its fair share of secrets over the years, but rarely is the playerbase given a heads-up that...

Rumor: Diablo II is getting a remaster at the end of the year

While many fans are perhaps looking to Diablo IV to save the franchise (aka rehash Diablo II), there are some rumors stirring that Blizzard...

New pictures hint at the potential look of Final Fantasy XI’s mobile version

Remember ages ago, when we first heard about Final Fantasy XI getting a mobile version in collaboration with Nexon? Remember how we've barely heard...
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Funcom appears to confirm leak of Conan Exiles’ Architect of Argos DLC

A trailer leaked on YouTube and Reddit this week seems to show major spoilers for Conan Exiles' next big thing. MOP's own Survivalist column has...

Elder Scrolls Online’s ZeniMax Online Studios snapped up a BioWare vet for what sounds like its new MMO

We've known that ZeniMax Online Studios, the Bethsoft sibling behind Elder Scrolls Online, has been working on another MMORPG for a while - since...
The centaur iPad is really overpowered.

Guild Wars 2 Game Director Mike Zadorojny and VP of Marketing Mike Silbowitz left ArenaNet

We've updated this post at the end with confirmation of the Mike Z departure. We hate to rain on the "wheee Guild Wars 2 is...

Coronavirus leads to E3’s cancellation, plus SMITE and Pokemon Go postpone events

Update: The ESA has now made it official. We've included the press release at the end of this article. If you thought it was strange...

Leaks suggest Call of Duty battle royale called Warzone is on the way [Update: It’s official now]

Update: The game's been confirmed now; we've updated at the end. Just in case you thought the battle royale craze was on its way out,...
Less than punchy.

Rumor: Riot’s ‘Project A’ CSGO-clone is probably called Valorant

You guys ever notice how every time there's a bad headline about the Riot lawsuits, there's a new Riot leak? Probably total coincidence. But...

Leaks pinpoint The Division’s next DLC as Warlords of New York, launching in March

It should go without saying that if you don't want real spoilers, you probably should just close this tab or move on to the...
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English localization for MMO Blue Protocol suggests a westward push after all as alpha NDA drops

While it's not an official announcement of a western release, the news that Bandai Namco is reportedly on the lookout for an English localization...

The Daily Grind: Do you think all space MMOs should have spacelegs?

A few of my guildies have been deep into Elite Dangerous lately, and one of them recently pointed me to some of the rumors...
Same hat.

Datamining hints at a return of the Trials of Osiris PvP mode to Destiny 2

It would seem that the latest update to Destiny 2 had some tasty veins of data to mine. Dataminers of the multiplayer shooter who...
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Rumor has it that Electronic Arts is doing something with Knights of the Old Republic

Attention all hands; this is not a drill. Or maybe it is because, well... rumors are what they are. But the current rumor is...
Roooooooock monster.

Star Trek Online: Tenth anniversary giveaways, lifetime sale, and story leak

Outer space has never been so active as it is right now thanks to Star Trek Online's 10th anniversary. Cryptic is handing out daily...
This is new, this is new, this is new.

Rumor: Star Trek Online may be selling some lockbox ships in the regular store

If you have ever played Star Trek Online, you are no doubt familiar with the occasional flashing messages that so-and-so just won some mega-awesome...

Datamining offers tantalizing clue about Guild Wars 2 controller support

Ever wished you could play Guild Wars 2 from the comfort of your couch with the simplicity of a controller? That dream may one...

Guild Wars 2 studio ArenaNet seeks art director for unnamed console title

Time to get that ol' pondering mill a'churnin'. It looks like Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet isn't going to be a one title company,...

Mysterious parchment teases next chapter of the Elder Scrolls Online

Yesterday, members of the Elder Scrolls Online community began receiving mysterious packages in the mail. Despite likely instructions for the items to remain "for...

Rumor: Daybreak was working on a Marvel MMORPG until last year

If there are two constant news stories about Daybreak Game Company that we handle, it's that the studio keeps going through rounds of layoffs...