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Maplestory 2 gets Chinese publisher, shows off Rune Blader class

MapleStory 2 looks to be quite the different beast than MapleStory, most notably with its 3-D cube-dominated visual style. Hey, what can...

Valiance Online roots for City of Titans

Valiance Online doesn't see itself in direct competition with City of Titans for the throne of City of Heroes spiritual succession....

The Stream Team: An anniversary stroll through SWTOR — with snowballs!

SWTOR turns four years old tomorrow, and MassivelyOP's Larry and MJ are celebrating. And what constitutes celebrating more than pelting people with snowballs? These...

Overwatch’s theatrical teaser will give you goosebumps

"We are hope. We are honor. We are courage. We are justice. We are compassion. We are determination. We are harmony. We are Overwatch!" Thus...

Albion Online talks about its novel and community feedback patch

As the year wraps up, Albion Online continues to handle several irons in its alpha fire. One of these is release of

Log into Marvel Heroes and get free stuff over Christmas

Marvel Heroes is no stranger to rocking a Christmas event, and this year's is going to last 14 days. Starting today, you can...

Elite: Dangerous offers training vids, support for Star Citizen

Elite: Dangerous is busy celebrating the launch of Horizons this week, but if you've never played before, you could probably use some...

Watch 100 naked H1Z1 players take on an elite strike team

As part of Daybreak's ongoing H1Z1 Showdown festivities, Twitch broadcaster CDNThe3rd recently hosted an amusing H1Z1 Battle Royale match that pitted...

Hell freezes over in Devilian

You heard it here first, folks: Hell has frozen over in Devilian. The MMOARPG has triggered its first seasonal event, Hell Freeze, in...

The Stream Team: Looking for Landmark treasures

Although MassivelyOP's MJ loves hunting for treasure chests in Landmark, the real treasures in the game are the incredible builds that players make. Some are...

Take a tour of Star Citizen’s $10,000 club

Chances are that you and pretty much everyone you know won't be allowed in one part of Star Citizen: its Million Mile...
Happy holidaysish.

The Secret World’s Issue #13 brings back Krampus, wraps up the Kaidan survivor stories

Guess who's back once again? If you said "Krampus in The Secret World," you read the title and you are also entirely correct....
Find a work-safe picture for TERA. Good luck.

Exclusive: This is why TERA’s Brawler fights

TERA's Knockout update launched earlier this month, bringing with it the brand-new Brawler class. (In fact, if you missed it, we still have...

Skyforge previews the new Usuni Valley region

Being a deity in Skyforge is really a demanding task, isn't it? If it's not one invasion, it's another, and you are constantly...

The Division video shares player testimonies

Believe it or not, some players have actually gotten their hands on The Division, including those trying out the Xbox One alpha last...
When we're talking about bombs, any drop rate is too high if you're on the ground.

War Thunder arms its British army with tanks and more

The British are coming! The British are coming! And that is a good thing. War Thunder's newest patch, Update 1.55, has finally delivered...
This isn't even my final form.

The Chloromancer brings flower power to Trove

Trove's newest class landed yesterday -- and it's bringing transMMO synergy to a whole new level. The Chloromancer obviously borrows its flora-based concept and...

Star Citizen’s breathtaking procedurally generated planet system trailer

OK, Citizens. Put down your joysticks and listen up. Star Citizen's holiday hype trailer "From Pupil to Planet" has arrived and demands your...

Worlds Adrift demos alpha progress

We might not have flying cars here in the year 2015, but we do have a game that's trying its hardest to create flying...

WoW multibox reporter banned for ‘breaking TOS’ [Updated]

Here's an interesting tidbit: Did you know that killing one player in a PvP area in World of Warcraft can get you banned?...