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The MOP Up: Players choose Lineage II classic server name (December 6, 2015)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...

Space Engineers’ lead dev details the planetary construction process

Have you tried Space Engineers since it added its ginormous planetary update? If not, you might want to watch the video dev blog...
Legacy, indeed.

Destiny talks Titans, winter update plans

Bungie published a lengthy look at Destiny's status earlier this week. The firm is working on a December update patch that should...

H1Z1’s booby traps look fairly painful

Have you ever trapped an actual booby? It seems like that would be pretty difficult. I won't get into the hows and whys and...
That's cool.

Paladins adds deserter system and Evie, the Winter Witch

Hi-Rez Studios has released as new a video that details Paladins' 0.8 update. Lead designer Rory Newborough says it's a big patch...

The Stream Team: Stepping into Space Engineers

It has been a long, long time since MassivelyOP's MJ has ventured into Space Engineers. It wasn't that she didn't like the game (she...

Grab a Warframe: The Second Dream booster key from Digital Extremes and Massively OP

Warframe's The Second Dream update has launched, complete with a new cinematic quest, new PvP map, new endgame-oriented sortie missions, and a new...

Star Citizen shows off ship combat, FPS, and EVA in new trailer

Did you see the new Star Citizen trailer yet? It debuted last night at The Game Awards in Los Angeles, after an introduction...

The Stream Team: Trekking through The Secret World’s Transylvania

MassivelyOP's MJ has always liked vampires, and that makes The Secret World's Transylvania zones all the more fun for her to explore! Besides the...

516 characters died during Worlds Adrift’s first alpha test

Back in November, Worlds Adrift ran its first alpha playtest with just 153 participants, and today's it's released a video-infographic summarizing the more...

Path of Exile demos multi-pet deployment

The other day I saw a blogger ask why MMOs don't often let you have more than one pet out at a time, combat...

Check out World of Warcraft’s upcoming class halls

One of the major new features of next year's World of Warcraft: Legion is the class hall system. As the name suggests,...

College students whip up Adventure Guild, a mobile turn-based MMO

Who says that you have to be graduated to be a force for gaming good? A team of college students at Rochester Institute of...

Monster Hunter Online’s Chinese OBT will be open to all

You might recall with some sadness that Monster Hunter Online is a Chinese exclusive. And while that still holds true, the good news...

The Stream Team: WildStar’s Steady Traveler expedition, take two

Last time MassivelyOP's MJ tried to do The Steady Traveler expedition, something was buggy and didn't let the group be in the same...

Hardcore PvP MMO Sphere 3 arrives today

You know what this genre needs more of? Hardcore PvP MMOs! Just kidding. But how about a really pretty 3-D hardcore PvP MMO with "political...

Labyrinth of Druids mixes fantasy with Lovecraftian horror

Druids: No one knew who they were or what they were doing -- at least until now! MidDream Studios is in the process of...

Heroes & Generals gets a tanky update and a Christmas event

Heroes & Generals has released a new update called Zhukov - Armored Ambush. The patch expands light tank gameplay by adding new Soviet...
Cats are cats.

Adopt Brightpaw in World of Warcraft and support the Make-A-Wish foundation

How is your cat collection in World of Warcraft? Could it use another cat knocking things off of tables and squawking endlessly with...
What is going on with your spine, lady.

Devilian’s open beta has begun

The launch date for Devilian is just around the corner, but there's still some time before it really begins. Open beta has...