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Neverwinter’s Strongholds expansion is coming this summer

Neverwinter’s next expansion is called Strongholds, and it’s coming to a PC near you this summer. Players will work together with their guild mates to claim an abandoned keep and rebuild it on “the largest map in Neverwinter,” according to a Cryptic press release.

Strongholds tasks guilds with clearing the lands around the keep of monsters before building structures and tower defenses as well as siege components to attack enemy guilds. “Strongholds gives our Neverwinter players the ability to create their own stories of banding together with their guild to forge the tales of their rescuing of lands overrun with orcs and defending their turf from invading players,” says executive producer Rob Overmeyer.

You’ll find a trailer for the expansion just past the break.

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Guild Wars 2 denies expansion date rumors, addresses ‘peaceful’ WvW bug

Don’t believe everything you read from online retailers. This is the lesson that we must learn again as a supposed summer release date for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns was denied by ArenaNet. “Retailers have been setting placeholder release dates for years,” the team posted to Twitter, retweeting its statement from 2012: “As always, we have not announced a launch date to any retailers, so they use their own placeholder dates.”

In other Guild Wars 2 news, a patch bug in the game’s World vs. World conflict actually stripped away the conflict entirely, turning all players friendly to each other. “We’re currently investigating a problem with world peace in WvW,” ArenaNet admitted. “Yes, you read that right — players on competing worlds are friendly to one another. The team working on the problem has been calling it W<3W while they work to sort out the problem.”

Meanwhile, ArenaNet has just released a new dev blog discussing the WvW upgrading changes coming in Heart of Thorns.

You can see what world peace in WvW looked like (after the patch — it was fixed yesterday!) as well as a tour of the Lion’s Arch reconstruction in videos after the jump!

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Eternal Crusade lays out its plan for open world conflict

Just because Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade will be primarily a PvP title doesn’t mean that it’s going to section itself off in tiny little instances. On the contrary, Behaviour Interactive recorded a livestream recently in which the team discussed how it will create an open world over which players can fight and conquer.

The main landmass in Eternal Crusade will be a 16-square kilometer continent divided up into well over a hundred contestable areas. The game will create dynamically generated battles when players move into a zone based on how many participants are involved. By defeating two small outposts, a faction can then assault a stronghold, and if that’s conquered, then the winning side claims domination over that region.

For the full details of this system and more from the devs’ own lips, you can watch the team’s latest livestream after the jump.

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Nexon Korea apparently yoinked some Blizzard artwork

There are certain phrases you never really expect to come up over the course of a work day, and boy, “Nexon steals artwork from Blizzard” is high on that list. But it did indeed happen, by all appearances. A promo image from the most recent update to Mabinogi Heroes – known in these parts as Vindictus – featured an unmistakable resemblance to promotional art surrounding Diablo III, in that it was a new piece of art over the exact same backdrop with the saturation turned down slightly.

Actually, that’s being a bit too charitable, since you can even still see the original image in the background; there’s a video comparison of the two down below. It’s not subtle.

To no one’s great surprise, Nexon pulled the image and apologized promptly, although it’s unclear whether Blizzard threatened action or even noticed what was going on. There’s your bizarre story for the day, if you wanted one.

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John Smedley talks smack to nearly 25,000 banned H1Z1 players

Do you like people who cheat in online games? Daybreak president John Smedley does not. After 24,837 H1Z1 accounts were banned for cheating (7,000 of them esp hackers banned just in the in the last few days), Smedley took to Twitter to discuss exactly what he thinks about cheaters. In his own words: “You think we don’t know these cockroaches? We do. We are going to be relentless and public. Screw not provoking them.”

Smedley went on an extended rant about cheaters and the sites that cater to cheating programs last night and this morning, declaring that cheaters who truly want to apologize should make a public apology video and send it to him. “If we ban 30k and unban 20 for making videos that are seen by a lot of people, and they apologize, I’ll take it,” he wrote. But you’d better really mean it! “Please address your apology to fellow players, not us,” he stated. “Although you hurt our business this is about them not us.” He also announced a wipe coming on Thursday in order to “get rid of the banned people’s stuff” and “purge their existence.”

Smed’s retweeting the apology videos; we’ve embedded the first few below.

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Blade & Soul hits western shores this winter

Remember when comic books had little call-outs on the front cover proudly proclaiming that something happened because the readers requested it? I always thought those were kind of hilarious. “Because you demanded it, here’s the latest issue of a comic that absolutely must have been scripted and planned out months in advance, thereby completely putting the lie to the idea that your demands had any bearing on it!” Kind of silly.

In this case, though, I could actually use one of those starbursts. Yes, it is indeed because you collectively demanded it. The rumors were trueBlade & Soul is coming to the West, and it’s coming despite the fact that basically everyone (including me) had given up any and all hope that the title would ever be localized. And it’s a thing to be happy about, even if you previously hadn’t figured that Blade & Soul was a game you needed to be concerned with.

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Heroes of the Storm goes into open beta, prepares for launch

With two weeks left until the launch of Heroes of the Storm, anticipation is growing over Blizzard’s entry into the MOBA field. Well, now anyone and everyone can see if it’s got what it takes, as the open beta phase has officially begun.

Blizzard is also inviting fans of the game in London to partake in the launch celebrations, which will commence on Monday, June 1st. Can’t make the trip? The studio will be livestreaming the event from the launch site for all to see. Players who sign up and submit a profile picture can have a chance of seeing their face on the screen during the party.

Heroes of the Storm releases worldwide on June 2nd. We’ve got the launch celebration teaser for you after the jump!

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Das Tal devs talk about inspiration, weapons, armor, and meaningful conflict

Das Tal is forging ahead with its Kickstarter campaign, netting over $19,000 out of its $55,794 goal with 21 days left. The team is unloading articles left and right to talk about the game, including one piece that has each developer sharing what inspires him while working on the PvP sandbox.

There are also updates on the game’s armor and weapon sets, both of which are only partially completed and require more funding to become fully realized. The core game with Kickstarter assistance will cover three armor sets (leather, splint mail, and robe) and four types of weapons (bow, scythe, totem, and staff), although there are several more of both categories planned for the future.

Finally, the team uploaded a new design pillar video to share its philosophy on “meaningful conflict.” You can check that out for yourself after the break.

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The World of Warcraft selfie scavenger hunt is on

You laughed when they brought the selfie camera to World of Warcraft. You rolled your eyes at friends who spammed your Twitter feed with hundreds of headshots. But that this frivolity may actually net you real-world rewards, you’re taking it seriously, aren’t you?

The World of Warcraft selfie scavenger hunt has begun, with Blizzard hosting a multi-week challenge for players to find locations from the studio’s own selfies and submit their own in the same place. Every week the studio is giving away gear, balance codes, and an iPhone 6, and at the end of it all Blizzard will reward a player with a trip for two to BlizzCon.

The contest is very tongue-in-cheek, of course, and you might get a chuckle or two from the contest video after the break.

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Not So Massively: Blizzard’s $1.2 million tourney; X-Wing successor hits Kickstarter

In a bizarre coincidence, four separate MOBAs announced new champions this week. SMITE revealed an adorable Norse squirrel god named Ratatoskr and officially launched its XBox One closed beta. League of Legends put new champion Ekko on its public test server and pushed Patch 5.9 live with major changes to Ashe and a small change to the game’s Attack Move function. Infinite Crisis released DC Comics villain Solomon Grundy, a resurrected corpse who returns to life after being killed. Heroes of the Storm showed off Warcraft’s famous Blood Elf fire mage Kael’thas and announced a $200,000 top prize in a new $1.2 million tournament series to be held at this year’s BlizzCon.

Online RTS Grey Goo released nine new symmetrical maps designed for competitive online play, and Path of Exile showed off its new Ice Crash melee skill gem. Dota 2‘s compendium sales broke the $27 million revenue mark, and develoeprs added several new ways to gain compendium points. Elite: Dangerous released a Mac version that will play online seamlessly with the PC client and announced the release date for its upcoming Powerplay update. Star Citizen released Alpha patch 1.1.3 to fix an exploit and several bugs, opening the game to free play over the weekend. And X-Wing may be getting a spiritual successor as the series’ Lead Designer David Wessman is attempting to Kickstart a new space shooter named Starfighter Inc.

Read on for detailed breakdowns of the stories above and other news from the wider world of online gaming in this week’s Not So Massively, and don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed for weekly updates!

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Master X Master Online is an NCsoft MOBA with a twist

Are you curious about NCsoft’s Master X Master Online? Steparu’s put the game through its paces and has nice things to say about it, concluding that it’s different enough from the usual MOBA suspects to remain interesting.

Aside from the fact that it uses characters from NCsoft titles including Aion, Blade & Soul, and WildStar, the primary thing that sets MXMO apart is its dual-character tag system. You can swap out masters on the fly, which can save a match if you’re low on hit points and you happen to be proficient at another master in your stable.

Steparu covers everything from the controls to PvP to PvE in his impressions piece, so be sure to give it a read if you’re a MOBA fan.

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Mortal Online opens the doors to Sarducaa

If you are a Mortal Online player, you were probably in heaven this past weekend, as the game patched in a whole new continent full of content.

Patch 1.82 introduced the lands of Sarducaa, a desert-themed realm teeming with dangerous creatures, dark dungeons, and all sorts of treasure. It also arrived with an important caveat from Star Vault: “Sarducaa comes with a few brand new complex systems like combat group AI, world loot items, and the heat system that affects both players, armors, and their mounts. So please bare [sic] in mind that these are all new systems and they may be changed/tweaked at anytime if needed.”

You can read up on the patch notes right now and check out the Sarducaa trailer after the break!

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Elder Scrolls Online’s new trailer spotlights multiplayer content

The Elder Scrolls Online is inching closer and closer to its console launch just three weeks from now, and that means… trailers!

The last video covered the game’s freedom and sandboxy choices; today’s episode in this four-part video series is called “The Elder Scrolls With Friends” and focuses on unscripted multiplayer experiences, siege warfare, alliances, public and private dungeons, level-scaling, world challenges, guilds, voice chat, and highbie group-centric veteran content.

Tamriel Unlimited boasts a vibrant, active community that is the heart and soul of the online experience,” the narrator breathily informs us. Catch the whole video below.

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