DC Universe Online reveals the conclusion to the War of the Light in Episode 20

The heroes and villains of DC Universe Online have been dealing with the War of the Light for a while now, but the arrival of Nekron and the summoning of a Black Lantern in the center of Metropolis means that the whole thing has kicked into overdrive. Players will be tasked with driving back Nekron and his legions of the undead in the conclusion of this story arc when Episode 20 hits the live game. And that’s just part of what has been revealed for this next major update.

Players who need a break from the undead force creeping across the planet can spend a bit of time dealing with demons, as a horde has broken out in the Gotham Wastelands and Raven is seeking assistance putting down her brothers. There are also new rewards for players to earn, including a cosmetic version of Nekron’s chestpiece. You can watch the whole reveal just below.

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The Daily Grind: Do you roll new characters when you return to an MMO?

It’s been a really long time since I logged into Lord of the Rings Online to do anything other than pay up my hobbit hole, which I’d like to think wasn’t a waste of my precious gold pieces. But when I log in, I’m a little bit stymied by how much the game has changed. Classes have been completely overhauled and dozens of levels have been stacked onto the game since I stalled out way back in Lothlorien. And that’s without the most important considerations, like where’s the best place to farm produce now?!

Being overwhelmed by changes sometimes drives me off, sometimes drives me to the forums, and sometimes drives me to just reroll, to generate a brand-new character and play through the tutorial and noob zone just to get reoriented. My husband, however, is the kind of guy who logs into World of Warcraft after a year AFK and immediately queues for a dungeon. He’s pretty sure muscle memory will get him through, and damn if he’s not usually right!

What about you? Do you roll new characters when you return to an MMO after a long time away, or do you jump right in with your highbie and let the chips falls where they may?

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Stratics MMO players turn to Indiegogo in bid to buy their own site

If you’ve been playing MMOs for as long as I have, then Stratics.com was probably one of the first MMO websites you ever visited, just as it was mine. And though you may have moved on, its community is still rich, serving players from multiple MMOs, most notably Ultima Online, for which it’s been the players’ primary communication platform in the many long years since EA discontinued game forums.

Now that community is threatened. Early this week, the Stratics’ staff learned that the entire site has been placed up for auction by its owner. Being MMO players, they didn’t roll over; they’re forming a corporation and raising money on Indiegogo to bid for the site themselves — a move retweeted by no less than Richard Garriott and supported by the site’s owner himself. I freaking love this genre.

At the time of this writing, the bidding for the site on Flippa stands at $5,650 US. The Indiegogo campaign is underway for those who’d like to contribute.

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Path of Exile adds talisman challenge leagues, launches in Brazil

Tomorrow’s 2.1.0 content update in Path of Exile looks to be a doozy — so big, in fact, that it starts off with a full (optional) passive skill reset for players due to all of the balance changes.

The centerpiece of the patch is the new talisman challenge league. In this game mode, players will encounter special mobs that possess talismans (super-charged amulets) that are apparently quite desirable. The league also contains challenges and special locales that require talismans to conquer.

The patch is bringing out several additional skills, new support gems, more unique items, the ability to bring out two pets at once, and so, so much more. It also marks the official launch of Path of Exile in Brazil with full support for Brazilian Portuguese. The devs have a preview of the patch notes up for anyone wanting to dive in to all of the juicy details.

Source: Patch notes


Massively OP’s holiday gift guide for The Secret World and Funcom fan

It’s the holidays, and in the spirit of giving, I am going I’m going to give you ideas — for gifts! Instead of waxing poetic about the awesomeness of The Secret World or explaining the amazing things about it to folks who may not have tried it (yet), I’ll be highlighting awesome and amazing things you can get for your friends and family who already love the game! That’s right, today is a special gift guide edition of Chaos Theory, where discerning shoppers  — or those who just need to be hit with the +10 sword of inspiration — can search for that perfect something that says I get you.

But I won’t stop at just TSW: Funcom has other titles that also have dedicated fans. I’ll share a few gifts that might please the Age of Conan and Anarchy Online devotees in your life. And don’t think just because there is no more LEGO Minifigures Online to play that I have forgotten about those fans. Besides, we are talking LEGOs!

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Party poopers attack Skyforge’s Winter Celebration

The Winter Celebration is upon Skyforge, but wouldn’t you know it, party poopers want to shut it down! Player deities-in-training are called to smack down the Khelps that want to get rid of the shiny festivities.

Snowball fights against weird bearded aliens are but the start of Skyforge’s newest event. Players can grab a free gift from under the large Christmas tree every day, seek out Vibrant Criolanta to help with the whole followers thing, and pick up several new rewards, including costumes and mounts.

Feast your eyes on the Winter Celebration trailer after the break!

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ArtCraft starts teasing Crowfall comic book

Crowfall: The Comic Book? It’s happening, although the full recipients of this colorful treat will be limited to those who snag a collector’s edition of the game.

ArtCraft posted its first glimpse of the comic today, saying that it would be sharing more pages (out of order) in upcoming weeks. The purpose of such a tease isn’t just to sell more CE copies but to be the introduction to a new game system reveal in a few weeks.

“By the end, we’ll have killed a handful (murder?) of birds with one stone: You’ll understand the new system, you’ll have a preview of the Crowfall comic book and you’ll have a better grasp on the lore of the Crowfall universe!” ArtCraft shared.

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EverQuest’s anti-multiboxing progression server is now live

Classic EverQuest’s latest time-locked progression server, Phinigel, successfully launched last night. Nicknamed “the true box progression server,” it metes out expansion content at a measured pace and restricts players to just one account per computer — no multiboxing allowed. Explains Daybreak,

Phinigel is our fourth version of a Progression Server, and we’re calling this a “True Box Server.” This is a server where each player will only be able to play on one EverQuest account from each one of their computers.

Players won’t vote to unlock content on Phinigel, and the server won’t wait until all of the raid content is defeated before the expansion unlock timer starts. Instead, every 12 weeks, expansion content will unlock on this server.

That means 12 weeks of Classic EverQuest, 12 weeks of The Ruins of Kunark, 12 weeks of The Scars of Velious, and so on. This is a server for players that want to move through the content faster than the previous progression servers have allowed.

In addition, on Phinigel, big raid targets from each expansion will be instanced.

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ARK: Survival Evolved is coming to Xbox One on December 16

ARK: Survival Evolved is no longer the sole domain of the PC gamer. As of next week, the early access title will be available on the Xbox One as part of the console’s game preview offerings.

When the game goes live on Xbox One on December 16th, it will cost players $35 to jump into the prehistoric madness. Studio Wildcard is claiming that this will make ARK the “first-ever online survival console game,” so evaluate that statement as you will. According to Forbes, ARK was the fourth most-watched video game on YouTube in 2015.

The Xbox One crowd will get some exclusive content and features, including a bionic T-Rex, a safari hat, access to Xbox servers, and controls tailored for the gamepad. You can check the trailer for the Xbox One launch after the jump.

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Age of Conan loses lead designer, offers multi-month sub deal

Sad tidings are in store for the Age of Conan community today, as Lead Designer Matthew “CirithGorgor” Bennett announced that he is leaving Funcom.

Bennett said that the split was amicable, and he shared some of his highs and lows from his seven years with the studio: “I want to make it clear that this is for personal reasons and my parting from the company is under good terms. I absolutely wish the company and project well going forward and I know it is being left in competent hands.”

Bennett’s duties are being passed on to a couple of other developers. Stay tuned for more on this, as Massively OP is talking with the former lead about this move.

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Tribes: Ascend’s first major patch since 2013 lands today

Back in August, Hi-Rez surprised disgruntled Tribes: Ascend fans by announcing that it would be resuming updates after years of maintenance mode. At the time, CEO Erez Goren explained, “With the success of SMITE and Paladins, we have more resources than ever in the studio. We can now afford to go back and improve older games.”

The first large-scale patch for the revived shooter arrives tonight, and it’s a doozy: Just check out the patch notes. Among the core changes, players will find that classes have been heavily reworked into just three armor-based archetypes. There are several new capture-the-flag maps too, along with gear and vehicle tweaks.

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Monster Hunter Online’s Chinese team does not oppose an English patch

A new video is available for the open beta of Monster Hunter Online over in China, which is something less than heartening for our readers who would like to play the game in English rather than Chinese. But there’s some good news on that front as well. There are no plans to actually localize the game officially, but Tencent representatives have discussed the possibility of an English patch, and they do not oppose it.

The downside, of course, is that this still requires community members interested in translating and patching the game without official support. But the fact that there are no planned IP blocks or other impediments ensures that a patch can happen. So maybe you should watch that trailer and get excited after all.

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