Lost Ark Online announced for China, gets new website and trailer

Lost Ark is indeed heading to China, a fact announced at Tencent Games Carnival 2015. Besides debuting a new trailer, representatives from Smilegate and Tencent Games took to the stage to answer a few questions from media about testing time-frames, other platforms, and more.

Testing for Lost Ark is currently anticipated to start in early 2016 in Korea and mid-year in China, and the devs are focusing on avoiding repetitive content. Anyone who prefers console or mobile games also have a chance to see the title on those platforms; the representatives stated that these other platforms are being seriously considered, but for now the developers are “concentrating on optimizing and running the South Korean and China servers.”

Check out the Chinese trailer below, and feel free to poke around the new website.

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Black Desert’s Sorceress gets a scythe weapon awakening

Black Desert’s Sorceress is getting some love this week, thanks a new face template work-in-progress that was appropriately posted to the game’s Facebook page. The Sorceress’ weapon awakening was also teased, with what to looks to be some sort of giant scythe thing available to players who achieve level 56.

Black Desert Foundry has a list of associated skills and some brief textual commentary. There’s also a clip of new Sorceress gameplay on YouTube. You can view that after the break.

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Hi-Rez sets out 10 principles for Paladins’ beta

Hi-Rez wants you to know that it isn’t a typical development studio, and as a result, its team shooter Paladins won’t be going through a typical beta testing process when its closed beta begins tomorrow.

In a new dev blog, the studio posted 10 principles that outlines how Hi-Rez typically develops and tests its games (including the upcoming Paladins). Among these principles includes the drive to start testing early, be open with the community, initially focus on fun, and “try lots of crazy s**t.” The studio promised that testers will have ways to get their friends in on the action as well.

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Elder Scrolls Online’s 2.2.6 patch fixes Orsinium issues and more

Elder Scrolls Online is getting a series of small patches this week, according to the notes on ZeniMax’s official forums. The 2.2.6 update fixes various Orsinium issues, “general combat and gameplay,” and longer-than-normal load screen times. ZeniMax also says that it will reset all leaderboards.

The Orsinium DLC “game pack and base-game patch” are coming to Elder Scrolls Online’s console megaservers this week, so you’ll be able to experience Wrothgar, the Maelstrom Arena, new public dungeons, and various improvements on your Xbox One and PlayStation 4 very soon.

Source: Patch notes


Infinity: Battlescape has nearly reached its Kickstarter goal

Space sim Infinity: Battlescape has three days left on its Kickstarter, so you may want to consider chipping in if you’ve got a hankering for seamless interplanetary warfare, orbital bombardments, and space battles featuring hundreds of players. Infinity also boasts Newtonian physics and a flight model that makes each planet’s atmosphere “a unique experience based on drag, thrust-to-weight ratio, atmospheric density, gravity, and turbulence.” The game also offers modding support, with an example of such shown in the video after the cut.

As of press time, I-Novae’s project has raised almost $277,000 out of its $300,000 goal, with just under 4,700 backers making it happen. The devs have updated the Kickstarter reward tiers with additional perks at the $100, $150, and $500 level.

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Blade & Soul dedicates a week to highlighting the Force Master

The combat in Blade & Soul centers around mixing it up with martial arts, but the Force Master is the class that recognizes how much more easily you can win a fight by never getting close enough for your opponent to land a punch. It’s all ranged combat all the time with the Force Master, and as with the previous class weeks, the official site is showing off just what the Force Master is capable of doing.

If video is more your thing, you can jump down below to see the fire and ice in action. If you’d prefer to just read about it, check out the class overview page and learn about the combos that a skilled master of forces can unleash. In either case, you have to admit that it makes sense to win a fight by staying out of range forever. (Unless your opponent is also a Force Master; then you’re just making it tedious.

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Snag a Neverwinter Strongholds resource pack key for your Xbox One [All gone, thanks everyone!]

If you have an Xbox One and an Xbox Gold account, and you’re reading here, you’ve probably checked out Neverwinter on your platform of choice, which makes today’s giveaway all the sweeter for you: PWE has given Massively OP 50 Strongholds Resources Pack keys for Xbox One players in honor of the Strongholds expansion, which launched for Xbox earlier this month.

The Strongholds Resources Pack includes level-scaling, class-dependent Dragon Bone Weapons and Eternal Armor, plus 10 Strongbox Keys and four Stronghold Chests of Campaigns. Please note that the packs are not redeemable on the PC version of the game.

Clicky the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to grab a key of your own.

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Crowfall posts demographic results from backer survey

Who the heck is funding Crowfall? The game is obviously funded, but who is spending money on it? Is it you? The results of the backer survey posted by the development team doesn’t list names, but it does compile and analyze the demographics of who’s been funding the game and for how much money.

The answer to the leading question, apparently, is “married dudes without kids.”

Results for the survey are being published in multiple parts, with this particular slice of data concerned with demographics such as employment status, living location, gender, income, and so forth. It’s an interesting look at who fronted the cash to get the project rolling; check it out if noodling over those statistics sounds like a fun activity.

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Wisdom of Nym: The first impressions of Final Fantasy XIV patch 3.1

Part of me feels really ungrateful for being upset that it took five months instead of the usual three to get Final Fantasy XIV‘s next big patch. It’s even more like four and a half, which just makes me kind of want to smack myself, because how high on Maslowe’s hierarchy of needs are you? Seriously, who gets upset when the magical wonder box that is this game dispenses a fresh dose of marvelous content at a slightly slower rate?

Apparently, I do. That is a character flaw to be addressed at a later date.

Still, the reality exists that all that time has passed. It’s a real thing. And while I can gently chastise myself until I’m blue in the face, there’s the fact that said long gap leads to certain expectations. I’m generally pleased with the patch, but there are a few things that do sort of bother me, some of which I expected and some of which were surprising. Let’s dive in.

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Sword Coast Legends adds companion skill trees, nature set

Sword Coast Legends continues to make good on its promise to provide free DLC patches to shore up the core game. The D&D title released its first community pack last week that includes several new “enhancements” that should enrich players’ experiences.

Last week, the update adds companion skill trees which are accessed through special quests, more monster abilities, a nature-themed dungeon master set, the option to respec abilities, bug fixes, and (drumroll please) a player stash.

The good news about the player stash is that the 100-slot vault is shared across one’s account, allowing for gamers to transfer goods between characters with ease.

Source: Patch notes


Tree of Savior will boast 53 classes at launch

Were you impressed at Camelot Unchained’s promise of goal of creating 30 classes? Well prepare to feed your inner altoholic even further with Tree of Savior, as the upcoming Korean import will field a whopping 53 classes when it releases.

The full range of classes will be available for testing when the Korean open beta test begins in December. This is a step up from the previous edition of the game, which had only (only) 44 professions. The new classes will be added at higher levels and include such intriguing titles such as Plague Doctor, Templar, Featherfoot, and Musketeer.

In an unrelated note, I’m looking for two readers to join me in making a Three Muskateers guild. Any takers?

Source: Steparu


Korean edition of Blade & Soul gearing up for a new class and more story

Are you worried about the health of Blade & Soul? With any import title, it’s easy to wonder if the game is going to fold unexpectedly in its native land and leave fans without any further development. So the sight of the game’s upcoming Korean patch should be a source of comfort if you weren’t already excited by the though of more story for the game along with a whole new class to play.

The class itself doesn’t appear to have a name at the moment, although it’s meant as a hybrid of the game’s Force Master and Kung Fu Master. You can check out a trailer for the patch (along with a few quick shots of the new class in action) just below; there’s no word on when all of this is coming to the American version of the game, although considering that version hasn’t launched yet, we’d argue smart money would be on “not for a couple of weeks at least.”

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Civil War multiplayer shooter War of Rights has been Kickstarted successfully

Civil War reenactment fans rejoice! War of Rights, the multiplayer shooter set in the Maryland Campaign of 1862, has reached its Kickstarter funding goal and then some. The game was asking for $107,000 but raked in over $118,000 when all was said and done.

“After a month on Kickstarter, our campaign for War of Rights is now over and we’ll get the funds needed to complete the game!” Campfire Games announced over the weekend. “We want to thank all of you for your support because thanks to you we’ll now be able to continue working on War of Rights!”

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