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The Xbox 360 servers for Halo multiplayer will be shutting down at the end of 2021

All right, it's time to face facts. If you've still been playing Halo 3: ODST multiplayer on your now-ancient Xbox 360, that hardware is...

Rumor: Halo Infinite may drop Xbox One support, delay to 2022

It may not be a good idea to base all of your hopes and dreams on Halo Infinite at this point in time. It...
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Halo Infinite will be pushing back its launch to sometime in 2021

If you were among those eager for the rumored free-to-play multiplayer or just the open world single-player of Halo Infinite, then 343 Industries studio...

Rumor: Halo Infinite leak suggests a free-to-play multiplayer experience

So, who had Halo goes free-to-play on the summer 2020 bingo card? OK, not really, but a leak circulating on the internet today suggests...

The Game Archeologist: Halo Universe

Since its debut on Xbox back in 2001, the Halo franchise has been a massive powerhouse and a mainstay for shooter fans. To date,...
Mister Chef.

Microsoft pulls the plug on Halo Online in Russia

Sorry, Russia: Master Chief is turning his back on you after all. Announced a year and a half ago, Halo Online had some fans of...
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Microsoft forces modded Halo Online launcher offline

Remember last week when Microsoft announced that Halo Online was a Russian exclusive? That didn't sit so well with a group of tech-savvy franchise fans,...

Halo Online is coming to Russia only

Several years ago Halo fans were excited to learn that their favorite franchise was set to receive the MMO treatment. While that project ultimately...