Official Site: 8BitMMO, Steam
Studio: Archive Entertainment
Launch Date: December 14, 2013
Genre: Retro 2-D Sandbox MMORPG
Business Model: F2P
Platform: PC, Mac, Linux

Retro MMO 8BitMMO was hacked; change your passwords

If you’ve ever played retro 2-D MMORPG 8BitMMO, the time has come to change your password. We recommend 256-bit.

Archive Entertainment’s Robby Zinchak told players yesterday that the game’s database had been hacked.

“At around 5AM last night, I detected an attempted attack on the server database. Looking into this issue, I found a potential exploit that may have been used to gain unauthorized read-only access to the database, including potential access to customer information.”

The bug is fixed now, but the hacker had access to some user info.

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