aaryn flynn

SpatialOS company Improbable reveals new AAA online multiplayer title helmed by SWTOR vet

Back in January, after the dust of the SpatialOS vs. Unity spat had settled, Improbable and Crytek made an intriguing announcement: They were...

Former BioWare GM joins SpatialOS creator Improbable

According to a recent article published by Gamasutra, British tech company Improbable has hired former BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn to...

Former BioWare boss expounds on EA’s role in substudios and business models

Everybody loves to dump on EA for wrecking companies like BioWare and escalating microtransactions and lockboxes to ludicrous heights, but is it warranted?...
I want noisemakers.

Anthem compares itself to Star Wars and Marvel movies

When BioWare's newest IP finally arrives on your computer screen next year, don't expect a hard sci-fi approach in the vein of Mass...