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The impending loss of Asheron's Call -- and Asheron's Call 2 again -- hit the MMORPG community pretty hard when the sunsets were announced...
Oh jeez.

Asheron’s Call and its sequel will sunset as part of the Turbine/Standing Stone split

I'm sorry to report that Turbine announced today that it will be sunsetting Asheron's Call and Asheron's Call 2 as part of the transition...

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Eleven years ago this week, the New Game Enhancements patch descended on Star Wars Galaxies, forever changing the trajectory of the game, SOE, and...

Massively Overthinking: The classes MMORPGs never do

No one wants to play Uncle Owen, a certain MMORPG exec famously said -- except, you know, for all the people who really, really...
Avec les hommes et le Pokey.

Five IPs that could tackle ARG gameplay features Pokemon Go lacks

Following the news that Niantic is now in fact working on a Harry Potter AR game, I realized that even as someone who enjoyed the...

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There are some subtle signs that you can look for when you're trying to gauge if you've become truly evil. Conquering small nations for...

The Game Archaeologist talks to the Asheron’s Call super-fan

A little while back, I received a rather passionate email from Massively OP reader Diego regarding Asheron's Call. He had quite a lot to...

One Shots: Guild meeting

Guilds... assemble! Because there's nothing like logging into a vast virtual world and then plunking your virtual butt down in a room, am I...

Star Citizen’s Around the Verse teases procedurally generated planets

This week's Star Citizen Around the Verse video sees Cloud Imperium's Sandi Gardiner and Ben Lesnick discussing the game's 2.4 patch, explaining the plan...

The Daily Grind: Which MMORPG could use a good reboot?

MMORPG reboots might be impractical and inadvisable, but games from Darkfall and DUST 514 to MapleStory and Linkrealms are all giving (or have given)...

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One thing I've realized from my time in Black Desert so far is than even for a die-hard sandbox fan, the introduction is pretty...

The Game Archaeologist: Asheron’s Call 2

MMO sequels are funny animals. Sequels (along with prequels and "reimaginings") are ingrained into the entertainment industry so deep that it makes sense that...

The Game Archaeologist: Asheron’s Call

It's hard being the youngest child -- you get the hand-me-downs, suffer through swirlies by older siblings, and eventually develop such a neurosis that...

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I don't think I could take the blow to my ego to boot up and play something called Dragomon Hunter, but then again, I...

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It's finally here! This is truly the holiday I wait for all year, and The Secret World has the MMO event I anticipate all...

Asheron’s Call still offline after two weeks

The entire Asheron's Call population has been homeless for two weeks and counting. Back in late August, a serious problem was discovered when players were...

The Game Archaeologist: Seven MMOs operating on borrowed time

Most everyone who knows me well will acknowledge that I'm not generally a cynical, dark person. I'm not rooting for games to fail, for...

The Daily Grind: How can MMOs design for both vets and newbies?

This morning's Daily Grind question comes to us from Kickstarter donor Specus, who asks, I've seen many games where new players have trouble joining a...