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Wakfu is rolling out unique ID numbers and two-factor authentication to all Ankama accounts

Wouldn't it be nice if your account identification in Wakfu weren't tied to a unique name but instead to a specific ID number so you...
Hello, peoples.

Final Fantasy XIV and XI now support more authenticator software for one-time passwords

If you want to enable a one-time password for your Square-Enix account to access Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XI, or both? That's a good...
Old and busted.

Old School RuneScape is taking aim at account security

You all have phones, right? Because you can use those to enable two-factor authentication for RuneScape, something that Jagex strongly encourages you to do....
A bunny must jump.

Final Fantasy XIV offers a Shadowbringers-themed physical security token

Do you love having an authenticator but hate putting it on your phone? Because the Square-Enix account authenticator is coming back, but now with...
ROBOT ROCK - wait, can't play that song.

The Daily Grind: Have any of your MMO accounts ever been hacked?

For all I know, all of my authenticators are just placebos; I've never actually had an account get hacked. There are accounts I've lost...

CCP banned over 1800 EVE Online botters in January alone

If you've been paying any attention at all to EVE Online over the past few months, you know that the playerbase's anger over the...

Trion Worlds responds to Reddit allegations over ArcheAge website security

Early this morning, a first-time Reddit poster alleged that he or she had run a "basic web security evaluation" on Trion World's game websites,...

EVE Online moves toward email verification

Heads up, space jockeys: An additional layer of account security is heading to EVE Online with this month's Ascension expansion. CCP announced that it is...

Hacker breaks into APB: Reloaded CM’s account, goes on minor crime spree

APB: Reloaded's community manager learned the hard way about the importance of account security, as her account was hacked over the weekend. "Yes, my forum/game...

Blizzard introduces an incredibly simple one-button authenticator

When it comes to safety, people often weigh the security of taking preventive measures against the annoyance of having to use them. The more...

PSA: Steam suffers a serious malfunction [Updated]

Steam suffered a severe malfunction today, as users are reporting that they have logged into the service only to have access to others' accounts...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Guild Wars 2 account security advice

Veteran MMO players the whole world over can recount at least a second-hand tale of some poor soul opening his or her favourite MMO one...