Hooray, I won!

The Daily Grind: Are you good about remembering old MMO account details?

Theoretically, you should have all of your account credentials for various MMOs set up so that if you decide to go back after a...

Overwatch outlines how to get crossplay working across the board

Ready to play Overwatch with everyone who has the game everywhere across the globe? Because the designers are ready to let you very soon...
burn baby burn

Wakfu is rolling out unique ID numbers and two-factor authentication to all Ankama accounts

Wouldn't it be nice if your account identification in Wakfu weren't tied to a unique name but instead to a specific ID number so you...
Still here!

AdventureQuest 3D details the fight against hackers deleting characters

On a list of unpleasant things occurring to players in any MMO, "getting your character deleted while you're still playing" is probably near the...
ROBOT ROCK - wait, can't play that song.

The Daily Grind: Have any of your MMO accounts ever been hacked?

For all I know, all of my authenticators are just placebos; I've never actually had an account get hacked. There are accounts I've lost...
While my definitions were legally accurate...

Darkfall developers considering freemium model

When Darkfall opened up its doors to community discussion, one of the major points mentioned by the developers was that free-to-play was completely off...
Play ALL the people.

WildStar’s official F2P transition checklist

WildStar is going to be free-to-play in less than a week now. If you've already been playing the game, your path to get ready...
Memes seem. gets Twitch integration, Overwatch gets some criminals

Do you want an easier way to stream Heroes of the Storm from the client? Possibly in anticipation of the new skins and...
Goal: murder.

Final Fantasy XIV boasts 5 million registered accounts

Let's start this news item with an important caveat - we don't know how many actual active subscribers Final Fantasy XIV has at the...