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Global Chat: Don’t mess with my GeForce Now

The titanic struggle going on right now between cloud-based game streaming platform GeForce Now and studios who are pulling their titles from it is...
Bang bang.

Call of Duty: Warzone launches to day one numbers greater than Apex Legends’

Those people who like their military shooty-shoots and also like their battle royale games got something of a treat when Call of Duty: Warzone launched...
In a world of human wreckage.

Blizzard roundup: Michael Chu leaves Overwatch, Acti-Blizz gets a new COO, and WoW Classic drops a banhammer

Blizzard's been on a tear this week with staffing shifts and patches and cancellations, so let's dig in. First, probably the saddest part of...
More like Dia-BLOWs, right?

A LinkedIn profile adds more fuel to the Diablo animated series fire

The rumor about a Diablo animated series has been running for ages now, and the latest bit of evidence that this is a real thing comes...

Acti-Blizzard games vanished from GeForce NOW over a ‘misunderstanding,’ Nvidia says

Last week we reported on the sudden removal of Activision-Blizzard titles from GeForce Now, the streamed games service offered by Nvidia, with barely an...

Activision-Blizzard has apparently yanked its games from GeForce NOW

If you were subbing to NVIDIA GeForce Now for your streamed games, we genuinely hope it wasn't for Activision-Blizzard's games. That's because yesterday Activision-Blizzard...

Activision-Blizzard’s Q4 2019 revenues are down YoY for the fourth straight quarter

So here we are in 2020, looking back at the last quarter of 2019 for Blizzard. Nothing big happened or anything, just a massive...

EA aims to mask active user numbers in investor earnings reports

Don't call it hiding anything, just call it select data provisioning! Electronic Arts COO and CFO Blake Jorgensen has said that future earnings reports...

MMO Business Roundup: Guild Wars’ art book, Day of Dragons drama, Red Dead hackers, FogBank layoffs, and more

Welcome back to another roundup of MMO (and MMO-adjacent) industry news! Guild Wars' art book: If you happened to read our swag guide ahead of...
Multi-digit division.

Global Chat: Why player representation in games matters

The recent flap over Escape from Tarkov's public pronouncement of "no icky girls" (my paraphrase) as playable characters in its game elicited more than...

Activision Blizzard Media is launching a new player research community called King’s Council

So this is something new. Activision Blizzard Media has announced that it's forming a new player research community composed of its most active and...

Activision-Blizzard’s Q3 2019 revenues sink for the third quarter in a row

Activision-Blizzard has not had the best year. In February, the company saw record-high revenues and promptly laid off 800 employees, leading to widespread condemnation....

Complete coverage of Blizzard’s ‘Hong Kong liberation’ Blitzchung fiasco

In October of 2019, Blizzard made international news headlines when it banned a Hong Kong Hearthstone esports pro and two Taiwanese contracted casters over...

Activision-Blizzard hires two new corporate employees

The corporate offices of Activision-Blizzard are welcoming two new faces in the form of a new chief marketing officer (which sounds like an ad...

The ESA says a crapton of game companies are finally embracing lockbox transparency

Under pressure from no less than the US Senate, the FTC held the first of its planned video game monetization workshops today, and while...

Massively Uplifting: Charity comes in many forms for Bethesda, Square Enix, and Digital Extremes

Summer smiles -- get 'em while they're hot! If you are looking for a way to make your mood rise like the temperature, we've...
Plays well with others.

Rumor: More high-profile esports figures are leaving Blizzard within the next two weeks

Remember just last week when the commissioner of Overwatch's premiere and eponymous league left his position? That alone was a bit of a surprise, but...

Overwatch League commissioner jumps ship for Fortnite esports

There's probably not a lot of lines to read in-between here, but then again, the commissioner and founder of Overwatch's premier esports league leaving...

Blizzard bribes female employees to track their sex, pregnancy, and moods

Big Brother was so 1984. Now in 2019, it's all about Big Blizzard. Read this report over at Games Industry based on a new WAPO...
Bart, stop creating a diversion!

World of Warcraft posts a survival guide for patch 8.1.5 incoming on March 12

Do you feel sufficiently prepared for the arrival of patch 8.1.5. in World of Warcraft? Complete with new allied races, new profession-based questlines, and...