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MMO Business Roundup: Skyrim’s multiplayer mod mess, Neural MMO, and the rise of Overwatch League

Welcome back to another roundup of stuff happening in the gaming business world relevant to MMOers. Remember Skyrim Together, the multiplayer Skyrim mod that...
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World of Warcraft unveils the upcoming Tools of the Trade questlines

There are big new profession quests arriving in World of Warcraft with the game's next major patch. It's an exercise for the audience whether this...
There appears to be a Pattern.

Third law firm joins the chorus threatening suits against Activision Blizzard over the Bungie split

Stop me if you've heard this one: In the wake of the split between Activision Blizzard and Bungie, with the latter regaining full rights...

Blizzard Roundup: NetEase on Diablo Immortal’s launch, plus news on HOTS, Hearthstone, and Overwatch

MMO Culture has an interesting translated bit from the NetEase conference call last week that homes in on Diablo Immortal, the game that was...
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Two weeks after Activision Blizzard’s layoffs, its stock price is barely higher than before the layoffs

You all remember when Activision Blizzard laid off 800 employees on a year that was, on balance, a very good year for the company?...

Video game unionization effort starts petition to remove Bobby Kotick from Activision-Blizzard

After calling for Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick to resign on Wednesday, video game industry unionization group Game Workers Unite has now put together a...
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Activision-Blizzard posted another record-high quarter and year, layoffs begin anyway

Activision-Blizzard's financial reports have been rather dull affairs for MMO gamers over the last few years, ever since the company stopped reporting World of...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 208: Blizzard’s chilly forecast

Justin and Bree discuss Blizzard's troubles, New World, Star Citizen, Guild Wars 1, Tibia, RIFT, Elder Scrolls Online, and Astroneer, with mailbag questions on WoWfugees and the abandonment of Diablo III.

Hearthstone previews the Brawl of Champions as the Season of Rastakhan draws near

Although things might not be looking too great for Activision-Blizzard as of late, it would appear that it's still business as usual with Hearthstone,...

Activision Blizzard expected to slash jobs after flat sales, loss of Destiny 2

Storm clouds are gathering above Activision Blizzard, a portent of bad sales and dire predictions: The publisher is expected to cut "hundreds" of jobs this week...

There’s another investor suit mounting against Activision, this one alleging fraud in Bungie split

The controversy over the sudden split between Destiny 2 developer Bungie and longtime publishing partner Activision continues with the announcement that "global investor rights...
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After telling Blizzard to cut spending, Activision pays $15 million bonus to new CFO

Hey, do y'all remember a little bit back when Activision told Blizzard that it had to start cutting back on its spending? Oh, and...
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Activision investors are now investigating whether the Bungie split involves securities fraud

Two days ago, Activision and Bungie announced an early split of their long-running partnership, a split that transferred publishing rights for the franchise back...

Blizzard’s Mike Morhaime will leave planned advisory role in April

Back in October, Blizzard announced that Mike Morhaime was stepping down as president of the company after 27 years working there. While World of...
A world of disappointments.

Activision Blizzard’s CFO is ousted and appears to be getting hired by Netflix

It's a new year, but we've still got some last vestiges of last year's corporate ongoings to close out the events of 2018. Isn't...
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Activision draws heat over ignoring accessibility requirements as its stock continues tumbling

It's safe to say that Activision Blizzard took a bit of a drubbing after BlizzCon (you could read all about it on your cell...

The Daily Grind: Are you hostile to mobile MMORPGs?

Happy Friday. Let's talk mobile. MMORPG players in particular run along a certain demographic that does not align well with mobile. Oh, sure, we have...
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Activision Blizzard revenue dips slightly, but World of Warcraft’s Battle for Azeroth did well

It's probably a good thing for Activision Blizzard that its third quarter financials cut off at the end of September, given that its stock...
Why does this still feel like the WoW I actually want to see.

BlizzCon 2018: Hearthstone trolls players with Rastakhan’s Rumble expansion

Hope you don't mind some serious Trolling because Blizzard is tusking us with a new Hearthstone expansion that's all about the savage jungle race. Rastakhan’s...

MMO Business Roundup: Discord’s new TOS, Steam China, EA vs Actiblizz, Dota 2’s transparent lockboxes, WASD

Welcome back to another roundup of businessy things of interest to MMO players this week! Discord If you're one of the bajillions of MMO players who...