This one hurts.

The Daily Grind: What wildly implausible settings would you like for an MMO?

If you had told me before it happened that we would get an MMO based on the works of Tad Williams, I wouldn't have...
Roar and such.

Capcom officially announces live-action Monster Hunter film adaptation

There have been rumors flying around for a while, but we've got more concrete details now: Capcom has confirmed that a film adaptation of its...
Because the franchise is being brought back from the dead, you see.

A now-deleted tweet states that a Diablo animated series is in the works

It's honestly difficult to imagine a world wherein Blizzard's promise of multiple new Diablo projects includes an animated series, but that appears to be...
Well, sometimes it works.

The Daily Grind: What MMO would make a killer board game?

On a master list of things I never expected to see, Riot Games making a board game even loosely based upon League of Legends...
On the move in more ways than one.

How DotEmu is porting Titan Quest to mobile

Porting games is difficult. It's especially difficult when you're going from a device with a mouse and keyboard to a smartphone, which means that...

The Division is gunning for a movie adaptation

Players sucked into the setting and narrative for The Division might be interested to know that Ubisoft is exploring the possibility of getting it made into...
Still crazy after all these years.

Dungeons & Dragons Online previews the Temple of Elemental Evil

The team behind Dungeons & Dragons Online loves to make references back to the classic tabletop game in both dungeon design and gameplay. The...